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Vlada was my first, wink wink. (GG & Freebie).

Vlada was my very first love in SL as soon as I put Vlada on I became a PumeC addict.  Fortunately for me at that time PumeC was a Free to join group and every time a new GG was put out I was the first in line.  I’m such an addict that in the Flickr PumeC group I am listed as the main picture poster because 95% of the skins I use in SL and my pictures are PumeC. So really if you want to check out her skins just scroll through my posts because I can guarantee that in about 95% of my pictures I’m wearing a PumeC skin, Anna shape and Mina hair or check out the PumeC Flickr and you will see how gorgeous and also versatile these skins are.

Added to the fact that the skins are not only gorgeous but every skin in the shop and that even includes the Group Gifts come with ALL of the biggest Appliers in an incredibly easy to use Hud as standard!


Since this group is now 199Lds to join and I didn’t spot a demo of this GG once I’d had my fun with editing I popped home changed my outfit, I can’t go bargain hunting in a corset!, and my settings back to my Nams prim and skin setting so you can see her the same way I do.


As you can see she is definitely more Summer than Winter and a pretty dramatic look especially with those deep smokey eyes.  I will be honest and say that unlike a lot of skins because of the deep dark eyeshadow  you cannot put on a different eye shadow, they simply don’t cover up but you have carte blanche to change the lips, blusher etc I will also be honest and say this shade in this skin is not my fav, shocking I know but at least honest, but check out the Vlada I fell in love with.


This is Vlada the original, pale and innocent and yet those eyes make her slightly vampish.   I’m not even sure if she is still available as she is about 3 years old now but putting her on still makes me hum with happiness.  All of these pictures again in my Nams setting so what you use will change the look of everything but this is the setting I love as it makes everything look simply the best.


Now this IS a FREE FOR ALL!

I wasn’t too sure at first as I was wearing my PumeC tag but I decided to change my tag to “none” and I popped back and “bought” it for 0lds and so it seems it’s a lovely gift for everyone (fingers crossed that I’m not wrong through) and as standard even this Freebie comes with ALL the Appliers! This is a rather pale and wishy-washy look to me which is PERFECT because unlike the dramatic Vlada look with this you can slap as much or as little make up as you want.  With such a great base skin you can create so many looks with just a change of lipstick, blusher etc and of course APPLIERS as standard.

The Group Gift is the large picture above the desk in the reception area and the Free for all one is the picture leaning against the desk.  You will also spot some Gacha’s in the entrance and yet again bargain priced and shop quality.

I’m also putting my Flickr link here so to save you from all the scrolling but again 95% of the skins I wear are PumeC and often they’re the same skin I’ve just been lazy and changed the lips, eyes, hair etc

PS there are also Gacha’s in the entrance way and if you have a few more Lindens to spare then you couldn’t go wrong treating yourself to a surprise from them as well.


PumeC Flickr

My Flickr

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Lazy Mare!


OK going to confess that because over the years I have had so much from Apple May designs I’m not sure I will buy anything in this sale but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a brill sale.

To make way for new stock, which I will be looking forward to very much, they’re having a blow out so they have slashed the price for a lot of items to just 25Lds.  Although I haven’t been inside yet, RL is a bit rushed, I’ve done a quick cam around and there is everything from skirts, tops and temptingly to me shoes and boots included in the sale.  I know that Apple May designs are well into mesh however they also have a healthy amount of non mesh for those who can’t or don’t wear mesh.   I’m also going to assume the shoe/boots are also non SLink which again isn’t a bad thing the shoes I’m wearing in this shot aren’t SLink so even hardened mesh heads will find something to wear here and again at 25Lds a super bargain.

Sorry boys the sale doesn’t extend into your dept, when you land turn around and your dept is that way.  Shame as I know that Baylen isn’t constantly glued into his FATEwear but he also wears Deadwool and he picked up a whole lot of clothes from Apple May so still worth a check out for the quality we know they are.

PS as far as I could see with my camming the skins, shapes etc aren’t in the sale but if you’ve ever wondered where to get a “Baby Bump” this is the place.  This is the pregnancy bump that I see in many appliers but apart from that I can’t tell you much about it but again worth trying the demo if you want to.

Apple May Designs (AMD)

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I got pooped on today! fortunately for me not only must it have been a tiny bird looking at the size of the plop,  it landed on my shoulder and not my hair, I even had a hankie in my bag which is a rarity so dignity was soon resumed but then my friend suggested that I should buy a lottery ticket tonight because having a bird poop on you is supposed to be lucky so I did buy a ticket and later I checked my bank to my surprise finally a much-needed cheque has cleared so Woo Hoo Thank You little Birdie.


I had spotted this shower at the latest The Liaison Collaborative Garden event and so when I found I had some money I went and grabbed it.  Often when Faith and I find something so adorable we rezz a copy in each others home so she now has a copy of this and I have a copy of the brilliant Glamping outdoor bathroom she’s just blogged.  This one is perfect for anyone but especially  if you’re prim watching and don’t have much land space this is the one for you.


You stand on a slatted board and the shower itself is fed from a hose pipe attached to a tap(faucet if your American).  A total of 8prims (6 for the stall and 2 for the tap and hose pipe) and aren’t link which means you could even use the curtain stall as a changing room or the hose pipe over a bath etc  300Lds for the PG and 550 for the adult.

The poses are smooth and natural and although the PG one doesn’t have that naughty menu it still has a couples one and they’re so sweet I can only imagine how good the Adult ones are.Dusk3

OK I will be honest here this is a horrible picture, my hand looks like a man and my face looks so worried LOL. but SL is playing up so I’m going to stick to this picture as I’m not a 100% sure  when this offer will be over. Ricelli, in celebration of the big football thingi that is going on at the moment, I’m obviously not a football fan, has set out a load of footballs in the shop for you to buy.  Each ball costs only 15Lds and comes PACKED with goodies.  Whats even better is you don’t have to risk even 15Lds because she has a large picture board out so you can see exactly what is in each ball and in one of the balls was this skin.    Not sure why she should look so frowny because she comes with SLink Appliers, Lola Tangos and a Phat Azz.  She also comes as a blondie but the free hair in the pack didn’t look right in the shower and I’m a natural brunette I’ve just used a hair of my own.  Now I have to confess I didn’t know what was wrong with SL but my poor AV didn’t look great even in the Blesses Nams setting so I had to pop a face light on, OH THE SHAME LOL.  Just to smooth her face out but again she’s a brilliant bargain and for the lazy mares like me with all those Appliers an easy to wear skin.

The Liaison Collaborative


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Love & War

Kei Spot  outfit, wearable sunflower, wearable dance pole and necklace - Argrace FREE group gift hair- Matilda Soon shape 10L_0

Brand spankin new event thats just opened, Love & War, don’t miss it and haz a sad as there is SO much to see and So many bargains ! I snapped up this scrummy little outfit from Kei Spot – ok ok ok so it’s called a “camisk” if you’re into Gor related things, to me, it’s just pretty lingerie ! The added bonus is, you not only get the pretties but the wearable sunflower, a necklace and wait for it, wait for it – a wearable sunflower that allows you to pole dance – *faints* – just what I always wanted and never knew ! All this for just 30L, in fact there are gazillions of 30L deals all over the event.

Cheap and Chic shapes Dublin - 10L - Argrace FREE hair Sakura

I also managed to grab myself another cheap and chic shape, they are on a special promotion at the moment and I dont know for how long – ALL shapes just 10L  and yes, they are also modify, superb ! The shape Im wearing is called “Dublin”. My hair is by Argace, its called Sakura and is the new group gift – there is also one for the boys (but seriously – I’m sure its uni-sex as it looks great on me too !) Group is free to join btw.

Happy Wednesday ❤


Love & War

Cheap and Chic shapes

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High, Med, Low.


Although I’ve just bought a great pair of trousers from SF Designs as soon as I tried the latest  demo on from FATEwear I had to get these.  Not too much into the low rider look but this pair of pants called Peter and comes in 3 fits,high, med and the low pair I am wearing in this picture (and of course all the standard mesh fit sizes).  Low enough to be sexy but not so low as to be nasty.  A choice of colours and I chose the Quagmire. Comes in a corduroy texturing which you can see more clearly in the next picture.


Ladies don’t ignore the latest Men Only Gacha event going on.  For those who you love in SL I’m pretty sure that there is plenty of gifts that he will be happy to received and of course since this is a Gacha event then everything is trans (just not copy) and these guns would be perfect.  I say guns because in one Gacha you get a left and right thigh strapped gun and in another Gacha a gun that fits down the front of your clothes or the back each Gacha costs 100 but the detailing in these weapons is excellent and since you get 2 in each set then you can have one each (they fit Zan as well) so his and her weapons.  The landmark I have given you should take you to the actual Obscure Gacha Machine but if it doesn’t then you will find this and other Gachas on the upper level.  Plenty of other things for yourself or your partner from skins, clothes, accessories etc and all at really discounted prices.

PS when you land at Fate island (the name of his sim) in front of you is Damian’s costume/role playing shop but turn to your right and go up the stairs to his larger main shop for the more classic suits and leisure wear.


Men Only Gacha MOG

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Meet Mr bloch.

A men’s only Gacha event which is much appreciated (so much for women so little for men) For a 100Lds this is a bargain skin especially when you know that Mr Bloch skins are well into the 1200Lds price range (although you do get shape,skin and eyebrows in the full priced packs).  When I called into Mr Bloch’s inworld shop there is a Free Group Gift of a Halloween skin.  Lots of runny make up and badly sewn up scars so if you’re still looking for a Halloween skin this is great.  The one thing that is noticeable about Mr Bloch skins is that they all seem to have a limited amount.

As for the Gacha Event here is a bit of everything from men’s jewelry to shapes and skins and all reasonably priced.

Mr BlockI tried to get this picture done last night so people could also have a chance of grabbing the nerdy cardigan and shirt from Blank Line and it was their FLF offer (Fifty Linden Friday) but since nothing would rezz I couldn’t and now sorry but at this price you can’t get it anymore but they do however have the same style cardigan and in a choice of 5 different shades.  They also have some even crunchier knitted ones which look equally as great and I think I will be treating myself to one of those.  Demos available and don’t panic if you think it’s faulted, a good touch is that you can actually wear the cardigan separate from the shirt and tie (but not the shirt and tie on their own) or you may also find that you can wear the mesh shirt and tie under another jacket, cardigan you may own.  Try the demo and you will see what I mean and when you try the demos you will see that each pack comes with the male and female sizing.


Mens only Gacha Event

Mr Bloch Marketplace

Blank Line

Mr Bloch Inworld

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Spending Paper. (Updated LM)

SkinI got a notice through from jomo about its new skin.  Called “boy skin Thin 033E”and as you can see it’s a very clean neat skin with great shading.  Come with 2 skins bald and with head hair and as you can see not that much body hair either.  It also includes a shape but I’ve not worn it and I’m wearing my shape from Tableau Vivant which I managed to buy it a sale which is over now.  There wasn’t much difference between my shape and the one in the pack.  Wasn’t too keen on the lips with this skin but a quick edit and I am so happy with the over all look that this will be the skin that I wear most of the time.  Jomo does womans skins as well but I’ve not tried them on for obvious reasons but I think Zan will have to.  If you’re not looking for a skin but want free stuff then walk to the back of the shop up the stairs and there is a whole load of Lucky Boards and free stuff.  Quite a mix of things from junk yard trash, to traditional costumes, household stuff etc and most you don’t have to be a group member but a couple of the Lucky Boards you do.  I’ve picked up the free Halloween skins which I will do soon because they’re pretty impressive.

pantsI don’t usually check out groups or notices I just click them shut but this one came out while I was bored in SL.  A big sale on at EhR and everything I saw seemed to be reduced to 30Lds.  Lots of men and women’s stuff.  These jogging bottoms came from there, I got another pair in the more saggy ass type.

beachI actually bought more than I can show you because at that price and great quality I got as much as I thought I would find use for.  The jeans and top come from there,  Excellent quality and so cheap it’s made me feel better about spending all my Lindens on the skin.



EhR (Marketplace but DO NOT BUY from here as the sale is only inworld but you can see what is on offer)