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I couldnt wait…

…to get back and explore a store that Steve blogged earlier this week..called SG and it’s crammed full of goodies…even better news is…its ALL 10L ! Yus indeedy…dresses,separates,shoes, and more..I trolled over there ASAP and tucked away a little stash to show you. There was a lot of jackets…hard to choose what to show off to be honest..but I totally loved this jacket called “Tokyo”, great details and furrrriness! Lotsa colours available…and at 10L it wont break the bank..

Snapped up this sweater & scarf combo, also 10L..a few shades to choose from..I got it in PINK tones naturally(its called cherry but it’s SO pink !)

Amazingly there were also a few group gifts, the group is free to join…thought this sweet capped sleeve dress was so adorbs…teamed it up with an old croire pendant which I can’t recall when I bought sowwy!

Plussss I couldn’t resist this valentine lingerie set…also out as a group gift hurrah! Pop over to the store when you have a chance..steal deals especially after the Christmas drain on your lindens…Dont forget Guys…theres plenty there for you also !

All clothing (apart from the leather pants which are GizzA) : SG

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-SG- So Good

I’ve been looking through the marketplace again and came across a  store I hadn’t heard of in a long while -SG-. I don’t think I’d been in SL all that long when I first visited them and I’ve always liked their gear so I was very happy to see that everything they have on the marketplace is only L$10!

Above is their Tokyo coat in black and white which is absolutely gorgeous. I love the leather texture and the white fur around the cuffs and collar (all of white fit perfectly by the way). This coat also includes the white tanktop I’m wearing underneath and also comes with cuffs for a short sleeve look but I liked the way the fur hung over my hands so I stuck with the long version.

I was loving the look of their coats so I grabbed the Dublin coat in beige while I was there. It’s another great looking jacket with furry trim and the belt around the middle looks super as well. I did have to tint the cuffs and bottom of the coat a little bit to match the colour perfectly but it wasn’t too much off really.

-SG- also have this brilliant and warm Stockholm Sweater. Check out the texture on that, it looks so thick, you can tell you won’t feel the cold wearing this. It features wonderfully fitting collar and cuffs and also comes on multiple layers.

There is a feast of items available in the -SG- marketplace store for both guys and girls and like I said, they are all L$10. You definitely should click on over to it and grab some awesomeness from the comfort of your own home.

Get the gear here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/21169


Snuffle Duffle and cute boots

Sweetest goodbye & SF Designs gifts

Steve told me about the SF Design duffle coat thats out for this months gift, versions for guys & girls ! Its sooper snuggly, all parts have a resize or not option, it’s truly awesome, thank you swaffette Firefly ! I’m wearin it with these jolly little boots I found whilst mooching about Sweetest Goodbye , they are verrrrry well hidden but so worth the hunt! Both items are FREE !

SF designs red duffle 0L

Go get the look : SF Designs      Sweetest Goodbye