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Free gifts & group benefits

Hunt & Group gifts NEW! Ice cream gift - dress group gift - shoes hunt gift (slink high)

I rarely join groups these days, I don’t have room or they cost too much. However I was doing the Summertime Hunt and found myself at Shoenique and as I was hunting for the gift, I noticed the group board. Ohmaiii its stuffed with goodies – it does cost $50L to join but well worth the outlay as there’s shoes, dresses up for grabs by members. I’m wearing the gorgeous hunt prize shoes above, they are for Slink high feet and sooper summery ! The dress is a group gift from the wall, this is what cracked my miserly ways actually – dead cute. Even my ice cream is a group gift from Label Motion – you get a pack of different flavours, for left & right hand holding.

Group gifts - shoes group gift (slink high) Dress group gift

Another group gift dress from Shoenique, this time an all over floral print with sweet capped sleeves. Btw I am wearing both dresses over my Slink Physique mesh body – not all the gifts worked with it but I was pleased with these two. The bright yellowlicious shoes are another group gift from Shoenique too! As you can see I am still loving my Secret Store hat & hair combo, its out for sale at the mainstore as part of the Mix event.

Secret Store


Summertime Hunt landmarks and prize previews

Label Motion

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Peace on earth and all that jazz

POEH - Shoenique dress and thigh high boots FREE!

Wow I cant believe its the Peace On Earth hunts seventh year, how time flies when you’re hunting ! As I’m already running late with my pre Christmas vacation packing & buying – I could only do a couple of stores boohoo. There are 117 creators in this year woohoo ! Some give hints, some do not , if they don’t the gift should be within 50M of the landing point and easy to find. All gifts are 0L – which is fantastic. Above is the offering from Shoenique, a pair of snazzy jazzy thigh high boots (not for slink feet) and a truly lovely traditional sweater dress, with a stylish wide leather belt. Verrrrry nice.

POEH - masoom sweater - Argrace free hathair !

I also found the gift from masoom, which I just love love LOVE. Its described as a long sweater but I’m wearing it as a dress with my wooly tights. For those that what to know – I am wearing both outfits over my Slink physique mesh body – both fitted well with no issues yay! My hat and hair combo is a free gift from Agrace, there is also one for the guys, right by the front desk – no group join required. Thanks Rika ❤

For all participating stores the list and url’s is here




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Tell no lie.


When I got the notice through that Shoenique has a seriously discounted room set up I was sooo excited I TPed my semi naked AV over there, too lazy to dress properly, and grabbed a pair.

OK won’t tell you a lie I did have difficulty skin matching these to my AV but I did actually get them pretty near but just not close enough for me to take a close up of the shoe and also, honestly I’m not trying to talk you out of buying these, there isn’t a resizer options so there was a bit of an ankle gap for me. However these aren’t insurmountable issues because the Hud which maybe limited options does offer you the option to input your RBG skin number if you know it and of course you can either wear some sort of ankle chair or resize your AVs ankles to cover the size difference.

So why bother? because all of their shoes are of offer for only 10Lds and not everyone in SL is Linden rich.  There is actually quite a selection of shoes to chose from and also some clothes.  Sadly no demos which is why I thought I’d described them with all their flaws and positives.

PS the blood drips are my addition there is always something so off putting showing shoes with cut off ankles.


Shoenique Marketplace