Timeless (Freebies, cheapies, shoppies).

Time is pretty short at the moment but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find some really lovelies.

My first visit to SL landed me here at the Meteor Garden shopping sim and this is the Windlight setting that greets you.  I simply love it when a shopping sim is designed with such thought and imagination it makes you want to stay and just meander which sadly I really just didn’t have the time to do.  If you too don’t have the time to go check it out don’t worry as I left my AV standing there and when I get some SL time I’m going to spend a lovely time mooching around and I promise to let you know if there are any Freebies, cheapies or brilliant items.


I did manage to grab this inworld yesterday.


This comes from Loovus and I almost missed it because on the reception desk is a dress that I blogged just recently but what I hadn’t noticed is that on the wall behind the desk are some more Freebies.  This dress is a gift to celebrate 500 Facebook Thumbs Up. You can tell that this is a shop quality item by the shading on the pockets.  There are other dresses there so even if this one isn’t to your taste I’m pretty sure you will find something that is.

PS you don’t need to give them a Thumbs Up if you don’t FB but if you do FB then I’m pretty sure it would be a nice thing to do.


This is a style of shoe which is flooding SL at the moment and I love them and I love the fact that these not only cost just 30Lds but you get a super packed colour changing Hud, 35 colour options in total.  Of course I’ve stuck with the safe colours but there is a whole range from tangy orange to white.


For another 60Lds you could have these.  The top shoes are called “Sweet Bow stilettos” and this pair is called “Casilda”.  The same 35 colour Hud as the first pair.  I’ll put the link for the demo pairs because although these are such bargained priced I always say “try before you buy”. Shey’s has a lot of really reasonably priced shoes and this colour packed Hud seems to be pretty standard for all of them, it’s almost too hard to choose which ones to buy at that price.

OH! almost forgot you will need SLink high feet for these shoes.

Meteor Gardens Shopping Sim


Shey Casilda Marketplace

 Shey Sweet Bow Stilettos Marketplace