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Baggy Bum


ArisAris - baggy capri pants with HUD

So, you know – baggy bums aren’t my “thing” – low crotches either. Howeverrrrr I succumbed and tried these baggy Capri pants from ArisAris and actually – I kinda loved them !

ArisAris Capris

Just so you can see the back view, beautifully made and textured, great creasing and details. I was super happy to see that included in the pack are sizes especially made for the Slink Physique body and also the  Belleza Venus mesh body – my inventory salutes you ! Ohhhh I must tell you about my new shape – its by Strawberry Singh and is called Indira, just 99L to buy, its mod too. Now I’ve tried to make shapes for almost 8 years and I find its not in my skill set ! So I’ve always bought my shapes, this incredibly low price is awesome and I think the face is adorable, its also perfect for mesh clothing.

ArisAris HUD

Whats more, there’s a HUD – indeedy with all sorts of different looks, makes these really really versatile, from beach wear to-night time. Big shout out for my brand new hair from Argrace “nao” – lordy theres a stack of new “do’s”, including a beany hat that I also purchased – btw the sweet little top is from coldLogic, lotsa colours to choose from – BUY it, I promise you wont stop wearing it alllllll summer long!

ArisAris Store

ArisAris market place

ArisAris Blog

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

Strawberry Singh shape

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Freebie and NEW GG for Pumen.

To show off the sheer quality of the New Group Gift skin from PumeC I was going to take a whole load of piccies but as soon as I rezzed my pose cube to take my classic close up I just though “Heck this is lovely” and so I’m just going to show you the 1 shot.

But first the skirt.  A simply lovely floaty Free Group Gift from The Bishes Inc.  A lovely pink floaty skirt so good I’m going to be keeping this. When you rezz at the shop turn to your left and it’s on the table next to the New Releases items.


No photo editing at all, although I have the softest of face lights on which I think I might just keep on a permanent basis as it’s just so soft it’s like Touche Eclait for SL and evens out any skin in some of the harshest SL light settings.  This was a Freebie sent out in a group and is copy so if you’re after a face light which doesn’t flood you or even worse all those around you but just gives your skin that little bit of emphasis drop me a NOTECARD (IMs are seriously capped) and I’ll pop one over to you.

Just because I’m wearing a Face light doesn’t mean this is yet another amazing skin from PumeC and even the ones given out as Group Gifts ARE shop quality but more than that they come with ALL Appliers! and I do mean ALL of them. Sly Puma (otyebis) seems to have her finger on the pulse and if an Applier comes out that is going to be popular then she gets it into her skin packs quicker than any other shop in SL.

Now obviously everyone’s taste in skins and shapes is different and goodness knows over my years in SL I’ve spent a small fortune in skins and then I tried on my first PumeC skin it was instant love and then when I checked out the full priced packages I was Gobsmacked at the affordability.  At that time the Group was free to join and I snagged all of the ones out at that time and Vlada is still one of my most adored skin however the group now isn’t free but at 99lds to join it’s a token cost and Sly puts out regular new skin packs for us but even if you join just to grab the Gifts for 99Lds there are 3 skin packs waiting for you.

As I always now say is that in my photos I am wearing a PumeC skin 97% of the time and so I will put the link to that as well.


The Bishes Inc

My Flickr

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Get shocked!

So I managed to squeeze into SL for a little time and handed to me on a plate or rather posted in a group was the LM to a whole new set of Lucky Boards of old Group Gifts from Luzifee Designs.  You don’t have to be a Group member to be able to grab them so I won this simple knitted dress from a selection of clothes and shoes.  If the LM doesn’t take you to them they’re actually outside on the wall and I will say that in the little time I stood there going through my notes and notices the letters changed often and I also noticed how numbers came up pretty frequently so if you’re SL name starts with a number this is a row of Lucky Boards you might find extra lucky.

As I was grabbing the LM I wandered inside and grabbed the new Group Gift in the main store, a bright red coat/jacket with a thick knitted scarf.  Both are seperates and both look good together or as seperates so worth popping in for that and also the Group is free to join.


I as well as everyone else in a group got a notice about Novembers Gift from Curves and unlike everyone else who TPed straight over to the shop to grab it I logged into Curves Marketplace shop and not only grabbed it but you will see that there is a total of 26 bargain priced skins/shapes/applier packs for both men and women some even as low as 10Lds.

This skin and it looks like the others are the same are priced at a token 20Lds and for that you get a pretty generous package.  Skin/Shape/Appliers and the shock is I’m actually wearing the shape!!!  I’m nearly always glued into either my Anna’s shape or my mesh body so to see me in a shape from someone else is so unusual but I think it actually works!

PS there is also the Winter Fantasy Hunt going on and since that doesn’t end till the 15th plenty of time to grab some goodies.

Curves Marketplace


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Squat with me (Freebie & Cheapie).

Since I flatly refused to go jogging again me and my friend have decided to do the 30 day Squat challenge, we’re only on day 2 so the novelty hasn’t worn off yet (but give it time).


Spotted these mesh joggy pants on one of my failed hunting expedition, you of course may have better luck, in Fe Style.  These only cost 20Lds and tbh I didn’t know they were mesh but at that price I decided to take a chance and happily they are mesh and come in all standard sized.  Only 1 colour a pack but you do have a choice of black, purple, yellow etc all at the same bargain price.  I’ve had the top now for weeks.  A simple mesh top with a strap slightly off the shoulder, I’ve been waiting for ages for the right outfit for this top and these joggers are perfect.  The top can only be got from the Marketplace as well as a couple of other freebies/cheapies.


I know I’m re posting a picture but my excuse is it’s such a damned fine picture showing how good these shapes are (Essence skin).

The top picture is of Anna’s latest slashed priced shape which you can only get at The Designer Circle, the bottom shape was last months which is now over, sorry, but if you really like it make sure you check out her main store but it will be at full price by now.  I have to confess and say that most of my shapes are the discounted price and although Analy does sometimes add an extra shape in usually just have the one shape I have a feeling that her full priced packs contain much more.  I really must check that out.

Sometimes the difference in the shape can be very subtle but Men will not understand this and women will, when shopping for a plain pair of black court shoes a woman will still try on as many as she can find whilst a man shakes his head in bemusement because to him they all look so similar why waste so much time and just buy the first pair but a woman knows that sometimes the smallest thing makes the biggest difference.  You really have to try on her shapes to understand how good they are.  In a perfect AV world these shapes are ideal, small well proportioned, unexaggerated, curvy and yet slim makes me wanna do my squats even more.

The skin is of course mine and as everyone knows I mainly wear Essences skins unless I find a stunning gift/freebie/cheapie to blogg then 90% of my pictures in Flickr are an Anna shape and an Essence skin.

Just remembered the headphones I am wearing are a Freebie from PSHCYO Bytes.  I had gone there to find Psikotik Gothly’s offering for the grotesque Burlesque hunt but I am useless and didn’t find that but more than happy with the bunny headphones and certainly worth popping in for them and also check out her cute kitty poses.

The Designer Circle, Discount Store

Anna’s Mainstore

Fe Style (joggers and hunt items)

The Hellish Diva (white top) Marketplace

PSYCHO Bytes Bunny Headphones

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Bloch Me.

Mr Bloch

Must confess I wasn’t going to blog this skin at first but only because the 4 shades you get go from tanned to very tanned and in SL I prefer to be pale and interesting, but then I literally threw on a few clothes and a wig (didn’t bother with shoes as I’m lazy) and checked out some sales, went through my notices, popped over to Culprit and bought myself the Zebra horse ride and other stuff then when I took a closer look at the skin I felt like B*tch slapping myself.  This is the lightest shade I’m wearing and how freaking pretty is this skin! all of the shades are really lovely.  Now hold onto your socks because you get all of the below included…

shape modify.
– 1 shape modify for Load Mouth.
– 3 skin tones (tone 01, tone 02, tone 03).
– Clevage.
– Applier for Lolas Tango
– Applier for Phat Azz
– Applier for Slink mesh hands
– Applier for Slink mesh feet
– Applier for Loud Mouth

The only thing is there are 4 shades not 3 and  I’m not wearing the shape given, you all know by now I’m addicted to my Anna’s shapes so I don’t know what the shape given  is like but how sweet is this skin and believe it or not ALL of that for only 50Lds!.  Goes without saying that each skin shade comes with it’s own appliers.  Going to assume that you can only get this promo from Mr.Bloch’s marketplace shop and since this is a slashed price and on limited offer I wanted to get this blogged as quickly as poss.

Mr Bloch Marketplace

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Time to prep.

So sorry it looks like it’s going to be  a lean posting week for me and Faith but promise to be back with a bang next week when the RL Sh*t stops hitting the fan.  The worst thing is what little time I’ve managed to mooch around SL all I’ve found is Valentines lefts overs.  Have to say some really nice stuff still out these as Valentines gifts so keep on checking your notices and see whats still available but in all honestly I’m pinked out and I binned everything that had a hint of a heart on it and THEN I got a notice off !Soul of her new venture into skins and I was off like a shot.


I’ve only just blogged Shannon Byron’s latest Group Gift (60Lds to join) and it’s still there and if you remember not only is everything in her shop priced under 100Lds but often you get the full pack ie dress, shoes and bag.  Or jeans, trainers and jumper etc each pack has different items so check it out before you buy.  The opportunity to try out bargain skins from somewhere where I know the texturing is excellent was a perk and I TPed over naked without even bothering to dress (sorry to the person I landed on in the shop) grabbed the demos and then returned for this skin.


Lets talk BOOBIES because keeping to her standards you don’t only get a shade of skin you get 6! from pale to tanned, each also comes with a cleavage skin option AND even more because with each shade you also get Tango Appliers, Lush Appliers and a Phat Azz Applier. A shape is also included which is mod but I am sticking to my own.  The skin I am wearing is the same in both pictures just a different shade and it’s called Aster and this is the 60Lds skin.  Obviously the top is the more Au Natural look and the one underneath with my Lolas on, remember I refuse to wear a Phat Azz it makes me cry.  Demos are available so pop over and try them on but as always try the Optimum Nams Skin and Prim Setting which is what I use in SL 90% of the time.

!Soul Inworld

!Soul Marketplace

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The Whole Deal!

Honestly I’m such a stuck in the mud with my shape and skin choices it’s boring but when I got notice of Mr.Bloch that he has some special offers on for us ladies I had to indulge and WOW he’s included the WHOLE lot of appliers and for only 49Lds!

SkinuseHarmony is the skin’s name and again not only do you get the SLink hands and feet appliers but also Lola Tangos, PhatAzz (not worn as I refuse to have a fat ass!) and Loud Mouth and if that lot doesn’t tempt you  then you get a total of 3 shade and each shade comes with a choice of lippie.  I’ve not had time to pop into the in world shop Mr.Block to see if this is also on offer there but here is the link to his Marketplace where he has this and a couple of more special offers but be QUICK because like all of his shapes/skins etc they’re limited in number.  OH almost forgot there  even more because it comes with 2 mod shapes and one of them is for the Loud Mouth but I’m not wearing the shape give but my Anna shape.

Skin2This is Harmony again but the paler skin option. Ignore the wisps of hair I must remember that as adorable as this Diva hair is it’s not one for close-ups LOL.  Honestly as I was trying this skin out and taking the pictures the SLink Group were chatting away and as usual a lot of people were bemoaning how hard it can be sometimes to match skins and your “extras” so for those who are struggling or like me a bit lazy with the skin matching this is ALL you need.

Mr.Bloch Marketplace Shop