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More credit less money. (500Lds for 15Lds)& UPDATE

Tachinni was the shop I was looking for when I accidentally ended up at the Vision shop, check my last post for the details about that offer, and it turns out I did have the right LM I just walked the wrong way as they’re opposite each other.

So basically the Tachinni shop also has a generous offer out of 500Lds worth of shop credit and all you have to do is join the Tachinni group for 15Lds then use my LM to TP to the Shop & Hop event, slap the board and get all that shop credit. The stall does have a nice amount of discounted items for sale as well but I’d seen this coat in the main shop and so I went back for it.

The hardest part was deciding which colour I wanted and as always beige won again lol. The coat comes with the single colour of your choice but you get a hud for the buttons, metal and that polo necked underlayer which I think is a great finishing touch but if you don’t like it then just unclick it in the hud and it’s gone. You also get a panty layer in the hud which I appreciate as all too often it’s a layer I forget to add lol. Although the coat is hardly short enough to be flashing anything it’s still a nice touch.

I also bought the boots which you can just about make out the top of. Although these are a seperate purchase they use the same colour palettes as the coats and as the coat you get a hud which allows you to change the colour of the sock and as you can see I’ve used the same colour for the sock, the boot is green, to match it to my coat. If just like the polo neck layer you don’t like the socks you can wear the boots as ankle boots.

Anyhowww…I know that once you have your own 500Lds credit you will be checking out the whole shop for yourself and there is everything from these coats and boots to bikinis, skirts, tops etc and also a couple of group gifts and also some lucky boards close by, I won myself a new top from one of those.

UPDATE: It looks like you can get the credit by slapping the board in the Tachinni shop and not have to TP over to the stall at the Shop & Hop event. Still go before you make your mind up as there is another gift plut the items at this event are at a discounted price.


Tachinni. (Shop & Hop for the credit).

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A poke and a prod! (500Ld Credit for 25Ld).

A timely reminder popped up from Amui that their generous gift card is still out for us till the 31st.

I would have sworn I already had got this credit esp as it turns out I already had some credit in my account with this shop. You do need to pay 25Ld to join the Amui group then pay the board 1Ld, refunded, and the gift card is sent to you.

As someone who doesn’t need more clothes, I appreciate when it’s a gift card which if you rezz/wear it and then take it back into your invent it then becomes transferrable so that means someone else will gain a very nice gift off you.

Make sure to run around the whole shop as there is a bit of everything, jewellry, shoes, wedding gowns, costumes, casual wear etc. I could easily have picked up a number of items to show you but since I wanted to pass on the credit I didn’t.

There are also group gifts, lucky boards and outside is a discount shop where I picked up a 10Ld skirt I’m more than happy with.


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Free and look at me.

These are the new gifts from Hisa.

I squealed ever so slightly in RL as before the latest lockdown I’d managed to pick up an oversized teapot with the intentions of using it in a similar way.

You get 2 different styles, a teapot and a cast iron pan and with or without snow.

Hisa is, of course, a shop close to my SL heart now as I absolutely love my Hisa house I always pop into the shop as you can also TP from the LM, it’s the poster on the shop window, and see any new builds in progress.

This is an UPDATE to a post from yesterday about the Little Foxes shop. I just wanted to show you what I got for my, almost, free shop credit.

A deceptively simple sweater but the colour is excellent and the roll neck is done so well. The seams are crisp, honestly no matter how many plain sweaters you have you still need this one and obviously there are many other colour options to chose from.

Sadly my preferred mesh fit isn’t used in this shop which is a shame as there were 2 other tops I’d have loved esp since a lot of them have that “nip” look to them which I actually like as just like wrinkles and folds a hint of nip adds to the realism.

PS. The shop credit is still out but again I’d RUSH now as I can’t imagine it being out for much longer.

Hisa. (Gift is outside the shop).

Little Foxes.(400Ld Shop Credit for 10Lds).

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I’ve started! (Freebie(&) mention of Gift Card).

You may recognise the cropped top because it and a matching pair of sweatpants are Amias gifts and have been blogged by us before. They’re still out in the shop as well as these really good wearable ice skates. Pretty detailed and you get a his n her pair. Sadly the top and pants will be trashed, only because they don’t come in my fit, I will be keeping those skates though.

Most of the other Amias gifts are accessories so you know I didn’t get them lol.

Then head off to the Uniwaii shop for a generous 1000Ld gift card. I did but the place is HEAVING and I think too many people have slapped the gift card poster and broken it. I’m going to give you the LM and usually when a place is very busy I always check my map to see exactly how busy it is and that way I know when it’s pointless to TP over to check it out.

REMINDER. I’ve been getting a lot of capped messages and trust me I ain’t that popular so I’m wondering if people have been sending me details of their mesh bodies/home and garden preferences. If you’ve IM’d me the details please put them in a note.

OH and if/when I start dropping off my old sh*t please don’t fret about saying thanks, I’m just happy to pass on stuff I can’t/won’t use.


UNIWAII. (Gift Card).

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You don’t need to “Shop ‘n’ Hop”. (500Ld for 18Ld).

I went over to the Vision shop to spend my 500Lds worth of credit and thats where I spotted that the Gift Board is also in the shop and not just at the “Shop ‘n’ Hop” event.

So for only 18Lds to join the Vision Group you get 500Ld worth of shop credit to spend on whatever you want.

Since it was shop credit and not a shop card I couldn’t pass it on as I usually do so I bought these 3 items, sweater, jeans and boots for myself. Each is an individual purchase and there is also a discount sale going on so instead of each item being 250Ld they were only, I think, 175Lds. I already had some credit with Vision which is why I went over the 500Ld mark and as it happens I still have more credit with them so I will be returning for these pants in the tomato red colour.

Lots of tops, bottoms, shoes, lingerie, bikini’s, dresses, fat pack and many colours to try on I’m just showing you what I bought for myself.

There are also some Group Gifts you may as well treat yourself to and they’re on the wall to your right as you go in.

Now for the PAY ATTENTION part as the credit has a very short cut off date, it’s either the 1st or the 5th, it will be on the notice board. AND to use your credit then right click on the item you want to buy and you get the menu wheel up and you chose emm the top option…easy to use as its a system used by many.


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I could be yours. (500Ld Credit for 20Lds).

I’m only showing you this “dry to wet” outfit that I’ve previously bought from the Blueberry shop as a teaser.

Basically pay 20Lds to join the group and not only do you get some excellent Group Gifts but a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

As you can imagine the place is heaving so they have made it easy and you can grab the credit through the group notice.

Sorry, I can’t give you a direct link to join the Group just the inworld LM as I just can’t seem to do it. Also, there is a cut off day to use your credit and although you still have plenty of time to use it you will probably need to practice your camming skills.


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I should have known! (1000Ld Shop Credit for 50Lds).

I have been in and out of the Pink Charcoal shop a few times over the weekend to grab the generous 1000Ld Shop Credit and each time I failed!

Looks like I’m not the only one who struggled as when I was inworld 2 people had to shout out for help.

I was already in the “Skinfulsky’s Update” group which is actually the group you join even though the shop is called “Pink Charcoal”.

NOW PAY ATTENTION. Once you’ve joined the 50Ld group you then buy the “Cheque” on the reception desk for 1Ld. It’s easy to spot, once you know what you’re looking for, as there are some gold heart shaped balloons showing you where it is.

I didn’t buy anything on this visit as it was pretty darn busy so I popped home and threw on a couple of the items from this shop that I already had. Can’t wait to return to check everything out when it’s a bit calmer and although I know that there is a time limit on the credit I’m sure we still have about 5 days…or so.

Also, on this shopping sim are some excellent and well known shops AND a lot of them still have a 15Ld Pumpkin Hunt going on. So plenty to check out and although in the end between the Group joining fee and the Hunt you may end up spending but you will also walk away with a lot of quality clothing for bargain prices.

Pink Charcoal