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Foodies delight


The food fair is now over but don’t fret if you missed it, CIRCA has now moved all their deliciousness to the main store . Just walk straight in (if you’re not lured by all the pretties outside!) and head to the right a little way, et voila …I have an array of treats to share with you but there are heaps more on show instore. I love Cherelle’s quality on these pieces, So realistic and charming. You really feel as if you could reach out and pluck a croissant from the plate, or a chocolate (or five!) These plates also offer you a wearable animated edible, how yummmi.

CIRCA - Food Fair !

If you’re into decor, do check out these sets of wall plates, so quaint and shabby chic, I totally adore them and the pink set is already on the wall in my home. Lowww prim and perfect to cheer up your space. Ohhhh you’ll also find some superduper gacha machines scattered about the store, crammed with such sweet items ! Thanks Cherelle ❤


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Who Moi?

Chez Moi new!!

Great news ! Designer & owner of Chez Moi has very kindly handed me some of her pretties to share with you. Above is a new release the stunning  “Maharaja Tent”…its HUGE and FUN to play with. I’ve used it by the water’s edge, but it would sit equally as well in a garden or on a terrace. Beautiful drapes flow from the rafters to hang either end and there is an abundance of scatter cushions to sit on. Brilliant couple and single poses , plusssss more built in poses for the table alone.

Chez Moi new!!

The bamboo plants are also part of the package as are the palm leaves with fruits & candles on. There is also a lamp that hangs from the front, it casts a soft dappled light that’s really relaxing.

Chez Moi Kitchen Chalk Board 10L !

Check out the market place store for some sooper bargains ! I nabbed this little gem for my kitchen, such a sweet shabby chic look to it and low prim, a steal at just 10L.

Chez Moi 10L items !

I also bought this comfy chair with pouffe and a side table that dispenses steamy wearable cups of coffee…yum…great to make a little snug area in your home, you get both pieces for just 10L…the shelf with decor another 10L bargain !

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place store

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Its the little things in life…

Nadeau Shoppe  Antique Hunt - Gardening cupboard

It’s the little things in my SL life that bring so much pleasure…a pretty rug…a lovely jug of flowers, so I’m always looking out for those sort of items to bring into my home. The above piece is by Nadeau Shoppe, it’s the “gardening cupboard” and is their prize in the antiques hunt currently going on. (prizes are just 10L)  Such a warm toned wood gives it a great vintage appeal. The doors open to reveal a watering can, pot & sack , these items are removable, so if you want to save a few prims or use your own gardening gear, it would work. On the top are a selection of decor bits & bobs, such as a trowel, book and tray…beautifully done and I’m still looking for a place for it to sit in my cottage !


I also found this group gift from HMPD…the “old post”, it’s so quaint and shabby ! Lovely details on it and the full version is only 3 prims, there is another version in the box that’s just 1 prim *faint*, I’ve placed my one by the front door and it looks glorious ! Group is free join, and the store and surrounding area is delightfully pretty, I spend ages there just wandering.

Nadeau Shoppe


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Room With A View.

With the 2 very large picture windows and the glass around the door this is a very spacious looking and yet compact in size, price and prims skyhome.

D4I’m using a windlight setting to show off that even the windows have light polka  dots on them.  Lovely atmospheric texturing.

D4 DoorAlthough this is a small skybox with the 2 large picture windows and the glass around the door it seems more spacious.  It’s a Gatcha and OMG only 10Lds!  They actually have a small selection of skyboxes with cute interesting texturing and all not only low primed but also low-priced.  A few at 10, 40, 70 and a choccie skybox for a 100Lds.

D4 BenchThis picture was taken in normal SL light so you can see that even without windlight the colours and texturing are great as so is the amazingly shabby chic Victorian ladder. With its padded cushion and scrap of fabric draped over you wouldn’t expect this to be as low as it is, only 3 prims and 25Lds.  Capriccio is a small shop which is a shame as it has such lovely items for such a good price I’d love more. Special mention to the old-fashioned wash stand, the beams of lights (which I did buy) and the make it yourself poster kit.


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“Persnickety=Fussy about small details” is what one dictionary translates it as which as it happens suits this shop “Persnickity” completely because close up or from a distance these items look great.

Now I have a confession because I’ve had so much stuff from Persnickity in my invent just waiting to be blogged but I’ve not known where to start because basically for garden and home there is everything you need and it’s got everything I like such as attention to details, low prims and low price.  I’ve got everything from a Victorian love sofa, blender, plastic laundry basket that’s so realistic it’s a shock and the best ever sim stuffers.

To me “sim Stuffers” are those plants that have amazing depth to them even though they’re seriously low primmed. When trying to work out how to show you this I decided just to do a few close-ups so you can see the amazing texturing.

HasselA 2 primmed rose bush.  Close up and the next one is in full.

Hassel14Not only is it one of the best low primmed plants I’ve found but it’s only 35Lds! 2 Prims and copy! Lots of her items are copy but not all.  Hassel 8Vivid colours, great depth and so pretty.

Hassel 7All of these photos were taken with the same settings (nams) which is very similar to midday if you don’t use Windlight.

Snapshot_058Plenty of grasses, bushes, trees from the more realistic to the vivid. A thick wall climbing ivy for only 3 Prims.

Hassel6Bubble hearts so cute and still only a single prim.


I’ve not even started on the home furnishings but the lovely dressing table and chair are a prime example. Shabby Chicness galore.  Kitchen wares, beds, baskets, Cabbage rose textiles,  living room sets all with that Shabby Chic charmingness.

Tor Scifi Rezzable

Sorry last photo I promise but this is 2 of the 6 prim beech woods together and nestled in the middle is Faiths tent inc her washing line.  I also had a fiddle with Windlight but it was mainly to show how even if you have the smallest of plots or the biggest of sims you can use her excellent low primmed garden items to pack it out.  Every time I pop back here I find new stuff.  She has the best fat leaves Hosta plants out and now I’ve noticed in the back area she has a Rezzer so now if you need a home to place all your items in and in keeping the with Cottagy theme you can find it all here.

She has so much up on the Marketplace but make sure to pop inworld as well because you can hop on an egg and go for her Egg Hunt.  Hidden are 5 Big Fat Gold covered eggs with fun free stuff.

Persnickity Marketplace


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Homes For The Homeless

HouseSome big changes are happening to the place where I live in SL  which means I’ve having to do some serious packing up of stuff.  Included in all of this stuff was my studio so I rezzed one of my many sky homes and as I was taking some, very poor photos of my new skin, I realized how pretty the sky home was.  So I gave up trying to take a decent skin picture and dragged on some clothes and TPed to where I got it from and it’s gone.  What I did find was a charming well stocked cafe, great for anyone needing a place for photos or a meeting place but also this.

House1Now I have to confess that in RL I’m running around like a headless chicken but I so wanted to get these posted that I’ve sorta mixed and matched the 3 homes and I’m a bit short on the actual prim count but each is well under 50Prims.

House111This is the second land house and it again has some lovely details from the outside decking to the net curtain.

House3Thats me stood in the corner.  I like to put myself in the pictures sometimes so people can get a scale of the item and you can see that this is a good size.  Plenty of indoor space with decking outside.  Open and airy perfect for the beach.

House 11Just found this one of it taken from outside, sorry it’s a bad photo but at least you again with the help of my AV can see you get a lot of house for your money.


This is a sky home and it’s so low primmed you will be able to indulge in that home in the sky.


Even though this is intended for the sky and has no doors they haven’t stinted on the windows so have it low enough and have fun with your Windlight and even though your in the sky you will be able to look out on some lovely sky.

Apart from the skyhome each comes with open and breezy doors and plenty of decking, shabby chic wall paper, net cutains, sun bleached wood, exposed brickwork.  Price wise at 50Lds each for the land homes and a mere 25lds for the sky be like me and grab the lot of them.  LM takes you to the lovely cafe and you can see these on the wall but even better you can then TP to the demo area to check them out before you buy them.

Next post will be of not only the fabulous skin but the other goodies I managed to score.  All I need is for RL to calm down.


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Big, Medium or Small

I’m having a serious invent clean out and came across this beauty.


It’s not that  forgot this because it’s attention to detail from the open windows to the hanging light inside, the 2 doors and the fact that this is an unbelievable 3 prims meant that it will fit anywhere and for those prims for any prim allowance you may have to work with.

Black 1

Great texturing and with spring around the corner we can all dream of owning a little greenhouse like this. However when I say “little” I really mean it.

Black 11

It’s tiny.  One false step and I could crush it with my heels. Small but perfectly formed.  I’ve had this standing in various homes over the years  as a low primmed, fun item.  The tiny greenhouse comes from LUXus which is a strange shop because half of it is cool contemporary, red, black, Swedish, minimalistic, chrome etc etc sort of furniture and then you wander into the countrified courtyard section.  Here you will find painted pails, raised vegetable beds, potting benches, fountains, bistro table sets and even , click the link to see what they ares doilies! 

Black 111

This is the  medium-sized greenhouse and when I move home, which sadly is going to be sooner rather than later, this  is going to be going with me.  It comes from (AP) Apple Fall, which we have blogged before and will blog again(and again and again) as long as he, Apple Fall, keeps on coming up with simple, elegant, easy on the eye, prim and pocket items.  This cost me 350Lds but I know from experience that it will be a long time till this is bettered so I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.  22Prims as well.  (AF) has a marketplace but you have to see the items in person to appreciate the work and make sure to check out the skyhomes.

Black 1111

I have actually placed one greenhouse inside of another.  This is the view from the medium one because again with the extra prims this one has more details such as the handles on the windows and since this was set out at Xmas what you can’t see is a cute bunch of mistletoe which I don’t know if it has a pose in it because I have no one to kiss!! Oh Woe Is me.

Black 11111

Just to show you the “large”. I’m not blogging this as it’s more a blast from the past and I can see that the creator has moved onto much bigger and better things. I remember it being state of the art in it’s time but with the brilliant creators coming into SL sadly/happily things like this will be trashed but maybe with some happy memories involved.


(AF) Apple Falls.

(AF) Marketplace