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Jack is Depraved

It seems that every time I head down to Shiki, not only do I find some great gear, but I also find out about new hunts happening around the grid. Today was no different as I discovered the Jack or Jill Hunt. Brought to you by Depraved Nation, Jack or Jill is a ‘split path’ hunt with 50 stores for women as well as 50 stores for men and it’s looking very, very good indeed.

The outfit I’m wearing above is Shiki’s entry into Jack or Jill and is called the Nakano Style outfit which features the sweater and pants that you can see above. The sweater comes in a great pink colour and the texture is awesome, thick and warm looking. The cuffs, neck and sweater bottom attachments that come along with it all fit really easily, as do the cuffs for the pants.

After scooping up the Shiki gift, I checked out who else was in the hunt and once I saw MADesigns was in it, I rushed over there to find their gift which is the hair I’m wearing in the above pictures. ‘Jesse’ is a super-funky spiky ‘do that must be a pretty recent release as I hadn’t come across it before. It looks brilliant in the light brown colour and you also get the light brown hairbase to wear with it along with a pair of ‘The Happening’ eyes in moss.

So there you have it, a couple of great gifts from what looks to be a super hunt that will be going on all this month. Plenty of stuff for both guys and girls and well worth checking out. I know I’ll be snooping around for some more gifts soon. If you want the full lists, hints and what have you, you can take a look here: http://depravednation.com/jack-or-jill

Get the gear here:
Sweater & Pants: Shiki
Hair: MADesigns

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Pure as the Driven…

Well, maybe I’m not but the latest group gift from Shiki certainly is. This month’s gift is this lovely, smooth and aptly named Snow Suit.

I’m a big fan of white and so for me, a white suit is always fun and this is a great example. From the jacket to the tie, everything is a beautiful, clean and crisp white. As you’d expect from Shiki, all the items are well-made and have great details. UI love the subtly silvery look to the tie. You can also wear the pearl dress shirt by itself as it comes with its own collar and cuffs and all the attachments fit perfectly, I barely had to make any adjustments at all.

So if you’re looking for the perfect suit to have a white Christmas in, this is the one. All you have to do is join the Shiki group (if you’re not a member already) and run down and pick it up. As always there are many, many previous group gifts in the VIP section still up for grabs as well as some hunt gifts scattered around as well. Check it out!

Get the gear here: Shiki

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Tartan and cakes

Liked Steves gift from Shiki so much I made him take me there and find the girl’s gift! (yes yes yes he IS my hunt detective because Iam sooo useless at finding them myself) It’s the item for the Christmas Hunt 2 and is this terrific tartan print dress…with a swirly full skirt that happily floats around your legs..and a turtle neck collar..smart but also comfortable…I have cakies ! I was mooching about poche and saw this set out for just 50L *faints*…

it’s called “a girlish tea party” and its adorbs…a cake stand with different little cakes on it..and a flat plate filled with vibrantly coloured macaroons..if you touch the cakes..you receive the plate & fork that has a very lovely eating animation and hold..fantastic ! It is a little bit primmy but what the heck…when Zan comes a calling its gonna be so nice to get this out and have tea with her !

The skin I’m wearing here and in the first photo is from { essences } and is their 10L gift for the With love again hunt…called “Anka” it comes with three shades of eyebrows…gotta love that ! Sooper pretty face and gentle sweet lips, complete with the beauty mark…superb !

Tartan dress: Shiki

girlish tea party: poche

Anka skin : { essences }

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Love is Going Around

I’m sure you all noticed the awesome gear from the With Love Again Hunt Faith showed earlier for the ladies, well guys, there’s some for you as well and I’ve got ’em for you to take a look.

Above is part of the hunt gift *Connors* has put out for us, the simply sensational ‘long sweater’. This is already one of my favourite sweaters with its gorgeous texture, fresh white colour and easily worn attachments, it has got it all. I’d be quite satisfied if this was all you got but no, there’s even more such as a pair of tweed short pants that come with sculpted cuffs and knit leggings. Definitely an awesomely wintery gift worth finding.

The next gift I picked up was from Shiki. When Shiki is in a hunt I always have to stop by and grab it and they’ve outdone themselves this time. The Chairo Jacket Outfit is brilliant. Aside from my shoes, it comes with all you see here: jacket, turtleneck and jeans. The texturing on every piece is wonderful, especially the jacket, I love the tartan pattern. The jacket comes with sculpted lower part, lapels and collar as well as cuffs. The  Pumpkin turtleneck comes with the neck attachment as well as a sculpted bottom so it can be worn easily on its own and the orange colour looks fantastic with the jacket and jeans.

The items for the With Love Hunt will cost you L$10 once you have found them but as you can see, whether you’re a guy or a girl, it is most definitely worth it.

Get the gear here:
Picture #1 – Sweater: *Connors*
Picture #2 – Chairo Outfit: Shiki

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Loungin’ Around

I’ve finally paid a long overdue visit to the Menstuff Lounge. For those of you who don’t know, the Menstuff Lounge is a great place to pick up some awesome gifts, run by the people who put on those brilliant Menstuff hunts. There is a huge board in the middle of the room jam-packed with gifts from some super designers and all you need do is wear your Menstuff tag to pick them up. I’ve got a few of such gifts here to show you.

I couldn’t go past SF Design’s gift which is the gorgeous shawl-collared tuxedo you can see above. It’s simple and gorgeous, so easy to wear with minimal prims to fiddle around with and it even includes the shoes! Perfect formal wear.

You can also hit the beach in these colourful swim trunks from Shiki. They absolutely scream summer and look superb. They come with sculpted legs that fit really well along with a cute little string tie for the waistband.

For the last couple of items I picked up, I went with a couple of stores I hadn’t been to and I’m glad I did. The bright pink Fuuu shirt is from [AFFONSO] and definitely stands out in the crowd. Great little design on it and it comes with a sculpted shirt body and sleeves, all resizeable via script. You also get a yellow version of this cool top in the gift. The jeans are from Lash-Wear and are just the kind of jeans I like, dark blue denim with a super texture and terrific creases. The cuffs were also ones to wear right out of the box, no editing needed which always makes me smile.

These are just a small selection of gifts you can grab at the Lounge and, as I said, all you have to do is join the Menstuff group and they can be yours. It’s a good group to be in because you can keep yourself up to date on loads of stuff.

Get the gear here: Menstuff Lounge

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Jolly Green

Yes indeed I am jolly in this green October group gift from Shiki. It is a great complete Tokyo Plaid outfit that features the shirt, sweater-vest and pants that you see above.

The shirt features rolled sleeve cuffs and an awesome little bowtie in the same gorgeous green plaid and I’m really liking the look of the texture on the sweater-vest. The dark brown pants are simple with no cuffs to play with but they look brilliant with a green drawn-on belt that goes nicely with the shirt and vest. There’s even a pair of matching socks thrown into the bargain!

To get this complete outfit, all you need do is join the Shiki group (if you’re not a member already) and get on down there and snap it up. As always, there is a huge selection of previous group gifts for you to grab as well as the tremendous clothes for sale.

Get the gear here: Shiki

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Its a Shiki Summertastic

I skipped over to Shiki to claim my prize in the Platinum hunt, which is this refreshing white shift dress,stunning ruffle collar completes the look, so summery ! It’s a cool little number..hence the name “Icy White”…love it…then I decided to head over to the group members area and make sure I hadn’t missed anything from the gifts given out…and boy-oh-boy…

I just hadn’t realised just how many summer dresses Shiki had given us….and they are all deserving of a place in your wardrobe..the Tapa dress above is striking blue & white pattern with a navy bold belt and jaunty scarf…

The Hawaiian Dress in kauai blue is a sweety with vintage print appeal, huge corsage of tropical flowers sit on your hip to accentuate the delicate fabric..

I also scooped up the zingy blossoms dress with its wide bright yellow belt and mouth watering floral print..adored the wrap of flowers across the bodice..

I couldn’t leave without slipping this adorable bright blue babydoll dress into my bag…with its layers and layers of frothy netting and cute bodice bow…its a scene stealer for sure !

Last into my swagbag I collected this months group gift..the grunge denim jacket. Its got boy bits in the box so its unisex yay! Really fabbaliciously detailed…with paint splatters and rough worn denim,the prims are modify but I didn’t have to fiddle with a bit of it , it just fitted straight outta the box…thanks Shiki I feel loved ! All of the above can be yours for free – or 10L if you add in the Platinum hunt gift..now that IS a deal..just join the group and go crazyyyyylegs !

Go get the summer goodies: Shiki

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