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Too good for the Office

coldLogic NEW!_
When I saw the new releases from coldLogic this week , and read that they were the kinda thing worn as workwear. My first thought was “ohmaii, I look like a bag lady at work” ! Seriously wayyyy too cool for plodding about in. This sweater and woolie skirt combo is so soft, a range of scrumptious colours and the really fantastical thing isssss, all the pieces of this new collection can be interchanged with each other . Think of the possibilities?!

coldLogic NEW!Hough midnight garnet tone

If I was one of those sleek ladies who lunch and passed their time in elegant department stores …Id wear this chic little outfit. This is how I wish I looked allllll the time, professional, cool,calm & collected. Beautiful selection of colours and of course, you can mix n match with the other new releases for your own personal style statement.

coldLogic NEW!niven

This is more moi, totally dazed, and surrounded by work. I just LOVE this set called “niven”, it feels a touch retro and smart. What I really wanted and couldn’t find was a pair of nude silk stockings with a seam up the back to ear with it. So classy and  smart ,but also feminine.

coldLogic NEW!!!!

This is the outfit that stuck to my bones  , there’s always one that I don’t take off for ages and agessss. Superbly made two piece in a heavy knit, it’s not chunky it’s actually rather soft but you can see its one of those will-last-forever pieces. Its got a lovely vee shaped neck at the back and thick folds that make the sweater just hang so realistically. There are a coupla other new items that I havent had time to share with you, if you’re looking for some real hardworking pieces , this is the collection for you ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

P.S Im such a dork, I managed to take ALL my photos whilst NOT wearing the alpha for my Slink hands – I only noticed this after about four outfits – and had to retake them ALL –  THIS is why I should never.ever. blog before 10 am *cringe*

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