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I have Spicy Secret’s and they’re all FREE for you.

I have to confess at first I wasn’t going to even try the dress which would have been such a shame, a classic SL shape but the texturing and colours are excellent.  You get a choice of 5 colours and I have to admit this blue one is deffo my fav.  Not only 5 colours but each colour comes in ALL the mesh bod fits plus “standard classic” and an Alpha layer so basically a fit for everyone.

From what I could see, I can’t go back in to have a proper look, this is mainly a sexy undies shop.  I have had a look at the MP shop and the prices are pretty darn reasonable and lots.  Since there doesn’t seem to be any freebies on the MP shop I’m just going to put the inworld shop LM.


Again from what I can remember there is a wall of about 6 gifts not all are for the Spicy Secret groups but all the groups are free to join.  I’ve got this bra n panties set in a much zingier red/green combo which is so good.  There is also a beige undies set which is really handy.


Another classic SL design and normally I wouldn’t even try this but I learned my lesson from the dress and popped it on esp as Valentines is the next big event for a lot of people.  The only thing with this little number is that you only get 2 fits and one is for Maitreya and the other is fitted but sadly neither “fitted” my mesh bod and I had break through on the boobies.  Obviously, I could either edit my bod or take it off completely if I really wanted it to fit but as always my body/face shape is unique to me so don’t let that put you off.

Spicy Secrets