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Treat The Princess in your life – PROMO!

$99L PROMO ArisAris Optimism Dress fatpack

Absolutely gorgeous dress is on limited time offer from ArisAris ! Just in time to treat the ladies in your life eh? This is the “Optimism” dress and for just $99L you can grab a fatpack – what’s not to love? Actually Id buy this for myself – why wait for the guys !

ArisAris Hud

You get a massive Hud with so many options, complete looks to colours & patterns for the ribbon, belt, top & skirt – the options are endless. From sheer laces, to satin plains, and cute patterns – thanks ArisAris ❤

Optimism Dress PROMO.

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Shhh The Secret Is Out!

Another fantastic round of Secret Sale Sundays is out today – I got this sweet dress by Nuna Luna for just $50L, its given in a fat pack of six colours – very generous. The panties are my own , added them as the dress is totally sheer ! Actually this store had several outfits on offer for today – was verrrry tempted to get a couple more. Check out the gallery of all participating stores below, home & garden, decor, clothing etc.

Secret Sale Sundays

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What a “Sweetheart”. (12 Gift).

The Hashtag/Spotlight event is pretty well known now and it’s the usual thing ie stalls with bargain-priced gifts on most if not all of them.  A lot of these gifts don’t have a picture or sizes on them so it’s pot luck sometimes as to what you’re going to get but not in this case.

A nice picture and the sizes of this “Love Hearts” dress are on the gift bag and for only 12Lds it was a no brainer, it’s as tasty as it looks I’m so happy with this that I will probably never wear it again but I’m going to have to keep this. You will find this on the Gloss stand but keep on walking as I did find on the PCF Stand a Dollarbie which is blog-worthy but since it’s so different in style from this outfit I’m going to do another quick post just about that.

PS. This comes in SLink P, SLink HG, Altamura, Freya, Isis, Maitreya & Venus fits.

Hashtag District/Spotlight Event.

Pewpew (For the ice lolly)

Here is the list of

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Vanity Vanity all is Vanity.(Freebie).

I was shocked that I actually managed to get to the Vanity Event as it’s so busy but once I’d had a quick cam around and of course grabbed the gift set out for the Vanity group I decided to TP home and go back another day.

You get 2 versions of this dress, this long one and a short one and I’m not sure so I could be wrong but you either get one shade and an ombre shade inc but the thing I am sure about isssss…no SLink Physique fit, I’ve angled it so you can’t see the gaps. Ignore the headdress but check out the necklace as that is included and it’s really nice, it’s pink chains and happily, for me, it actually fits.  BTW I will check out where I got that fabulous headdress from as it’s not from my usual accessory shop and it’s gorgeous but I have a feeling it’s a Gacha win but you know if I find any freebies in that shop you will be the first to know.

I did treat myself to a backdrop out of a Gacha but I ended up walking away with more LM’s than actual purchases as there are a few shops I don’t recognise the names and one of them is so new there is no shop as yet but I have high hopes.

Ooo UPDATE, sorry I now know where the headdress comes from and it is a Gacha win BUT I’ve just had to mention that the necklace, which even for a non-jewelry wearer like me, is a keeper.  You actually get a hud to change the colour and something called a “string” which is basically a Foo Foo cover and if I had known that I could have change the pose.

Vanity Event (PS It’s busy and you just want the freebie, it’s on the wall just inside the entrance).

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Noooooo! Really? (Freebie).

I’d seen these boots in all the freebie group notices but because they’re from Gos I ignored them because Gos used to be a paid for group so I assumed they were free but just to group members but slap me with a stinky fish because it turns out that Gos at some stage went from an expensive, but worth it, paid for group to a FREE ONE!

Don’t worry if this isn’t a colour you like because you not only get all the mesh bod fits but also non-mesh bod fits a colour hud, so you can have this green or beige or pink or…..(fill in a colour of your choice here). Bloody brill and I almost missed it.

The sign says it all lol and yes that’s another one of the Rezology marketplace sale hairs and don’t it look fab! A blousy siren look I just love these “wiggy” hairs so if you do too check out my previous post for some fab offers.


BOOGER! So I decided to pop over to Vision which is where I got the skirt I’m wearing in the Gos pictures just to see if it’s still out as a freebie and to my joy I found a new freebie for us of a super sexy dress, not shown, and this top in the same pack.  Great detailing and I do believe a colour hud and so why the B*tch Face?

Not my SLink size!  I can wear the SLink Hourglass top even though it gives me Gazunga’s but no matter what I did I couldn’t get a good fit with the dress BUT it’s just such a great gift I decided it would be a shame for you to miss it, so TP over and try them for yourself.

PS. There are more gifts but I don’t know if they’re for the Vision VIP group which is a paid for one or for one of the other Free groups but this dress IS for the FREE Vision group and grumbles aside the top and the dress are really lovely.



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Pure Class.(Hunt Freebies).

I was so desperate to get my mitts on the Kaithleen’s hunt prize I actually cammed and scanned for about 45mins before I gave in and then I spotted a lady called Sia inworld and I know she’s a good hunter.  So I sent out an SOS and damn she is good although I have to say as soon as she pointed it out it was deffo a case of “DUH”.

As you can see it was well worth the SOS because just look at the stretch in the skirt, no distortion in the texturing and the folds at the hem just Kaithleen quality.

She always has such attention to the detailing.  This gift comes in all standard mesh sizes inc my SLink one..Woo Hoo I would have been royally PO’d if it hadn’t as I adore this shop and the clothing as she manages to make her clothes sweet and sexy with a touch of “cheeky” thrown in and all done in amazing quality.

Whilst you’re there check out the GG’s which are in the main entrance because although this isn’t a free group at 200Lds for I think it’s 5 or 6 outfits including a brand new one it’s an excellent investment and if it just wasn’t for the case of I already have some Kaitleen clothes which I never get to wear I’d join and snap them up in a heartbeat.

What I’m not showing you yet, I’m just waiting for the right look for it, is the Mina hair I picked up as well which is yet another prize in this excellent hunt.  This hair comes only in the black shade, Arwen is the name of the hair and since I have the full-colour set plus the group gift one which is dirtied with blood so I know the style well, it’s a short cute and young hair but I did notice that in the black it’s a bit edgier so it wouldn’t go as well with this dress as the hair I chose.

Since I know you will go and get the Mina hair I know you will be going to where the group gifts are, hint hint, so once you’ve picked up the hunt freebie check out the Mina Group Gifts.  I do believe her group is also just 200Lds to join and you get LOADS of hair for that.  There is also men’s hair as well as women’s hair but take them all because a lot of Mina’s hairs can be classed as being unisexed and look great on both sexes.


St Patrick’s Day Hunt LM’s & Hints

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Less gabbing more grabbing.(Freebies).

I always intend on trying not to blab on and on when I do a post and then I fail badly!  Never mind just scroll past the blab and check out the pics.

Vanity shot but hey ho why not but then again since you can’t make heads or tails out of what I’m wearing here is some much clearer piccies taken in my studio and sim setting.

Look at that gorgeous colour and not my bum.

This dress and the shoes in the next picture are gifts from ZD(Zhora Design) and although this shift dress is a classic SL style and I know I have shown you many in this style before but the 8 colour Hud you get with this dress just doesn’t strike a bell with me.  It’s not often that I like all the colours in a hud esp the blues and bleurgh purple range but check out this colour!  In the top picture I’m wearing the brown shade and there is black and I normally stick to the save colours but love these and yes it’s a keeper for me.

Once you’ve joined the ZD group to grab the dress  then join the SL frees and offers group right next to it for the shoes.

I am about 99% sure I have already shown you these shoes but I couldn’t walk past them and not grab them.  Sadly only SLink High.

Thank Goodness for coming back inworld because I forgot I had originally come here for a small hunt that’s going on here.  What you’re looking for is a small flower which costs 1Ld but there is also a picture and you can see what each flower contains.  I have to say a nice little mix of items and a couple of them for me are worth hunting down.  Plus there is Lucky Chairs here as well.

PS How good is the hair!

ZD(Zhora Design) If the LM doesn’t take you to the GG then when you go in through the doors it’s to your left and the ZD gift is there but look a little bit along and you will find the SL frees and offers and another freebie group gift(which I have done before and is a really sweet, simple, spring dress so well worth the grabbing).