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Is it too early?

Aphrodite NEW!!!

nah, of course it isn’t too early, there’s only about 5.5 weeks left till Christmas! So thrilled to be able to show you this Christmas tree from Aphrodite. Its only 4 prims! All decorated with options (touch the star at the top) for candles and twinkly lights etc. There is dancing, singing, gift wrapping and unwrapping, and of course decorating the tree. The animations are totally charming.

Details: This tree has – 7 Single Poses – 30 Couple Poses – TOTAL Animations: 67  – 8 Props. There are four versions of this tree, adult, family, PG & Decorative – all four prims.

chez moi ski chair

Chez Moi are offering up this fun ski lift at the new round of Tres Chic. Its got couples poses, single poses , props that rez and heaps of colour options & decor choices. The polar bear is mine and just something I rummaged about and found btw – because don’t you all just have the odd polar bear lying about in your inventory ? right?

FREE Wintery 1 prim goodness !

If you’re looking for some single prim goodies to scatter about at home or for your festive guests, I’ve found these by Frangipani Garden, everything bar the wine bottles is just $1L, the bottles are brilliant for Christmas gifts at $10L as you can edit them and place your own label on them ! All the other items give out wearable food treats for you and your friends.

Frangipani Garden

Tres Chic

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite blog

Complete outfit (including boots & hat) by Severed Garden here

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In my Christmas stocking…

Severed garden

Oh la la I was such a spoilt girl, my Christmas stocking was positively bulging with giftssss ! This outfit is from Severed Garden – I hadn’t heard of them before, but Player thankfully did and bought me this sooper outfit. You get the jeans (non mesh) fur trimmer boots, belt with dangly bits n bobs, and a jacket – which surprisingly is sculpted and fits SO well you’d think it was mesh. All parts have a resizer script to get that snug look.

Severed garden nana baby complete outfit and priska hair with hat

My hair is also from the same store – Priska is the name. The hat is awesome and has a hud for changing the colour of the wool PLUS the colour of the hair ! Point to note, its cheaper to buy this item on the market place – at 120L its a real steal – for some reason inworld its 160- still a great price though.

Severed garden nana baby complete outfit with shoes & bag

I treated myself to the next outfit from Severed Garden, cause I just HAD to have itttttt. Its called “nana baby” and is a collection of pinky hues (other colours also available) , woolliness and tweed. You get mesh shorts, layer print leggings, a mesh shawl, choice of two colours of armwarmers, the shoooooz anddd two animated bags…

Severed garden shoe detail

OH! Did I forget to say glasses? yeah? Well yes, you get those and also a neato little band of flowers for your hair *faint*. Heres a close up of the shoes that are included, they deserve a photo all to themselves cause they just ROCK my world. No fiddling to fit – straight onto my trotters and I was ready to roll. Severed Garden is a real eclectic mix of styles and methods of creating – I never ever thought Id wear sculpted prims again but I have to say…I’m really loving these, the mesh is totally fab also. Im heading back later today to get MORE gear – I know right?!

Severed Garden inworld store

Severed Garden market place store

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Late to The Challenge


The Challenge - IDC Chair (part of Coastal set) Kuro Flushing bowl - Severed Garden nana baby complete outfit

Hola ! I’m back from my vacation to Espana and all ready to share a couple of things with you that I was *almost* late with. This months Challenge was glass, a real tough one in my opinion. Above is a small part of the Coastal set by IDC. It’s a mahoosive lounge set, with tables, plants, wall shelving, a couch and more and more and more. This chair is uber lovely (it ALL is!), what I so loved is the animations in everything. Some unusual ones – such as this “trying on shoes” that rezzes a shoebox and shoes to make it super realistic. The colour tones are marvellous, beautiful teal blue/ green…

The Challenge Dec IDC Close up fabric detail

and the eye-catching cushions that are liberally tossed about on both the chairs and sofa are stunning. Sequins and beads that almost seem to glitter & sparkle! The little vase of flowers is by Kuro – so sweet and low prim, with a fun twist of a plug in the water !

BTW, if you’re curious about my outfit and hat/hair – it’s all from Severed garden, a new store for me and one that Player found and bought me Christmas giftssss from ! I LOVE this store, go take a wander about – I will blog more later and give you all the info.


Severed garden