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Somedays..you want to be a diva…on others maybe goth…but when you’ve got a cold and you feel desperate for a snuggly feeling..you want something like this ! I found chichi’s pocket  when I was collecting gifts from Seraphim ..and sooo loved their free outfit,  I followed through to their mainstore to take a gander. Lots of fun things on offer..a group pose gift..and some seriously sugarsweet outfits. I fell in love with the “Teddybear” outfit. At just 75L its a real bargain. You get the whole thing..shoes,socks,leggings,net rara style skirt, tee & cardigan!! (You can also wear one layer of the skirt alone with just the tee if you prefer)  It so cheered me up to wrap myself in frothy net & general pinkness…

Mainstore: Chichi’s Pocket

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Moody Owl

Ok cause I FAIL at reading notecards in a rather EPIC fashion..this is a mishmash..yay! I’ve got a bit of Super bargain Saturday anddd a sneaky preview of Mooody Mondays…Argyle Anonymous have a set of nine colours of the newww scrumptious lace leggings out for SBS …all colours for just 60L *faints* ….I’m wearing the olive shade above…plusss try to remember that for Moody Monday..you can snap up the olive leggings,leg warmers,slip on shoes AND the owl trick -or-treat bucket for only 55 L !

Its owl mania lately…I have NO idea why..but if you’re into owls…youll love this new sweater release from SNG…four colours to choose from, I’m wearing the brown…pretty motif, no prims to fiddle with..grab it up for 150L..

warmers,shoes & leggings: Argyle Anonymous

Sweater: SNG

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and we all got lucky !

I decided to stalk the lucky boards at Argyle Anonymous..so I could get my paws on this fabbo paint splatter version of their new cargo skirts..I just adore them BIG time..I waited and waited..(F isn’t a very lucky letter it seems) and then Z came up..I hollered for Zan and over she came to claim her prize..then she called her friend Hayley..and H came up yay! Next up was F yippeeeee, we all got soooper lucky..feeling rather chuffed with my lurking capabilities I recalled Swan had said that Tea Time had some lully flats out as a group gift , so I mooched on over, joined the group (only 10L) and snaffled them up..I love love love them, such pretty colours for the season..of course I had a wander about and noticed some freebies hanging up (previously blogged) and this stunning winter jacket which I’m gonna HAVE to go back for but couldn’t decide on the colour..the chevron sweater is an old fav of mine from Argyle Anon..and is currently priced at just 69L in the thrift store..steal!

Skirt: Argyle Anonymous main store

Sweater: Argyle Anonymous thrift store

Ballet pumps: Tea Time

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Poised on a bench

Not sure how long this is good for..buttt…Poised has this yummmy little shorts & tank set out for just 50L ! Its called Digital Spirit, bright red tank and a really lovable pair of washed out denim shorts…the bench is from Magnifique poses and comes with the sweet pumpkin (it’s not linked so you can move it around yay!) Packed with some great animations. The thing I really like about Magnifique’s gear is that its copy & mod..means you can fiddle about with it and get more unique photos, another bonus is it’s all very low prim (phew)..thanks Poise & Scarlet !

Digital Spirit set: Poised

The Bench Pose Prop: Magnifique Poses


Whats the Furore all about

I was crawling through the market place yesterday and saw this pretty lingerie set from Furore, so headed off to the inworld store to take a snoop around..was nicely surprised to find not only this set as a gift but also in a coupla more colours ..love the detail on the fabric and adore the boy-shorts-look appeal of the knickers…

Snapped it up in the oh-so-girly pink too! See the locket I’m wearing? Its one of my favs from MIAO…called Abernathy.(I’m wearin it with the silver chain option,with rose gold wings & a pink diamond gemstone..but there’s fifty trillion other colour options!!well almostttt).MIAO have a 25L sale on at the moment on quite a few gorjusssss items….plusssss….

…theres a group gifty out for a couple more days..that I LOVE ! If you’ve got into the whole KittyCats craze (and if you havent WHY NOT??!!) these will really appeal to you..gawd I can’t bear selling my kitties babies..so uhmm..Player and I have quite a fewww roaming about our home ! The set comes in five colours…thank you Kess ❤

One more thing from Furore before I go eat breakfast..another free gifty the “naughty top” which is more of a dress but could be worn with leggins etc also..comes in two versions inside the box…super steel grey..perfect…

Go get some deals: MIAO            Furore

For the curious: Hair by 69 (50L sale) necklace by Dark Mouse “Anzac” new release  pose by hate me eat me (poses from 2-25L) Lip gloss pic 3 LpD subscribo gifty pack of four


New kid on the block

I was trawling through the market place yesterday and came across a new designer (yippeee) Regina’s is a very new store and I was lucky enough to bump into the owner Regina George when I popped over to the store. We had a little chat and she directed me to  a box on the counter full of goodies for 1L. Im wearing one of the four tops in that box above, the butterfly tube in a gorgeous deep gold, ideal for wearing with shorts or jeans etc..such a beautiful motive in the midddle .

There’s also one in red (one of my favourite summery colours)

I had to show you the “royalty” tank thats also in the gift box…such a pretty blue…love my hat? Its from [kik] and you get bunches of different styles for 100L, crazzzzzzzy big (no I didnt edit them this big they just ARE!) Would look so cool with the maxi dresses & gypsy skirts that are in vogue currently no?

This is the spunky little number that made me haul my tushy over to the store. I caught it on the market place but its also available in the shop by the desk…(bag of hearts by teefy)

Perfectly detailed front & rear…good with boots or heels…Head over today and take a wander about…regina says the store is growing by the day !

Go get pritty: Regina’s


Pinkness & couture

Elemiah Design - Lisa pink 10L Mon coeur peach necklace gift

What a glorious shade of pink for a Thursday..dusty Id call it…The Lisa dress is on sale at Elemiah Design for just 10L and comes complete with the furry fluffylicious bag. The store is a treasure trove of prettiness…I popped over to scope the 50L sale…and saw millions of things Id love (well ok, maybe not millions but a LOT). You will find the Lisa dress on the floor of the sale room, along with a couple of other pieces..take a stroll around while youre there, some of the designs are really just breathtaking and so unusual. There are also many many group and non-group gifts scattered around…the group is currently 200L to join but considering the quality of the gifts youd receive as a member..totally worth it. (I cant join Im broke on tier day boohoo!)

Go get pink: Elemiah Design