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Shabby Chic Hunt (Freebies)

Shabby Chic Hunt - Arcana desk & chair - multiple desk scenes & options FREE!

I had a little something dropped on me the other day from Arcana , opened it up and was delighted to find this gorgeous desk set inside. Im usually pretty on the spot with hunts but the shabby chic hunt had totally gone over my head, and this desk set is the gift from Arcana ! Zan blogged another version of this some time ago, but I have to say this one with its peeling wood and pink striped chair is just sooper pretty. Low prims and beautiful and FREE, whats not to like. As you might remember the desk rezzes “scenes”, what’s even more fabbo is that once the little bits & pieces on the desk are in place, touch them and you can customise them. The chair is quite literally heaving with poses, seriously !

Shabby Chic Hunt - Aracan decor desk scenes detail

Here’s a few of the desk top scenes, dead sweet and also wont eat up your prim budget yay!

Shabby Chic Hunt - The mustard seed gifts

Once I was aware of the hunt, a quick Google and I headed off to find more treasure . Mustard Seed has a box stuffed with treats. “I love France” is the name of the set, I especially loved the vase of flowers, but the whole set is well put together . Just the perfect set of items to really glam-a-fy (is that a word?!) your space.

Shabby Chic Hunt - FREE!

Mouse Rabbit is offering this darling little dress as their gift – its quaint and cute, one I will be keeping for sure. The dresser is an incredible find, just 3 prims all in (including the plates), its made by Cog & Fleur a new-to-me store, that I shall return too once I have time to mooch around.

Shabby Chic Hunt FREE !

Whilst I was in mustard seed, I couldn’t help but buy this wee pooch & watering can, its only 3 prims , and welllll….it just sorta popped into my hand – honest. The beautiful tree in the planter is from Fi’s Creations, it also sends out a couple of the sweetest butterflies that float around.

Floating Barrell home FREE!

If my background homes have caught your attention, they are something I blogged hmmm….about 3 years ago I think. They are by The Weka Steam Co. and are absolutely free, you pay 1 Linden but that gets refunded to you straight away. I found these during an inventory shuffle and got them out – they really are so well made. The doors open, and the window detailing is superb.

Barrell home for land - FREE!

There are a few different wood colours to choose from (or get them all) and also one that’s for use on the land as above. Unique and slightly quirky, quality always stands the test of time.

The Shabby Chic Hunt blog (all landmarks, url’s and gift info here)


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