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Vita’s Boudoir

Thanks go to my good friend Flo who found this great Freebie although I must say it’s a bit cheeky calling it a “freebie” as it has great depth and quality of texture.   A funny and cute way to finish off an outfit.  If you join the Group then there is some gifties out for you to grab as well.

The 2 pictures above show the Chignon pack which for 600Lds you get a total of 6 of the fabric flowers and 2 of the roses and lace.  Break that down it is 75 Lds per head piece which is most reasonable if like me you like to wear flowers in your hair.

And then I saw this bold red concoction and at 250Lds was too reasonable a price for such amazing beauty. Boudoir is the shop name and Precious Restless  is the designer and not only is she a designer in Second Life but she is a designer in Real Life!  There is 3 floors of not just hats but also dresses, costumes, shoes, wild crazy hair, flowers outside and a small collection of furniture.  An absolute riot of colours and magnificent styling.  I’m not going to give you the Marketplace details for here, although it’s easy to find, because I want you to go to her shop I want you to get as many demos as you can and just have a blast.  Sometimes its great fun just to wear something that’s OTT but if you check out the links you will see she has maintained the same feminine and yet strong looks that she creates in RL into our SL.

Vita’s Boudoir