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Neve has the goods @ Uber

Headed the new round of Uber and spotted that Neve a really cool outfit up for grabs. Here is the “Flight” top and “Tiff” skirt.

Right on point with a chained look and hanging leather straps. Great choices of patterns & fabrics for both pieces. You can choose to wear the whole look…

Or tone it down for a perfect casual style as above. You get a style hud for the straps and chain, a metals hud for all metallic pieces also. You can really play around with these pieces to get a fresh personalised take on it. Thanks Neve team ❤


Uber cam sim

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On and off….On and off…

coldlogic burset strawberry NEW - SAX Shepherd Designs necklace FCG - Pink acid lip tattoo - nantra poses shes so sweet (comes with bags) Cosmopolitan sales room

coldLogic had a summer release before I went on holiday and I’ve been rummaging through it since I returned. My favourite look so farrrr is this outfit. Above is burset and I’m wearing the dress on its own. The sooper cool thing is, it’s actually a complete outfit ! You get the dress (available in various colours), you get the jacket, and you also get the whole thing all-in-one, brill huh?! As you can see it fits superbly over my Slink Physique body as well as with my usual SL body. My glossy lips avec toothypegs are courtesy of Pink Acid, love love LOVE their lip glosses ! The pose and bag are from a set by Nantra, bag is colour change and a fabulous price of just 70L for the whole set at This round of Cosmopolitan Sales room.

coldLogic rocha ivory - jacket & dress -

Heres the plainer version called rocha, same as the patterned one above but looks so very different somehow. I dress it up with a long scarf from miel and a hat hair combo from Clawtooth which I just adore and keep on wearing.

coldLogic rocha ivory - dress worn separately - clawtooth hair glamazon

Heres rocha without the jacket, its such a pretty little dress with its gauzy layers at the bottom. All materials and mesh, demos freely available on the market place or instore. I’m still wriggling in and out of the  rest of the new release, so more later ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

pssssst btw, check out my necklace its newwww and gorgeous and I will be blogging it soon.

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

collabor88 (clawtooth hair)

Cosmopolitan Sale Room


Pink Acid

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Golden Girl

PinkCherry - Hot Chica deep cut jumpsuit NEW! Crysral Line free jewelry !

New release from PinkCherry babies…always look forward to those. This is a deep cut jumpsuit that exposes oooodles of cleavage…its called “Hot Chica” and we can all see why ! Very alluring…great style. I went for classic glam but you could really go to town and accessorize this to a million bits. Available in eleven smashing colours and just 259L per tone.

Pink Cherry



Bubblez Love Patchy Outfit with Hair (99L promotion)

hoooohahhhh Bubblez has new stuffage !  Above is a special promotion for just 99 of your linden dollars…cuter than cute patchwork fabric , belted jacket with a flip-up collar,faded jeans shorts , earings AND hair! (please note for the special promo the hair is dark NOT blonde ) All the fiddly bits have a resizer script for easy peasy fitting ..

Bubblez Design - Patchy Outfit (new release) 249L

The Patchy outfit is super swirly…beautiful retro patchwork fabric..plum tones (with  a lil pink yay!) It too comes with hair (yes blonde this time) earrings also. Check those earings out..hubbidy hubba they are UBER detailed..and I lurve them…fingers crossed Milo bubble will make heapssss more hair cause I’m pretty excited about it…*squeeeeeee*

Go get Bubbly: Bubblez


Can it be 4 years already?

Yessss it can ! Oh my lawd…where did that go. Only seems a little while ago that I started in SecondLife, but today I took the time to go through allll my photos, and look at  the years Ive spent in and around SL.

I think Im fairly lucky in that I have the same friends now, as I had in 2007, and the same partner also..Im like super glue I guess…you get stuck with me !

Found this little gem whilst perusing my piccies..might give you a giggle or five of my noobish was a photo for advertising my first ever rental homes, awww

Circa 2007

Natty shorts set huh? My first ever bit of land, I still miss that place…SO much happened there ! It was where I met Zan, was Players first ever home and where we hung out for almost a year together…Im so chuffed that those I held close to me then..I stilll do today ❤

Thanks to all those who wished me a great day…youre awesomesauce xxx