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I just HAD to get this news out there, and even though my broadband connection is not loving my big time…so no pics at the moment….Pink Label has a BIG FAT SALE on ! Yes yes yes….everything in store right now is 25L *faints*….(excluding fat packs) so head on down and grab yourself armfuls of fahhhhbulous gear for miniscule amounts of pennies…(if I were you Id grab up a mountain of shoes !)

I have got some newness to showoff..and hopefully later today…Ill be able to take some piccies yay!

*Sad bear face*

Fai x

Pink Label Sale

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Ohmai…how did it get past my radar that [e] has a sale on ! Youd better rush because its over on 30th October ! Elikatira is turning 1 year old and to celebrate there is a MASSIVE 70% off everything *faints*…this is one of my all time fav places for hair..so I dashed over and snapped up heaps !! There are also shoooz and bootz ! I nabbed the shoes above called “move” they come in a veritable rainbow of colours..these ones are “nude”..and set me back just 55L…the hair is called “Looking” and in the sale it cost me only 66L , I know I know! 66L for a pack of five tones! Suffice to say I bought manyyyy packs *grins*, I wont say how many exactly as I know Player reads this blog and will spank me (ooo maybe I should say )…the jeans were a gift from fame.less via the subscribo..pop over and join today for more updates, the jeans are in the history number 1. The sweater was a gift from Steve for my birthday aww ! Its made bySkin Flicks and is sooper snuggly buggly..called *Hallie* I ❤ it SO much..thanks Stevie xx

Hair & shooz: Elikatira Sale

Sweater: Skin Flicks https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Skin-Flicks-Hallie-Pink-Sweater/1999863

Jeans: fame.less


::VMC:: 1L sale …sale…sale..

The world is full of sales lately..and I have a great one happening at ::VMC::…the above outfit is in it for just one of your Linden dollars…jeans and a sweater top…(bag old from ETD ,janes shoes Argyle Anonymous). Head towards the back of the store for all the 1L items, but also check the rest on your way through..incredible value complete outfits from 10-25L !

Go get sale crazy: ::VMC::


B&T Fashionland & Schwarz…big sale!

Schwarz-Falling Leaves 10L

ooooo a sale ! Schwarz & B&T Fashion Land is having a huge one yay! I scooted over, snapped up the pink body diamonds (see below) and couldn’t resist this outfit from Gelsi Ansome of Schwarz . I adore the colours,beautiful palette of grays,silver & blues. It also comes with a matching tee for those who like to show more fleshhh!

Anything that’s marked with a white snowflake is only 10L, as usual Gelsi has been extra generous and set out some gorjussness -plenty for the guys too! Hasi Nestler aka Chic Inc and B&T Fashion Land, has some sooper awesomeness out also, clothing,shoes,skinsssss…go see !

go snap them bargains: Schwarz     B&T Fashion Land