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A Quickie(Freebie).

I logged in just to grab my notes and do a quick scan of them and as always as soon as a name of a shop/group I know does really good group gifts I read that and went and snagged just because I knew they would be great quality and I could do a quick post.

These shoes/sock combos come in all the mesh bod sizes but of course, you don’t need to have a mesh bod to wear them but you will have to rummage up a boot alpha from your invent.


This is a close-up so you can see the folding in the socks and even the details on the soles of the shoes.


Unusually for Pure Poison, you don’t win a colour from a Gacha the group gift is set to this black and white combination.

OK Got to get back to RL sorry about the rush but I do hope everyone has had a really good time and is just getting back to normal.

Pure Poison, PS If you can’t see the group invite board just click on something in the shop go to edit and then grab the group details from there I do it a lot of the time.