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Margarita time

Aphrodite Margarita tray with hold animation NEW

I always know when something is a keeper , because I don’t take it off for like a week ! I picked up this bikini from some event or other , its by Lushish Catz – comes with a multitude of appliers including Slink and is just SO pretty & summery. I popped over to the mainstore and its there for sale @ $100L. Actually they had quite a few other swimsuits, lingerie and bikini’s for great prices – so watch this space ! My drinks tray is new from Aphrodite, its got a built-in animation so you can hold it aloft and drift around the party looking pretty cool.

Lushish Catz

Aphrodite Store

Aphrodite market place


At last …

Ah yes…at last I got around to completing the wearable serving trays I’ve been thinking about for a whole YEAR! I’m quite pleased with the results ..above is the wearable wine tray, it comes complete with an inbuilt AO, one stand, one walk (its ok for males & females) Perfect for partays ! When guests or friends touch the bottle, it dispenses them with a wearable animated glass of wine, it’s also transferable for gift giving.

Theres also a wearable champers set, built in AO again, that dispenses a glass to guests…

Plussss I couldn’t resist adding a fruit punch wearable tray too!…for those who don’t want to wear these items , they can also be purchased to sit on your table or beach…they still give out a drink.

Voila! Pop along to our main store today and take a peek..First floor has lotsa gifties and adorables..(Player has some unique KittyCats also up for grabs *squeee) The new stuffage is up on the second floor…

F.A.B Main store