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My Gypsy Soul

Chez Moi Gypsy Soul NEW!

A new round of Tres Chic has begun and this rounds theme is “bohemian” . Chez Moi has quite a few pieces up for grabs, this is the “Gypsy soul shed”, shed?! no no no, its wayyy prettier than a shed! More of a summer-house, with a beautiful couch which has a guitar and suitcase underneath. Loads of single and couple poses thrown in (some sweet kissy ones!)

Chez Moi NEW

As you can see on closer inspection the fabrics used for the scatter cushions and curtains is superb and über pretty. Theres even little flower filled window boxes .

Chez Moi Gypsy Soul NEW!!

Also the “Gypsy box set” which matches the shed perfectly. Again heaps of poses and the box seat also has a menu for colour change. I believe both are out on display, so go have a play with them.


Tres Chic

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Summer Living

Ete Summer Cabin @ collabor88 $88L NEW!

A fresh new round of collabor88 has begun – and yet again I’m knockin on the door and can’t get in ! No worries though because I can share the build from Scarlet Creative with you ! This is the Ete Summer Cabin, it comes in at a tiny 34Li, and has such sweet design details. Snap one up for only $88L, yes that’s right – $88L ! It looks like a summer cabin that has aged, one that’s been loved for many generations and years. As I stood in the doorway and looked at the floorboards, I could almost imagine the laughter and smell of sunshine that must have touched this little space over time. Very nostalgic indeed. Looks like some renovation might be happening with a few boards leaning up at the front.

Scarlet Creative @ collabor88 Ete Summer Cabin

Hanging each side of the opening are antique lace drapes, so delicate and sunworn, the floorboards are worn and soft, the windows and panelling might need a lick of paint at some point, absolutely delightful build. Is a versatile wee thing, stuff it full of old couches and chairs, perhaps set up some candles and make it a romantic space…so many uses. Thanks Charlotte ❤


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The Great Outdoors

Chez Moi - coldLogic - Clawtooth NEW

I got all inspired by the glorious weather we had today and set up this new set from Chez Moi outside. All the decor is from the new range “Alpine bedroom”, you can buy the whole set or individual pieces, whatever you fancy, prices start as little as $60L. I’m wearing the brand new “booth” halter top from coldLogic, comes in an array of beautiful gem colours. Halter front and bared back – soooo sensual. My shorts are also coldLogic, from last year I think and a real favourite of mine, called “kloss”. Hair is from the new round of The Arcade by Clawtooth, such a lovely style, the floral headband is optional. The snoozy kittycat is part of the Chez Moi set, isn’t he dead cute? Behind me you can just make out the desk from Chez Moi, its fantastic ! Some truly lovely animations, anything from perfume spraying, moisturising, writing, coffee etc .

CHez Moi detail

A closer look so you can see the exquisite detailing, peeling paintwork gives it a real shabby feel. The seat pad also has texture change, so you can fit it in with your colour scheme.

Info: >> SECRETARY DESK: Delicately decorated, this desk has 10 animations.

♥ Texture-change options: The chair has 12 textures to choose.
♥ Props: magazine, newspaper, coffee, enamel, lipstick, lotion, perfume and more.

Chez Moi NEW

Absolutely love the mirror ! Its got heaps of poses for primping , hair brushing etc. All of the collection is really low Li, so if you want the whole look, go for it ! Info:

> MIRROR: This multi poses mirror has 5 animations.

♥ Texture-change options: 7 wood options to choose.
♥ Props: comb, hair dryer, mascarra and more.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Chez Moi new!

Here’s the bed – ohlala, lots of animations for singles and couples, I adore the textures loaded, great choice for ultimate flexibility. Everything is set up at the main store and for further info its all listed on the marketplace too. Info:>> BED: The bed has 130 animations as romantic as exciting.

♥ Makeout, kisses, massage and relaxation.

♥ 16 individual poses (8 poses, each place)

♥ 6 sleeping poses (3 poses, each place)
♥ 20 couple poses (20 x 2)
♥ 4 naughty poses (4 x 2)
♥ 30 super exciting sex poses (30 x 2)
♥ Props: laptop, cat and coffee.

♥ Texture-change options: 7 combinations to choose.

Chez Moi - Clawtooth - coldLogic

There is  a lot more to this set than I had time to show, the Ottoman is especially cute – go have a play and experience it for yourself !

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

The Arcade

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Odds n Sods (some free, some cheap, some unique)

I’ve so much to do I just don’t know what to do and that even includes SL so as I was stood there trying to mind as to what to do I though “sod it just chuck a few odds n sods together” so here they are.


As I said I would I popped back to League and ended up treating myself to a couple of items.  From the close up you can see how great these Sheepskins gloves are.  They come with or without the pom poms and of course they’re mesh.  You do have a choice of colours and not to bad at only 95Lds a pair.


There are not many shops in SL that I would buy non mesh items from, in fact Sn@tch is the only one but I’m really impressed with not only the quality but the range.  Everything from mini skirts to some simply beautiful blouses.  Since for non mesh items there aren’t demos available I can only tell you that from the pictures in the shop the blending of system layers and sculpted layers looks impeccable.  So if you need clothes to layer under mesh or still prefer your SL mesh free then this is a great shop.  I treated myself to these gartered socks at 115 as I thought they look great with my shorts.

PS remember this is where I got the really nice neck scarf and those mittens are mesh but again for non mesh heads there’s a great pair of rainbow stripy ones.


I also picked up this simple top, 60Lds,  again for layering but I love how the texturing gives you an added oomph to the boobies.


Then I popped over to Kusshons to grab some of the new goodies.  This cute snowman is a freebie and at 4 prims a low prim freebie.  Check out the box because you also get a snow rezzer which I didn’t try as I have my own snow rezzing away but that’s a nice little addition.


The teapot is also from Kussions and although it’s not free at 10Lds that’s just a token price, called “ugly Christmas pot” and I take offence because today I took a little break from work and went into the garden to harvest some fir branches and ivy and I’ve been stuffing them into….damn yes teapots and jugs and I think they look adorable just like this one, although the broken bauble is a little sad for sure.  There is another 10Ld item which is a pile of book seat which has some nice poses in it and the Freebie that Faith has just blogged of a little pile of logs waiting to be lit which has some fun poses in it.

Check out the “toaster” cover behind the teapot, this is a Group Gift (free to join) from Irrie’s Dollhouse You get 2 in the pack and these with an old popcorn tin are waiting to be picked up.  If you’re into a bit of hunting then there is a hunt item from the Megastuff hunt also waiting to be found and I found it but I’ve run out of time to show you that I’ll let it be a surprise for you.

Sadly although Irrie’s Dollshouse is a big shop it’s not massively packed which is a shame as she has some great retro items, I’m particularly tempted by the almost doll-like stove/oven but OMG there is a babies high chair here which is so freaking adorable! Retro with an interactive menu for adult and child to use, oodles of poses and food but there is a notice board there with much more info than I can give right now.  I’m not into SL babies and children but I’d simply love this in my home for its retro look alone.  Maybe I should get it and stuff a Teddy Bear in it?



Irrie’s Dollhouse

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I remember a while ago drooling over a very shabby chic greenhouse/sun room which was a cobbled together collection of wood, textures, door etc and looked wonderful however the price tag and the prim count was not that attractive so when I found this low primmed low priced beauty I was so pleased.


At 31 prims, that includes the hanging basket/tool box you can just make out.  Comes set on a concrete slab.  As you can see the ceiling window opens but so does one of the windows on the side, love the sliding door.


A sample of the tatty texturing. This is looking out the front door from inside….insideedew…and this is the other wall which as you can see is mainly windows.  A faux cupboard as well, not shown as I’ve lost that picture.  Even though the whole roof and almost one side of a wall and it also has 2 windows this still remains a cosy and private little hideaway.  I usually like to position myself in at least 1 picture so people can gauge the size but that’s the picutre I’ve lost but it is a decent size small enough for a tiny plot of land and big enough to take a whole load of comfy chairs, books and plants.  31 Prims and an even measlier price tag of only 75Lds!!!

The first LM should take you to her, Lindini2 Lane, shop and you have an excellent selection of beach houses, small mansions, shops etc all not only with great texturing but styling and also pricing I had actually bought myself 2 items from here but I’ve not had time to even rezz the shop I’ve bought but I’m so looking forward to seeing it when I do.

There is a LM board for the demo area but I’ve also added that LM as well so you can wander around and really see for yourself the quality.

L2 Studio’s Shop

Demo Platform

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Shabby Chic Hunt (Freebies)

Shabby Chic Hunt - Arcana desk & chair - multiple desk scenes & options FREE!

I had a little something dropped on me the other day from Arcana , opened it up and was delighted to find this gorgeous desk set inside. Im usually pretty on the spot with hunts but the shabby chic hunt had totally gone over my head, and this desk set is the gift from Arcana ! Zan blogged another version of this some time ago, but I have to say this one with its peeling wood and pink striped chair is just sooper pretty. Low prims and beautiful and FREE, whats not to like. As you might remember the desk rezzes “scenes”, what’s even more fabbo is that once the little bits & pieces on the desk are in place, touch them and you can customise them. The chair is quite literally heaving with poses, seriously !

Shabby Chic Hunt - Aracan decor desk scenes detail

Here’s a few of the desk top scenes, dead sweet and also wont eat up your prim budget yay!

Shabby Chic Hunt - The mustard seed gifts

Once I was aware of the hunt, a quick Google and I headed off to find more treasure . Mustard Seed has a box stuffed with treats. “I love France” is the name of the set, I especially loved the vase of flowers, but the whole set is well put together . Just the perfect set of items to really glam-a-fy (is that a word?!) your space.

Shabby Chic Hunt - FREE!

Mouse Rabbit is offering this darling little dress as their gift – its quaint and cute, one I will be keeping for sure. The dresser is an incredible find, just 3 prims all in (including the plates), its made by Cog & Fleur a new-to-me store, that I shall return too once I have time to mooch around.

Shabby Chic Hunt FREE !

Whilst I was in mustard seed, I couldn’t help but buy this wee pooch & watering can, its only 3 prims , and welllll….it just sorta popped into my hand – honest. The beautiful tree in the planter is from Fi’s Creations, it also sends out a couple of the sweetest butterflies that float around.

Floating Barrell home FREE!

If my background homes have caught your attention, they are something I blogged hmmm….about 3 years ago I think. They are by The Weka Steam Co. and are absolutely free, you pay 1 Linden but that gets refunded to you straight away. I found these during an inventory shuffle and got them out – they really are so well made. The doors open, and the window detailing is superb.

Barrell home for land - FREE!

There are a few different wood colours to choose from (or get them all) and also one that’s for use on the land as above. Unique and slightly quirky, quality always stands the test of time.

The Shabby Chic Hunt blog (all landmarks, url’s and gift info here)


mustard seed

Fi’s Creations

Cog & Fleur

The Weka Steam Co.


Cart Sale & added freeness

la petite morte. iris shape - la petite morte mesh jeans & top for The Wash cart sale -  BananaN room dividers 1 prim FREE!

Oh yeah, it’s that time again, the cart sale at The Wash is almost upon us! Just to make sure you note it in your diaries, here’s a little teaser from la petite morte.  I’m wearing the iris shape, mesh jeans anddddd striped orange tee and clarity yellow eyes, all from la petite morte. (HA! I just noticed I’ve got wonky-mad eyes in the photo – oh well !) Nothing is over 10L at the sale…so these are incredible savings ! The room dividers behind me are actually a market place freebie – set of four colours and pretty unbeatable at just 1 prim per screen huh?! By BananaN, more about the inworld store later !

la petite morte. clarity eyes-yellow - la petite morte. iris shape & iris t2 skin - The Wash cart sale

This is the skin by  la petite morte, iris t2, it’s a peachy skin tone and sooper sweet.Very pouty kissable lips. Amazingly this is also out for the cart sale *faint*….Cart Sale starts on the 4th September and runs until the 25th, don’t forget !

The Wash Cart Sale (not until the 4th!)

BananaN room dividers