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Say Goodbye to Mr Squeak.(Dollarbie).

Yup, the hamster is no more, he has been added to the trash pile and as much as it hurts me so will this Dollarbie shirt and maybe even the jeans which came from a shop no longer in SL.

Basically the Sweet Intoxication shop has a few hunts going on so when you go into the shop on the wall to your left is the pictures of the prizes and hints. I found the “The Grumpy Santa” hunt prize first so I paid my 1Ld and then TP’d home.

Although the picture shows 2 colours I can only see this grey one which I do really like. It’s a classic SL style shirt, tied under the boobs and the grey has a slight satin sheen to it. There are also hunt prizes for me and for 3Lds there is another “classic” SL style sweatshirt/top which I have just not in the very pretty pink or red colour.

PS. Lots of fits for the shirt.

Sweet Intoxication.

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A little bit of this and a little bit of that.(Freebie ‘n’ Cheapies).

Ta-Dah! A woman at work changing the sim from Autumn to Winter.

The only freebie in this picture is the top.  I’m not a keen “sloganny” person BUT I made an exception for this rather good freebie from R3VOLT.  It comes in a lot of fits and a hud.  In this hud I believe are 3 plain colours but for once I actually really like the Christmassy images because just like this stringed light version the images are cute and subtle at the same time.  Its a keeper for me.

The R3VOLT VIP Group isn’t free, I think it’s 200Lds and there are some nice gifts but this top is a Subscribers gift so slap the sub-board and check the history and it’s the no “2” note.  I also have to say that the R3VOLT is a shop where the owner has spent as much time creating a landscaping and shop decor to match the mood of the shop contents.  Impressive.

OH and I do believe that there is a mans gift inc in the sub gift, so Moz might be tempted.

The “cheap” is my lippie.  As I was rummaging on the Marketplace I came across a shop called “Viena” and it has a few 10Lds lippie packs and because they  were cheap enough to try I bought 3 of these packs and love all 3 of these packs.  I’m wearing, obviously, one of the plainer colours but it has the nicest and lightest of sheens to it but as you will see there are some really unusual shades.  Make sure to check out which mesh heads they work with but I think Catwa, Lelutka, and Omega are the most common ones.  There are demos available

We’re starting early on the sim because RL is gonna be busy and it’s nice to be able to start early than leave it late and not enjoy a lovely wintery sim.  Faith has her jobs to do and I get to do all the fancy pants stuff.  At this moment I have such random cr*p rezzed but before I get all spendy I want to make sure I don’t already own it.  I have taken all my pictures just using my Nams prim n skin setting but I can’t want to see how these “sparkles” look when I decide on which windlight setting to use for Winter.

So it’s just the “sparkles” layer. I will put the LM to our sim so you can check it out for yourself.  Only 11Lds and 1 prim I’m going to go crazy with this sparkle.

PS.  If you do visit our sim then please ignore the mess as I’m just rezzing a whole load of randomness till I decide what’s going to stay and what’s going to go.


Lipsticks (Marketplace)

Sparkles (Marketplace)

Home Sweet Home (You’re going to have to walk from the LM to the Sparkles lol)

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I initially didn’t go snag this shirt at first because I know the FD (Fashionably Dead)group is a paid for one and then I paid attention to the note and spotted that this is yet another group which has been changed to FREE for a limited time.

Once you’ve joined then you can grab your gift. It’s a simple sleeveless shirt with a 4 texture hud option.  ARGH Sorry I was too quick and deleted all of the fits apart from obviously the SLink one DOH but I do remember there are plenty of fits for all.  I deleted the extra sizes I wouldn’t use because this is a great way to reduce your invent clog.


FD(Fashionably Dead)

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Good Morning Monday.(Free n Cheap).

Wow, what a stunning weekend it’s been almost bikini weather, shame about the wetsuit body lol.

Splashed out for this top and skirt and the skirt is one of the reasons knickers are still needed in SL lol.

The shoes I did mention briefly in my last post as a pair which came in one of the gift boxes from the “The Designer Event” with a jacket and trousers.  However, the outfit is a discounted one, 29Lds from Java designs.

Fortunately, it turned out to be 29Lds well spent as I couldn’t see a demo for me to try first.  Taken in my Nams setting so this is what I see.  Normally I don’t bother to list the fits but since this costs, I will and you get “Hourglass, SLink & Maitreya” fits for both the top and skirt. Top and skirts are separates, the top is a great fit, nip slip is intentional but the skirt is not the snuggest of fits as you can see but that’s nothing to be fussed about.

This is a FREEBIE and it comes in more of the mesh bod fits.  I have to admit that the SLink fit didn’t fit but only around the belly so I simply used my hud to cover that up.

Both of these 2 items are on the boards outside of the Java shop, you don’t need to join the group to grab the freebie just buy it for 0Lds.  There is another textured skirt and shirt out as well for 29Lds but it was this colour I preferred.

Do you like to dance?  In RL I dance like a left footed, drunk Hippo and that’s on a good day.  If I tried Zumba I’d be banished as a danger to others so one of the things I love to do in SL is dance.  I set my AV off and watch as she bumps n grinds, shakes her bootie or just dances like a lady and quality dance moves are worth paying for.  If you’ve never been to Humanoid then I dare you to go and waste a whole afternoon of your life dancing away on all of the poses.  There is a whole load of Youtube Vids showing how these dances are created using real human dancers etc and it shows in the quality of the dances.  The group is free to join and I know that sometimes freebies are set out but I couldn’t spot any on this visit and of course I ended up being distracted by all the dances.

Java Fashions


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Pulling a sickie(Freebies).

OH Lord I was one poorly Biatch yesterday, I won’t go into too much TMI but you wouldn’t have wanted to visit me yesterday!  However I did managed to get myself inworld for a while to distract me from my aches and pains  and I found some LBs to plonk myself in front of.  There are 3 boards and each have the same shirt but in 3 different patterns as the gifts.  A pretty good autumnal basics and since every board changes after just 2 mins it didn’t take me long to snag it.


Even better was as I was stood there I finally managed to work my way through all of my notes/notices and managed to clear them out of my invent so I now have breathing space to keep upto date with new ones when they come in.

Since I had perked up a bit I then decided to check out the The Warm Socks Hunt and as soon as I spotted the Lindy Shoe in the list of the shops involved I was off.

One of my best and so wearable goto pair of boots come from here and I was actually wearing them as I was stood in front of the LB’s so the chance of snagging another pair of excellent, non slink needed, boots was too good to miss.


My editing has made them darker than they are but these are rich brown boots with the knitted sock over the top.  As it happens you actually get 2 shoes in this gift and you will be able to see the second pair in the picture in the link to the Hunt LMs a& Hints I will put at the end.  As well as hunt prizes each shop also has a Gacha set out for you to try your luck.  Not sure of the price of the Gachas as yet again I grabbed these boots and I was outta there with my goodies.

PS Since these boards outside of the Delicious Boutique change so quickly as soon as you get there you may want to join the free group straight away.

Delicious Boutique(Blouse)

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

The Warm Socks Hunt 2 & Gacha Event LMs, pictures, tips n hints


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Bimbo Beach (Menstuff Freebie).

I went looking for the Bimbo’s but I could only see me!


I did just a bit more of the Menstuff hunt and found this shirt/undershirt combo.  Don’t come as seperates but thats pretty standard.  You will find this at Fi’s and it’s easy to find.  Very pleased with the quality of this so I think I’ll do some more of that hunt but it looks like there is only a couple of days left so I will put the link to the site with the LM’s and hints.

Fe Style

Mesnstuff Hunt LMs and Hints

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My last words to Faith yesterday was “I only have 20Lds left so I’m going to go on a massive Freebie hunt” I should have bit my tongue as I said it because the very next place I went to ended up costing me many more Lindens.


As it happens as soon as I put on this look I knew that there was the perfect build at Image Essentials for me to use and show it off.  The funny thing is right next to this wheat field is the same home I have and it’s interesting to see how someone else has decorated it compared to my own home.  I’ve also used only Image Essential poses  in my pictures as it seemed only right and they work so well.  This one is another available from The Thrift Market and the other from Kay Weston’s Mains shop Image Essentials.

I found this shirt it at the A*S stall at The Thrift Store and I had to have it.  Doesn’t come with the under shirt so I threw on one of my basic Sn@tch shirts to cover the boobies and yes I was so tempted to take a piccie with full frontal boob flash.  The A*S main shop is “under construction” at the moment but you can pick this shirt up there as well as the Thrift Shop, she also has a shop at Lubbly Jubblies which is a shopping mall dedicated to the boobalicious and I will be spending some quality time here soon :-).  I’ve not tried this shirt with my lolas but I have a feeling that although they don’t come with a lola applier that gaping front will allow a generous flash of boobs.


The other thing I found was this thigh bag strapped to my hip. At first it looks like a holster but in fact it is a bag with zips, buckles and hoops such excellent texturing and such a snug fit.  I went back over to The Thrift Shop and yet again spent more money and picked up some demos but sadly I just couldn’t locate the exact LM for the Obscure stall so I popped over to the main shop and I’m so glad I did.


Obscure is set on a wintery snowy sim with some really good shops but to get the to Obscure goodies you have to enter the mine shaft.


Although I could have given it a couple of seconds for the floor to rezz a bit clearer this is an excellent underground build.  You come across the main selling area which again I couldn’t find the actual belt for sale but in all honesty I wasn’t trying to hard as I had joined the free group and lots of notices tell you about the goodies you can find in the hidden room so I just started to walk through the tunnels.  Lots of spooky noises and interesting rooms inc the church I’m going to buy once I’ve got some more Lindens free.


Sadly after a quick tinkle on the piano I had to give up my hunt.  I will try to locate the exact LM for the Obscure stall @The Thrift Store but my locating skills seem to have completely left me.

Big thanks to one of our readers for sending me the link to the Obscure stall@The Thrift Market.  We always prefer to give you the LM as close as poss so you can grab the goodies and then have a wander around afterwards instead of the other way.

Obscure@The Thrift Store


A*S@Lubbly Jubblies

The Thrift Store