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All the pretty things (hunt prize inc.)

Eclectica Bella Platform pumps for Slink high - coldLogic hoyt pants - gretel fur jacket purplemoon creations - Tableua vivant my love hair c88

I am such a happy shopper, not only alone but even when I’ve been called to look at something totally unrelated, I find myself seduced by a little trinket or two. Zan asked me to go see this suit she was thinking of buying (which she did) and as I was walking through Purplemoon Creations I happened to see this darling fur jacket called Gretel  , its faux fur so no animals were harmed in the making of course. I snagged it in beige and at only $85L I might go back for a few more colours. Worn over my coldLogic “hoyt” pants I think it looks darling ! I also tried it on over a dress and a camisole tshirt – both worked fine.

Bella Pump Eclectica NEW! (many other colour options)


On my trotters are a new release from Eclectica (thanks Tiffy!) These are the “Bella” pumps and they come in a zillion yummy colours. These are for Slink high feet btw. I love that Tiffy doesn’t make the heel so so thin, yes they are stilettos but yes they do have a good-looking heel not something that looks like it might break on your first step out the door.

CIRCA  - Cyprus Escape Bench - Mediterra Mix (28 pos) NEW!

Something new from CIRCA also today, the Cyprus escape bench and wall art (other pieces included in the prize box that match). The bench is choka block with poses for singles and couples and has some gorgeous plump cushions to get comfy on at the back. There are twenty-eight sit poses in total, you wont get bored relaxing on this for sure.  Unbelievably the whole set is only $20L – mmhmm its the prize in The House Hunt ! Hint is at the entrance to the store, you are looking for a heart in a box, there are also decoys planted to confuse you! (Say hello to Mr. Mint my Siamese pussy cat ! ) Thanks Cherelle ❤








Dress up for 21Shoe

21Shoe MV - ArisAris NEW!

Tomorrow is the big day babies, 21Shoe is on for just 24 hours, I hope you’ve been making a list for the stores you need to visit. Today Id like to share with you the offering for the grand day from {MV}, the “Satrina” high heels. First ever pair of shoes of this style with the leg lacing that I’ve ever been able to wear yay! You get two pairs for the price of one for this epic deal, a lovely lilac and a classic taupe – the main part of the shoe is black. These are for Slink high feet. Must mention my new frock, it’s from ArisAris, nifty little number and comes with a HUD : see below.

ArisAris HUD

So in fact you get a whole wardrobe of looks for the price of one item. Six preset colours, and then you’ve also got the choice of mixing and matching whatever you feel like. Brilliant idea. Thanks Ariadna ❤

21Shoe MV -

Just to whet you’re appetite, here’s a close up of those shoooz. Yummy huh?! I’ve not had any shoes from {MV} before but I will definitely be checking them out for more. Dont forget, this offer begins tomorrow.



21Shoe blog

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21Shoe – 2 days to go !

21Shoe Ingenue - coldLogic - dom top & skirt - TakeTomi - momoka light blondes hair

Only two more days till we can all dash around and buy up all the glorioussssss shoes on offer – yes yes 21Shoe is on the 21st. Here I am prepping for the big day and trying on some gorgeous heels from Ingenue called “Marie”. Lovely stylish little pumps for Slink high feet. Actually not just for SLink feet, in the box are also pairs that will fit the Belleza and Maitreya feet. You get two pairs for the price of one – good huh?! Btw my hair is also new, it’s from taketomi a new store for me. The style is called “momoka”, and I plumped for the light blonde pack. Outfit is from coldLogic, skirt,top and wide belt – great little outfit named “dom”.

21Shoe - Ingenue Marie Heels


Here are the two colours of the Marie pumps you get for the 21Shoe offer – Latte & Wine. I adore the little dots on the leather, lovely touch. Dont forget, 21Shoe is on for 24 hours only, on the 21st January.




21Shoe Blog

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The Promenade – new round

The Promenade gacha Biasta - coldLogic jeggind knight

A new round of The Promenade has opened today and its full of sweet & adorable things. B!asta has a brilliant gacha lined up for you, chokablock with superb clothing. The poncho, boots and bag are all wins from their machine (The leggings & top are from coldLogic)

The Promenade - Gacha item Biasta -

The boots are for Slink high feet, there is also  a jewellery set to try and get your paws on. I managed to slip a mesh tshirt on underneath the poncho just by wearing one size larger – (Im also wearing this with my Slink Physique mesh body- but you don’t need too, just sayin!)

The Promenade

I was also rather taken with this dress and shoe / sock combo from M.I.X, I’ve got the red version on and as you can see it’s not your typical cherry-in-your face kinda tone – very gentle and I totally adore it. Heaps of other colours to choose from. The black & white and the peach tones are rare wins. Ohhhh musnt forget my little poodle! This is by Bye Bye Blackbird, sooper sweet and low prim, would make an ideal Valentine gift for someone. The board suspended from its mouth has different options on it too. Lots to see, furniture,décor, and clothes.

The Promenade

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The Aphrodite collection (plus free gift)

Sax Shepherd NEWWW

Oh you lucky ladies, Sax Shepherd has been working his fingers to the bone to bring you something truly decadent and gorgeous. Not only for your tootsies but also a whole new range of jewels to wrap around your body! I tried the new Aphrodite shoes on and spent a happy hour playing with the HUD, you can change the jewel colours and metal textures to so many configurations its mind spinning. I adore the HUD that Sax uses , it gives you such control of every aspect of his work so you can really personalise the look of it. “Jewel options include Diamonds, Pearls, Ruby and Onyx. The jewels themselves are divided into three zones allowing for plenty of mix and match options. Be lavished with diamonds for formal events, pearls for weddings, and mix rubies and onyx for edgy fashion photos.” There are plenty of packs depending on what you’re looking for, from bridal to WDP (whole damm pack!). I’m showing the decadence version above.

Sax Shepherd Aphrodite shoes for SLink High feet

I chose a really bright combo of red garnets, diamonds and onyx stones to go with a red dress I was wearing, eye-popping! I have to admit my favourite look was all sparkly diamonds, although the wedding pack does have some really gorgeous pearls. I cant wait to go dancing in these babies ! (These are for Slink high feet btw)

Sax Shepherd - NEW release

Closer view of the Aphrodite jewels, it was simpledimple to match the look of the bracelet,earrings and choker to that of the shoes, couple of clicks and I was ready to roll. I simply adore the large ring, and I don’t generally wear rings in SL, but this is a real looker and given that its such a versatile little thing , one I shall be wearing a lot .

BDR Free gift - Sax Shepherd Aphrodite jewellery - Argrace hair NEW


The red dress I had tried them on with originally is from BDR and is a new group gift, the gift actually comes with  a set of pretty heels for slink High feet. The dress comes in a trillion versions for most mesh bodies, traditional clothing layers and a mesh skirt, verrrry slinkydinky no?

Sax Shepherd blog – shows more info about the new range

Sax Shepherd store

Sax Shepherd market place (all options for packs shown here)

BDR store

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Eloquence (Free gifts) & bargain hair !

Eloquence opening gifts FREE

I was reading Renee Harvy’s blog the other day and she pointed out some fantastical freeb’s at the Grand Opening of Eloquence. So I popped over and snapped up a few treats. When you land join the group (its free to join) then walk along the walls. You will find heaps of gifts all laid out for you. Furniture, shoes, clothing, poses and more ! This gorgeous funky pigeon bench was one of the gifts I snaffled up, plus the skybox that Renee showed on her blog. (its SO pretty!)

Eloquence opening gifts Allouette, cheeky pea and jumpsuit FREE

I also scooped up this natty little mesh jumpsuit complete with HUD that gives you many colour choices. I was bowled over by the amount of gifts out and bedazzled by this set of chairs and stunning coffee table from Cheeky Pea. You actually get three chairs in differing colours, all filled up with male & female poses. My shoes were another pressie, for the Slink high feet, you get three versions of them in the bag. The photm frame behind me is also a gifty ! Have to mention my hair from KoKoLoReS ! Its grooooovy and edible and what’s more its the Fi*Friday offering this week, so get  a move on and grab yourself a Friday bargain !





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Its The Candy Fair and I cant sit still

KoiKoi gacha The Candy Fair 2014

Gawd my back is just SO bad at the moment – I really can’t sit at my puter for longer than 20 – 30 mins. However I just HAD to get over to The Candy Fair ! Eku Zhong @ KoiKoi ever so kindly sent over her delicious new  Candy Popper shoes that are in a gacha for the event – these are for the Mid SLink feet. (So lovely to get some Mid feet newness yay!) 50L  a pop, can’t get better than that – well actually you can – cause at such a small price you can afford to have heaps of goes… right?! Please also note that after the fair is over you can swap your transfer shoes for a mod/copy version if you so wish.

KoiKoi gacha - 50L per play - Slink Mid feet

Each pair is decadently decorated with a cherry and icing that is slithering down the sides of the shoe. The heel is made from an ice cream cone, love that they are ultra novel and jolly. There are Soooo many colours to win you surely wont be disappointed with whatever colour you win. You will find the shoes in the gacha garden, which when I went was totally packed out and stuffed with so many goodies I’m kinda glad that I couldn’t stay for long ! Thanks Eku ❤

Sugar Rush Sim 1

Candywood Sim 2