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Quickie cos I got a busy.(Super Bargains).

Sentius has a BIG discount event going on.  A whole BIG room of reduced everything, hair, shoes, dresses, basics etc

A lot of the outfits come with Demos but a lot also don’t. I think you can see from this picture that the dress has that painted on look which is fine exp when it costs only (I think it was 55Lds) and has a (I think it was 5 shades) hud and comes in (I can’t remember which) mesh body fits.

As you can tell this is deffo a rush job but the details of the colours, prices, and fits are all there for you to check before you buy.

If you don’t like the style of dress then don’t worry as I noticed everything from good basics shorts n tops sets to Posh Do’s outfits and all at bargain prices.  The shoes are the winners, I only bought the 1 pair I’m showing you but there.

OK RL is screaming for me and I have to gooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

“Cheap Market”

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

D*mn, D*mn, D*mn.(Freebies).

Damn, just as I was snapping away in my new freebies and glowing in the fact that I got em first there was a shout out in my free groups  and so pretty soon you will see these great freebies on all the blogs! so so much for my scoop lol.

Hair, jeans, shoes are the new gifts from Sentinus Design but if you have time to kill then the top was a recent lucky board win from Sn@tch.  You don’t need to be in the Sn@tch group to win off the LBs there as although I’m in the group I’ve never worn the tag when sn@tching a prize or two off the LB’s  or having a little fish for the fishing prize.  This is a very busy LB area so I won this and 2 other really good items in no time at all.

PS the top comes in system layers and SLink/Omega appliers and you get OODLES of colours.

LOVE this fake ass hair, love the big wig look, the outlandish colour palette I love everything about it.  Of course I much prefer the more natural look of Mina but SL is dressing up for adults and sometimes this adult wants to be a ditzy doll and this hair is it.  There are more natural shades in the hud that you get with this hair and the other hair(which tbh I wasn’t as keen on) but nope you need to keep fake ass hair like this in these ziggy colours.  12 colours in total.

The jeans don’t come with any hud but all the standard mesh fits.

If this orange/red isn’t your fav colour don’t let that put you off getting these shoes.  Again another colour hud pack with colours and some are the more standard shades but there is some really interesting textures from floral to polka dots.   Sorry only SLink and TMP feet fits.

Special mention to the skin because since I’m almost free from head to toe then although the skin is an old freebie mentioned a few times before I might as well tell you about it again.  Ale(yes a skin named after an alcoholic drink) is still out at Lara Hurley and it’s a free to join Group gift.  This doesn’t come with a mesh body applier but I loved this skin so much and when I bought it the applier pack only cost 100Lds and contained all of the Lara Hurley skins so one appler is all you need.  Of course if you don’t wear a mesh bod then you don’t need the applier or if you’re not lazy like me and you do have a mesh bod then simply use the skin matching applier you get in all mesh body packs.


Lara Hurley

Sentinus Design