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Nothing lasts forever.(Freebies).

The sun stayed out for all of 20 mins but that was all I needed to check my greenhouse is still standing, scurry out to the recycling bin, drink a big mug of coffee and now I’m back.

One of the few items I bought from the Redeux “Black Friday & Cyber Monday” event was a little set of bolts of fabric, only 39Lds if I remember correctly. They came off the  Muniick stall and of course, at the same time I picked up the Gift which turned out to be a simple but quality textured stool.  Both the gift and the item I bought were enough to send me over to the main shop to see what else there was to tempt me.

The Muniick shop is small but hopefully looking at the stock it’s going to grow.  I didn’t buy anything but I may return to the Redeux event as there is a stunning old fashioned sewing machine which is on sale there and you can see it in the main shop as well.  I just need to check my invent first as I know I already own sewing machines as no matter how tempting this new one is if I have too many already it’s a waste.  There were 2 other items which had me lingering over them but in the end, I managed to resist.  These aren’t at a discounted price so I’ve LM’ed this place for a revisit to not just lookout for new gifts but also new stock.

I didn’t leave the Muniick shop empty-handed as the plant and pinwheel you can see in this picture are Group Gifts in the shop.  The pinwheel is particularly good and you get a wearable version.

PS.  Sadly I will have to resist the sewing machine as I did a quick check and although I had a horrible old primmy set up, trashed now, I do have some sewing machines which are as good now as when I bought them.


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Couldn’t get any easier or sweeter!

Must confess that I’ve had this outdoor garden set for quite a while but just needed the right setting to show it off and yet again my sky dome has turned out to be perfect so lovely I might actually just leave it up there for a quiet romantic peaceful hideaway.


I mean how nice does this look even if you don’t have a sky dome this set is lush enough to stand out in any setting and I’m kicking myself because I had taken some pictures of these pieces in a lovely courtyard and trust me they all fitted in beautifully but I just can’t find them.


I snagged myself some new poses from Miseria and although I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the films when I tried out these poses my first thought was “fairy” and at 85Lds for the pack I grabbed it for future use (the wand comes from Boom which is Miseria’s neighbour).


This is why I LOVE blogging Follow Us items because yes lots of places have tables and chairs and pagoda’s and shed and on and on but Laurent always has something that makes you go “ooooo” and thatis what the  bucket of champers on the swing is just a lovely touch.


Again in the pictures I’m not using the best thing about all of this is that when spread out you get lovely decor but equally if you have a limited area to work in this will fit beautifully.

Check out the dresses please, I’m wearing one of Miseria’s new Spring/Summer dresses one in pink the other in orange but I don’t think I’ve done these gorgeous dresses the justice they deserve so as soon as I click “publish” on this post I’ll click “publish” for the new post for these dresses.

Follow Us is a BIG shop now packed with brilliant furniture and decor items from only a few Lindens to a few Lindens more and to find this lovely set you’re going to have to walk right through the shop to the outside selection.  So a good excuse to have a meander though but if you don’t have the time then check out the Marketplace as well I should have set it so the cheapest start first and you will see that Laurent has put so many Dollarbies and items starting at just 10Lds so sweet for everyone’s budget.

Also there is now a absolute token price of 40Lds to join his group which is nothing especially when you see the amazing wall of old and new Monthly Group Gifts.  To find all these goodies then when you TP there turn to your right into a large white room and you will see the dark room and all the goodies are tucked in there.

PS I’ve not even had time to mention the sewing machine and matching sewing wall storage unit or even a matching toilet hut (everyone has needs after all!) so even if you think it’s not been long since you were last there everytime I visit and I visit often there is always new stock.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

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Sewing Mania

So much sewing so little time.  One of my FAVOURITE shops in SL is MMGraffiti’s.  Reasonable priced for some damned fine stuff in fact my latest home is from them and so is this sewing machine.  OK it’s not really supposed to be this big but since it’s editable I thought I’d have a bit of fun.  All of this is actually 5 Prims!!! all of it including the measuring tape, ribbon, thread snipper and even buttons in the drawer.

And there it is next to me  at it’s more normal size.  Priced at 110Lds how reasonable and you can pick up equally as reasonably prices and low primmed detailed accessories. Sorry for all the photos but I had to pop back to the shop and I couldn’t resist showing the excellent low primmed reasonably priced accessories you can get to make a whole sewing room.  That bobbin holder is only 5 prims and 88Lds and the bobbins come as 2 and are only 1 prim and mean this shop is primtastic.  Furniture, garden stuff, fun stuff, low prim and on and on.

Sadly this amazingly detailed sewing, crafting backpack and belt will not be at the sooo CHEAP price of 30Lds anymore.  This comes from …… and it’s a must to Sub to so in future when they put out notices for their great offers you won’t miss it.  A lovely big shopping area, with everything from “bang on trend” mesh clothes to Gor type clothes and mesh templates.  A great place to stroll around and just relax and maybe even treat  yourself..  Big LBs you can’t miss and even bigger gift boxes dotted around and I’ve snagged the lot and they have some really great gifties.  Had to come back to get the LM and I’ve noticed the Medieval Lawnmower which is a pushable sheep in a wheelbarrow that eats the grass…SOOO CUTE.


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Cozy inside

ohmaigosh…its snowing here ! Great big fat flakes that are already forming a deep blanky…hope I can get out of my house tomorrow ! To make myself feel more cozy & snuggly..Im gonna show you the new TOSL item from Cleo Design..(TOSL= Taste of Secondlife).  For only 55L you will receive all the furniture in the photo plusss the dinky sweet ballerina shooz ! Adorable pouffe stuffed with some great poses…a rug, sideboard, wall decal and vase of flowers…I really love that you can use the pieces indvidually…if your prim limited (like me!) it’s so handy to be able to choose what you have out. Thought my group gift from CandyMetal went really nicely with the I slung it on too …superb little outfit of shorts, suspenders,socks and tee- thanks Emychan xx

For “Spruce up your space” Cleo Design have this incredible collection “sewing time”…you receive all that you see above for just 400L.

I can’t stress enough that you really should read the info note that comes in the box ! If you don’t, you will miss out on all the goodness that’s packed into this set..the wearable items, the colour change menus and more..when I first looked at this chair, my initial thought was that it might not fit into my colour scheme..BUT ! after reading the info note, I saw that its colour change hooray! Brilliant sewing animation in it with wearables …and a heap of other sits make this one versatile chair.


I totally fell in love with this sewing table and its dear vintage  machine, once again its got animations galore plus wearable items to make it just that much more realistic.

If you’re worrying that all this gear will break your prim limit, don’t ! I love that you can pick and choose what you use and have out, individual pieces aren’t that primmy either..and youre looking at some quality items with heaps of detail. I think I might even split this collection up around my home, use the study desk in my office..the comfy chairs etc in the den..and perhaps use the sewing table in my utility area. It’s such a flexible set of furniture !

Thanks Cleom xx

Heres the links:

Cleo Design for all furniture

CandyMetal for group gift outfit