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Wet T-shirt

SF Design wet tshirt June Group gift

Hubbidy Hubba , SF Design have a new group gift out for June ! I’m in “Tom-boy” mode today, hence my rather boy’ish look. However, this wet t-shirt would go with just about anyyyything . You get this in three levels of transparency, I’m wearing the medium nippletastic factor one. It’s not just for us girls, drag your man over there and he can grab one too ! Dont forget, it’s also Monday Mania today, there’s a brill colour change canvas baseball cap (with hair) on offer for the stealdeal price of 25L , onloy for today and only from the Monday Mania board. Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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The Rack is Back

HoooHaaah my rack is back ! Player decided to take me lure me back into my more bootylicious shape…he took me to and showed me a coupla dresses hed spotted..(isn’t that just tooo lully that he goes shopping for stuff for me !) I wasnt sure about the “rack” and this dress being so nipply..but he was soooper pleased ! I chose this washed out pinky shade…but there are heapssss more colours available..

Check out the rear view …its a real guy pleasing little number..*blush*…

The second dress Player showed me was thisss..simple yet deadly…it comes in two versions and oooodles of colours , worn like this its a classic Tshirt mini..however there is the option to wear it with the bodice pushed aside to expose your breasts ..and thats not a look im sharing ! Zan & Steve think I’ve gone all Pamela Anderson..I think I just got my rack back *winks*…


Bag: Noirilicious 35L

Hair: Lelutka Blythe

Sunglasses: Fameless (PornoGlasses – my bestie sunnies eva!)