Play around !

Weeeeeeee Poised has newness and its bright, sparkly & sizzzzly hawt. The new “Play” dress is kinda sporty lookin with its seamed detail..reminds me of those tennis dresses at Wimbledon …saucily short,racer back style and edible colours…Im wearing the Lime version above..

There are five juicy lucy colours..of course I’m gonna show you the PINK one …fat pack of all five for 500L or each 150L..grab the fatpack for those super savings. (thank you Poise xx)

And just to add a lil more spice to your Friday…heres another new release from CandyMetal..”Chispita” a complete outfit, you get the fab jeans,deeep V yellow shirt anddd the prim vest..(thank you Emychan xxx)

Hit the stores girls…its a great Friday to shop !

Go get juicy: Poised    CandyMetal


Your Alter Ego

I went over to AlterEgo yesterday to help move a MM board along (I’m nice that way) and I noticed a whole heap of goodies on the desk Id never seen before! Ever the intrepid gift hunter I grabbed them up and shuffled off back to the studio..above Im showing the aptly called “almost nakkie” set..lovely cowl necked shirt and teeny weeny skirt

I thought the box marked “dale” might be a guys gifty but it wasnt hooray! It’s this lully black dress with various coloured shirt inserts..

Absolutely adored this ladies group gift..short short short dress, comes with boots also ! racey fishnets add an edgier appeal to this rather saucy little outfit..

Last up, but by no means the last gift that was there (and guys there are items for YOU !) is this group gift,jeans & tube top,effortlessly casual but oh so stylish…go snoop around the store..collect your pressie and have a gander at all the deliciousness instore..

Go find your alter ego : AlterEgo


Les Petits Details

Every once-in-a-while I get this urge..for zesty fresh bright bright colours..Les Petits Details fed that hunger verrrry nicely today with this sooper group gift called “Marilla”. Purple and rich black stripey bodice over a zingy green skirt..add in layers of fishnet…et voila! Nice belt detail also…I tossed on some ripped net stockings and my newwww hair frippery by hate me eat me (heaps of colours-hmaem – windy – green)Gorjusss…Go join and wander…this item is in the notices for you to collect as the May group gifty…

Go get coloured: LPD      hair piece: hate me eat me


Bubblez with a little grog

Bubblez & hate me eat me

I’ve been feeling really *weddingy* this week..as England gets into a frenzy of Wills & Kate…I just had to wear this hat.called grog…its by “hate me eat me” and can also be worn as hair (as I am above) Such a unique item, comes without the petals also, but I don’t think a girl can ever have enough flowers . Absolutely squillions of shades available..grab it up for just 200L per shade (you get both versions in one box)

The earthy spring dress “meko” I’m showing is by Bubblez..and its the new luckyboard item..easy hip wrap fits snugly around you..with a revealing V neckline..all set off with cuter-than-cute fresh daisy at the cross section of the halter top..perfect…thank you riri bazar & milo bubble *squidge*

Go get dressed: Bubblez     hate me eat me

Credit: pose by hate me eat me (poses priced from 2-25L)


Start your weekend right

Summer dress Lyly 0L

I always like to start my weekend with a pretty dress…Ruxy’s design has the Lyly as a gift currently yay! It’s a faded lilac shade and can be worn with the floaty skirt as I have above or a snug fitting prim skirt.

summer mini dress pink 0L

oh la la I also found this sassy little dress whilst I was mooching around, the summer mini comes in a rich dark pink, beautifully textured. The bracelet I’m wearing is actually from the Lyly dress, very lush .

Go get summery: Ruxy’s design

Credits: hair by lelutka subscribo gift , all poses by hate me eat me,jewelery in first pic by MIAO


85% Off Sale is Sweeter Than Candy

STC Lena Taupe 18L

*squeal* ohmaiiii Sweeter than Candy are remodelling their store and they have an 85% sale on! It lasts until Thurs 4pm…so get your skates on! I was in a beige mood so the Lena dress really appealed..it comes with two versions of the skirt, short n frilly or snug like I’m wearing.

STC Lya Slip Dress Taupe 18L comes with shoes!

The Lya outfit comes complete with some dahling shoes (they have fluffiness on them!) Its got a sort of crinkly hem line which  is super pretty, and has some sheer thick topped stockings to top it all off. Just 18L *gasp* Heapsss of other colours available.

STC Amy Jo Plaid Brown 7L

Last minute scooped up this perfect plaid top..for just 7L! Lots of other colours also..no prim fiddling required and we like that..dont we ? Handy for tossing on over shorts, jeans,leggins..a real steal.

Wondering where my sooper new poses are from? New-to-me store “hate me eat me” is where I found them, fantastic prices for some different & unusual poses, prices start at 2L per pose and rise to 25L per pose..triffic value, thank you riri Bazar for the lulliness!

Head over before the sale ends and snaffle up those bargains …I’m rather excited also to see what the store revamp brings us too!

Go get candy: STC    go get posed : hate me eat me

Credits: Hair Liriope,all jewelry chuculet,skin curio,lip gloss glamorize


Pull my strings

Rag Dollz Spring Dollie Teal

There I was looking for a few new textures for the studio and voila..a hunt gift sprung up before my eyes ! This frothy concoction is from Rag Dollz and its their gift for the No Strings attached hunt 2. It’s such a stunning shade of teal…quite unusual and so super girly. The bolero inspired jacket would also be useful with jeans and pants..got to make those clothes work hard !

Rag Dollz Spring Dollie Teal

Dont forget to check out the glorious bow on the back…totally divine. Youre looking for a book…its not hard to find but you can get a hint from the hunt board by the main entrance.

Go get frothy: Rag Dollz