Sugar and spice and all things nice


*happy sigh* Elemiah Design has a couple of new releases , and I’m a lucky girly because I get to show you! (thank you Elemiah Choche) Above is the simply divine dress named “Sugar”,and just as its name tag suggests it is super sweet. Three tones to choose from, but I’m adoring this jade green & buttercup yellow version very much ! Soft big bows curl around your thighs, with one bow saved to adorn the beautifully detailed bust area, which leaves your shoulders bare for a more sensual look…for just 40L its a couture steal…

Also hot off the press is “Kati”, a  dreamy concoction in delicate purples,pinks & blues. Such a pretty shaped bottom on the skirt, it always looks to be in motion around you, the capped sleeves are sheer (as is the skirt) and give it such a delicate appeal. Perfect for a late spring wedding or party…all yours for 200L.

Head over to the store today and take a long stroll around, and yes even wander outside – you can find some amazing offers along the walk ways !

Go get couture: Elemiah Design


Get in the pink

My my my Talena Carissa @ Pink Label has been sooper busy with her new Spring collection and I’ve got allll the goodies to show you! (thanks Talena)  This is the new group gift for members (small group join fee applies) Gorjuss leather lowrise pants and  a sweet little plaid shirt, love it! Go visit the members room, there’s heaps for you to take as gifts once you’re all joined up yay!

Pink Label gina sandals,leather lowrise & black stars top

I’m showing the Leather low rise pants (25L) & Black Stars ruffle top (25L), along with the Gina sandals (50L-gawd sooo many options on these its MAD!)). The leather pants come in a multitude of colours,great cuffs and ever so lowwww ! The simple short top comes with two sizes of ruffles to suit your bust size. Choose your look and mixymatchy it alll up! I so much prefer to make my own style than be limited to whats-in-the-box, don’t you?

Pink Label Lena wedges & Spring plaid bikini

Above I’m lounging around in the Spring plaid bikini which is only 10L,  and the absolutely adorable Lena wedge shoes a total steal for 49L..Talena has a new HUD system for her shoes, which brings her shoes into the big league ..all of the shoes at Pink Label are such good value for great quality…one thing I must stress though…to ensure a great fit and perfect skin match…READ the note in the box. Im sooo guilty of not reading instructions ! If you follow the notecard, you will get fantastic shoes. I use the simple dimple RGB method that these shoes allow you to do…easy!

Last look for today from Pink Label is the summery boho skirt,it comes in a set with a ruffly cropped top (45L), but you can also pick up alternative shirts that go with it too…I picked out the gorgeous criss cross top just 25L, it has  a really lovely gentle sheen to it and great creasing for that realistic look. The skirt comes with the donut belt, perfect tones for the sunnier days. Of courrrse I had to wear the lana wedges again..I just adore these and at 49L they wont break your SL piggy bank.

Go slip into spring: Pink Label


The Cat’s Meow…

Aqua: Cat's Meow - hunt gift

Sooooo I got a super faaaabulous tip from the lovely Zan….10L sale at Aqua! Obviously the second I saw that I hoped in a cab and headed right over there!  Before I even searched for the sale items…I spotted an Easter egg hunt sign!! Oh boyyy I can’t resist hunts…so there I went searching for every single possible egg I could find in that store!  Some were reeeeally well blended in…but alas! I found em!! hehe There are 8 eggs in total for women and 8 eggs for men.  If you find them all, they make a complete outfit! Yeeeeee so this is the lovely outfit for our smexy ladies and kittens out there….It’s called the Cat’s Meow, and has a fabulous tiger print!  The arm and leg warmers are such adorable details, and there’s also a longer tank top…butttt I obviously prefer the bikini top! Head on over there and snatch up all those eggs!!!

Aqua: Daring Deirdra - 10L

After I felt completely satisfied in finding my eggs, I stepped on over to the 10L items!  They’re located right by the MM boards in the back.  This Daring Deirdra dress comes in 6 colors, but I just love the silvery mercury color.  It’s uber sexy and the detailing of the texture really hugs your torso.  Only 10L? Amazing!

Aqua: Eversong - Silver Glitter/Pink - 10L

This next evening gown is also only 10L!  Looow deep cut on the torso gives you that obvious opportunity to flaunt what you’ve got ladies! Long sleeves and an a-line skirt gives you just that right amount of elegance for a night out with that special someone.  The diamond detailing under the bust just adds to the sultry look…love it!

Aqua: Swan's Song - 10L

And finally….the Swans song!  This dress gives you a long and short option…for only 10L!  My favorite accent of the outfit is the black feather boa, so even though the dress is super short….the boa covers your shoulder to add a modest touch!  You also have the option of long and short gloves…..as you can tell, I’m a BIG fan of options with outfits!  Who doesn’t want to mix n match?!

Anywayy….head on over to Aqua and scoop up your hunt outfit and these great deals!  ALSO…don’t forget to take a look around the rest of the shop.  There’s also an Easter sale going on….25L for ALL single items.  I snooped around and found looooads of things but I just don’t have enough space to show you all piccies!  hehe Enjoy!

Dive on in: Aqua

*Credits: Hair by Truth | Skin by Lara Hurley Skin | Shoes (in Cat’s Meow outfit) by :::LiNe:::


Poised has Poisies

Poised Tribal

I’m just dancing arounddd in the sunbeams…cause Poised has new stuffage hooray! It’s a limited offer for four complete looks…or buy each seperately..above is the “Tribal” which I’m getting some serious summer vibes from. The cool crisp white pants are just gorgeous, I wore them all day yesterday! The top is cropped short with a hippy chick fringe around your midriff.

Poised Supermodel

The next look is more urban..sleek tight black pants, lowwww slung..black bra under a tight silver cut off tee…very chique!

Poised Pinup

I loved this frock…cheeky double layered skirt with a high waist, teamed with a polka dot bustier. Classic grey & black shades means its great for day or evening…

Poised Vogue

Last one up is called Vogue…sassy tiny white skirt matched up with a plunging v neckline top..

The reallllly awesome thing about these? They can all be split up, mix & matched…If you have the pack of all four outfits (a great bargain at just 500L) you’ve got your wardrobe sorted..change around the tops , the pants, the skirts…voila! You can also buy each out on its own for a mere 150L …

psssst Dont forget there is currently an Easter Egg hunt going on at the Poised mall…lots of the creators have items out for you to find !

Go get posies : Poised

Credits: Hair by Truth, all poses by Diesel works,bracelet by Dahlinks,Easter necklace 1L HERE


Hello Cocolita

Bubblez Cocolita Outfit 199L

Even in my Secondlife I do like to undress seductively..Im not a one-click-and-its-off kinda gal. I like to peel off layers, wear lingerie under my clothes…and wear heels to bed *winks*…So milo Bubble has come up with a way to help me ! The new Cocolita outfit is a dress…and lingerie..worn with the ckeeky little skirt its a sweet butter wouldn’t melt dress..peel awayyyyy the skirt and you’ve got some seriously smexy..lingerie..

Bubblez Cocolita Outfit 199L

Isnt that clever girlies? It also comes with some strappy bound gloves and a lacy headband…as always..its all in the details ! (choker by Ganked, it’s not part of the outfit!) Thank you milo *squidges*

Go get Bubbly: Bubblez


(Workin’) at the car wash (yeah!)


SD Wears: Summer Adios - 50L

Ooooo could I be more excited?! Car Wash is having another sidewalk sale!  From April 1st through April 15th, designers from all over Car Wash have featured select items in carts outside their shops, all at discounted prices!!  ::squees::  I was thrilled to hear this so I had to head on over, and I sure was not disappointed!!  SD Wears has this smexy lil number out, Summer Adios.  It clings to every curve of your body and the detailing is just to die for!  Luuurve the color too! And….only 50L! 😀


Unique Clothing: Joy blue - 50L

Why is it that I immediately spot the adorable lil dresses?? I’m just drawn to them I guess…hehehe  Well Unique Clothing has a few awesome dresses in their cart, one of which is this lil white and blue number called Joy.  And boyyy does it bring me joy!  The plunging neckline barely covers your bust, and the ruching along the torso of the dress adds SUCH great detail….only 50L!!!

OuTRage!: Miranda, black suede - 50L

Aaaand yet another smexy lil dress….OuTRage! has some fabulous pieces out, including Miranda, which is in black suede….and again only 50L!  I looove the texturing, really gives you the feeling of actually wearing pixel suede! hehe  The tie around the waist is an awesome added detail, and also has a prim tie that drapes down your back!  Perfect for a night out!

Fierce: Easter Bunny Suit - 10L

Lastly….and PERFECT since Easter is just around the corner…I stumbled across the Fierce Designs cart featuring a smexyyy Easter Bunny Suit!  It comes in a total of 6 colors, but I went straight to this spring green.  The detailing of the fluffy white tail and ears add the cute factor, while the skin tight bodice and bow tie/cuffs give it a very sexy feel….best pick it up now!  Only 10L each!! What an awesome bargain!!!

Be sure to walk around and check out the rest of the carts! These were only a select few items that I picked up!  hehe

Taxi to….. Car Wash



::VMC:: newness!

VMC Pretty Mini Dress RED

Oh lala I can show you the newww release from ::VMC:: ! It’s sizzzzly hawt, clingy and has great details. From its hip belt to the body buckle..verrrrry low at the back…delicious! There are five colours to choose from, I’m showing red here…below..

Pretty Mini Dress Purple

..I’m wearing the purple version…can you believe these are just 20L??!! All five can be yours for just 100L oot oot! Check out the rest of the store while you’re there, plenty to see and snap up some amazing bargains …thanks Victory Modan for allowing me to blog the prettiness!

Go get dressed:    ::VMC::