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Slow Kitchen dollarbie dress- Slow Kitchen hat & hair- Slow Kitchen free tights pack- Shiny things Zimminy free shoes-Slow Kitchen pack of scarfs

Every now and again, I like to take a gander at stores I havent visited for an age. Slow Kitchen is one that I just adore to wander around. I was sooper happy to discover that SK is now making hair *squeeee*, only a few styles at the moment but I HAD to grab this hat & hair combo. Only 200L and has four texture changes in it. Just inside the door I nabbed this sweet dollarbie denim blue dress, perfect for a Monday Mooch…plus a pack of tights, also one Linden (lotsa colours yay!) Couldnt resist the scarfs either..100L for a pack of five different tones…thats uhm…wow only 20L each (you get spine or chest attachment points) Rooted around in my inventory and found my Zimmy flats by Shiny Things..I double checked for you, these darling little shoes are still free for group members, you get two types for new viewers with an alpha or older viewers without alpha…handy!

Happy Monday !

Slow Kitchen

Shiny Things

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Zan’s Shiny Feet

Zan came sauntering into the studio with some new gear on her tootsies and…well I’ll leave it up to her to tell you about it.

Nice new shiny free things.

OK just trying to make a pun of the shops name which is Shiny Things.  A shop I have not visited in such a long time I don’t even want to say how long but how strange as  some of my favourite shoes came from here.  So decided to pop over and check Shiny out and again as usual was not disappointed in the slightest.  Actually the scary thing is as I was walking along checking out the shoe all I could think was in RL I own a pair just like that one and that one and that one over there looks really similar…..resisisted spending money because they actually have such lovely free shoes.  All you need to do is slap the Subscribers board and then go get your freeness.

Shown above are the Delphines pumps in gold. They are the perfect pair of gold heels.  Wonderful details and a beautiful look. You also get different sizes in these heels.

And just because we never give up on trying to find the best at the best price, once I’d finished looking at the pretty flowers on the land outside, I noticed a third department which has my favourite word on it: Discount!  I ran in and a pair of these cute ruffled boots, which come in two different sizes, were  mine for a mere L$100. You can find these shoes with the link below, go on and grab them!

Shiny Things

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Time for Tea

Tracked down some adorabubble group gifts for you from Tea Time, lovely store to mooch around and some great gear! There are a few pairs of these fabbo leggings on offer & the tee also..just perfect for a lazy Sunday…the shooz are from Shiny things “zimmy” flats and are also a gift, just join the subscribo and snap them up ! Dont forget to also check out the discount room, bargains and delicious footwear on offer !

Tee & leggings: Tea Time

Zimmy flats : Shiny Things


Happy Birthday S@bbia !

Happy birthday to youuuu…happy birthday to you…!! Its sabbias second birthday and to celebrate they are giving you this gorrrrgeous outfit.

Sabbia birthday gift!

frilly flouncy dress topped with a goldy coloured jacket. You know why Sabbia rate as one of my fav stores?  It’s that thing I bang on about allll the time “details”. When you wear the jacket, every now and again catch a glimpse of the inside …its got a lining, sort of paisley autumn print..little things like that really make me smile and go fuzzywuzzy inside !

sabbia tights (free) and Shiny Things pumps

While I was there I re-snaffled up the free tights from Sabbia and wore them with the jacket…teamed with the subscribo gift from Shiny Things, the  Delphine pumps -in  gold, just purrrfect for my Autumn theme lately! If you havent been to Shiny Things -GO! Beautiful shoes, boots, jewelry etc..they also have a great discount area ! click the pics for a closer view!

Happy BirthdaySabbia !

Go to the party: Sabbia

Get shiny : Shiny Things