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Shop & Hop – Free gifts

My best free gift from the shop & hop event is this winter parka coat by !APHORISM!. You get the coat with the top an a brill Hud of colours for both, and fur tones for the trim. Heaps of mesh body fits also.

There are SO may gifts and SO many sims to visit. Pro tip : Don’t try and get into the actual sim, open up the world map, and you’ll see cam sims each end- north and south. Pop into those and cam shop ! Now I could leave it at that but Naria Panthar does it best and shows every single gift on her you tube channel. All the home & décor, skins, gift cards, jewellery, clothes – the whole shebang. Link is below to take you to her video.

Naria Panthar All the gifts

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Shop & Hop – The Gifts !

I’ve already been to the shop & hop event – all eight sims of it ! I’m going to share with you a  PRO – TIP ! If you’re lazy , like moi, watch this video by Naria Panthar. She has collated ALL the gifts from the event, shows you them all, wears some and basically has done all the hard work for us ! No more inventory packed with gift boxes that you need to open, just watch and go get the ones you really want !

If you’re already a  fan of Naria & Timm’s sale videos you’ll know that I bought the Panthar gang cut outs – brilliant and on the market place to buy if you’re a fan. Naria & Timm, Víctor and Merce cover the big sale events, they’ve taken all the pain out of them – and the videos are FUN ! Now I sofa shop with the gang, then head off to get the items I like – so simple.

Ps. I am wearing the gift from The Forge – top & shorts – fav gift ❤

Narias You tube

Shop & Hop video


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SL17B – All The Gifts – All The Shopping !

Oh my days SL17B is underway ! Apart from the exhibitions there is, as always, a grand shop & hop taking place. This year there are TEN, yes TEN sims of shopping, sales and FREE GIFTS ❤ The gifts are clothes, shoes, hair, furniture, gadgets and on and on.

Actually I found it all a little overwhelming and got gifted out after a couple of hours – its all that unpacking lol. So I begun to be more selective. I will post a link that gives all the landmarks to all the sims below, thankfully this year they have also included cam sims to the north and south of each sim – so I got in straight away hurrah. Check the world map out and instead of lagging around on the actual sim, teleport to the cam sims either end – its perfect.

Also for the lazier amongst us (like moi) Naria Panthar has a two part you tube video up showing all the gifts, she wears them , rezzes them and has shown the gifts to be found for each sim individually. Well done Naria that was such a marathon unpacking session ! (Links below.) Im not going to show you them as its late and I haven’t unpacked even a handful yet – gift overload.

Naria Panthar You Tube Part 1

Naria Panthar You tube part 2

Second life blog with sim links

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Free Hair, Free Dress

Couldnt resist another visit to the Shop & Hop event now the crowds have died down a bit. I *think* I was in the Tinseled sim when I found both of these items – uhm dont shoot me if its not right ! Take your time to mooch around you’ll find them ! The fantastic Tux inspired dress is from Bella Moda a-new-to-me store. Huge selection of fits included plus a pair of  mule style shoes (not a keeper for me) two necklaces, one of which I’m wearing and a coochie cover. I really really love it – so much so that I headed right over to the inworld store and scoped it out. Shame, it was not my kinda gear – at all. You might like it so take a peek anyway. The hair is by Elikatira and was also free, 2 ways of wearing via the hud and a VERY generous fat pack of colours – keeper ❤


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Shop & Hop Free Gift

Managed to squeeeze myself into the shop & hop event yesterday and picked up this delicious little sweater dress from Neve ! You get a Hud with four additional colours also! I wore mine over jeans but is great as a dress. Thanks Neve ❤ My bouquet is a paid for item from Pixel Box – I have a “thing” for bouquets I really cant resist a pretty one. This comes with 2 bento poses and one non animated version. Uhm I then teleported to their main store and spent on getting the matching head dress – because…why not ?! I cant actually recall what sim their store was in as I was camming because of the lag – but take you’re time and mooch – absolutely tons of gifts out too !

Four sims with waiting areas


Pixel Box main store

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Missmatched. (Freebie(sssssss)&Group Gift).

I cannot believe that there is another round of the “Shop & Hop” event!  I thought it was a one-off event as not only were the Gifts top quality but the discounts were so generous even I treated myself to a few things so I thought there is no way in heck this is going to be a repeat event but foolish me because it’s back and as good as ever!

Before you look at the picture NOTHING in it is from this event and NOT everything is free but I will explain more after you check it out.

The backdrop is Febs gift from Minimal and that is a group I’m already in. I think it was/is only 50Lds to join.  It has some really good backdrops and this laundromat is just an example of one of them. I also notice some Valentines boards out I suspect that starting next week each day one will be opened up for Group members.

As for the “Freebies”.  On the Bumblebee stand at the Shop & Hop event is the standard gift box, white leggings with a red heart pattern, but if you check the boards on the stand you will see a very generous 300Ld Gift Card! You do have to join the Bumblebee Group but it’s free to join.

I assumed that the discounted items at the Shop & Hop event couldn’t be bought using this credit but I was wrong and these amazing suede pants which have a cheap enough discounted price tag of 99Lds cost me nothing but 99Ld of my credit!  I’m not letting my credit go to waste so will be treating myself to a couple more items off the stand.

Now for the “mismatched” of the title.  Obviously, I checked the Bumblebee main shop before making my mind up and I’d forgotten that there are some excellent prizes in those Lucky Boards and this top is one of them.

PS.  You wear and click the credit card and it’s added to your Bumblebee account then when you want to use it just click on the item you want and then when the pie wheel comes up click on “Menu” and I think it’s the credit option you use…pretty standard.

PPS.  This even is a lot quieter than the first one!


Bumblebee Main Shop

Shop & Hop(This LM takes you to the right sim for the Bumblebee shop but outside of the ValentinaE stall, it should be easy for you to find the right one)

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Free complete outfit !

Ho Ho Ho don’t I look jolly ! I headed over to the Shop & Hop event yesterday and snaffled up a few gifts. Free hair from Bonbon which is adorable, you get allllllll the fat packs ! My outfit is by Bella Moda, you get everything including the boots and thee most awesome animated little tail ! Great shopping event and lots of gifts. (outfit is given inc most mesh body fits PLUS standard av sizes woooo!)

Shop & Hop