Bare Sensual have a very special promotion on, its limited time only. Sade is the new release and what a “lady” she is. I’m showing the dark version above, it’s not an orangey tone..or really deep deep tan..more of a cocoa powder dusting of colour that’s really gentle and wearable. The facial details are just so feminine, a narrow aquiline nose, balanced perfectly over slightly lush lips. (I’m wearing a lip gloss tattoo with this skin, the lips are not sleek) The cheeks have a pretty glow to them, great breast cleavage also and really delicious work around the *girly bits*…

The lighter version of Sade is a little different. The cheek glow is slightly more prominent , more peachy and so delicate, the lips have a dusky outline that makes it seem more exotic..superb tone for this fair version, I’m usually not overly fond of lighter skin colours, but this just gives you a sun sprinkle !

Strictly limited time offer for 10L *faints*

Go meet Sade: Bare Sensual


Its not my Birthday…

No its not..but it sure feels like it with all the gifts I’m receiving ! Ange has the second in the month long “gift a week” promotion..its this sultry silvery grey tank with a funky motif,great texturing as always gives it that stroke-ability factor ! Just head on over join the group and voila..its yours ! (Thanks Ange x) I’m also wearing the latest group gift from Ruxy Design, the Evie skin, it comes in five shades just so you can  find the perfect one …pretty pink eye makeup, I added a gloss from Glamorize over the lips (5L pack of 5 glosses VERY handy) I’m showing the “peach” tone…and I tossed on that handy dandy vest I showed you yesterday in the gift from Chandelle, plus the lil stars jeans from Candy Metal…love it !

Get it all here : Ange     Glamorize   Candy Metal     Chandelle     Ruxy Design


You want Candy?…CandyMetal has new skin tones!!

I am very honoured to be able to show you the new skin tones for CandyMetal’s Ainis range, and oh maiii they are sooper prettty! I’m going to show you two skin shades from the range chocolate & tan. Each has a smattering of cute freckles across the nose, cleavage or no-cleavage options and soooo many make ups!! This is a premium skin range and I simply adore them! Here we go…click the pics for a closer view..

CandyMetal Ainis Skin Tan "Iola"
CandyMetal Ainis Tan Night Fever

CandyMetal Ainis Tan "Pink Lady"
CandyMetal Ainis skin Tan "Ganguro"

And now in a slightly deeper chocolate tone…

CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Iola"

 3 other makeups also below

CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Pink Lady"
CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Night Fever"
CandyMetal Ainis skin chocolate "Ganguro"

These are high quality skins, great details all over the body, fantastic shading , the female *bits* are smexxxxyhot! Single skins are 900L but treat yourself and snaffle up a fatpack for 3900 yummmi! Go grab a few demos and try them for yourselves..and a big kiss for the designer Emychan Aichi for letting me show you the goooooodness!

Taxi to go get pretty : CandyMetal

pssst want to know the ones I just CANT take off? shh dont tell but Tan Iola & Pink Lady are just fahhhbulous, both have this subtle bloom on the cheeks and verrrry kissable lips ❤