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In my happy place.(Freebie(reblog)).

I recently reactivated my Flickr account and have been regularly uploading my pictures there, they’re the same pictures I use in the blog so I won’t put the link. I was wanting to put add a picture of this gift from the Baby Monkey shop that I’d previously blogged but I’d deleted the pictures and since this outfit is just so good I did a new picture to add to Flickr and then I decided I may as well use the photo to remind you about it, if you’ve not already gotten it.

This knitted cardigan and skirt comes with a hud of 3 colours…I’m wearing 2 of the shades. This gift is in the room next door to the paid-for group, check my previous post, but the top and skirt are still free for the 2 biggest freebie groups.

I’m logging off SL because my “Happy place” has just turned up on the back of a’s my new greenhouse! TBH I bloody deserve it. So I’m logging off for a while to rescue my plants/pots etc from the very old rotten/wind-battered greenhouse in readiness for my new “Happy Place”.

Baby Monkey.

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Yes, I’m wearing a wig. (Freebie(s)).

The wig/hair is not the freebie.

You don’t want to know how long I’ve had this stylised hair and yet never found an excuse to wear it, till now. The gift is the Linergie set I’m wearing.

It comes from the Merch shop. You have a fat pack of colours and sizes. The addition of the fluffy bits just ramps up the retro glam for me.

I’m not gonna lie, in RL I slept in way too long and I’m still trying to play catch up on the stuff I have to do. So it’s with a happy heart I can leave you with what I think is a bloddy good freebie and get my RL stuff done and then I can settle back down with a big mug of coffee and check out the weekend offers.

PS. This is on the wall behind the desk, there are some other gifts of “wearables” which are nice.


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I’ve got my smile back. (5Ld Hunt, Mention of Group Gifts & Freebie(ss)).

I worked out why in my last picture I had a rather blank face and it’s because I’d removed my Lelutka Hud so now I’m back to my pretty animated self.

The dress and headdress are 2 out of the 5 hunt prizes from Entice. I think the hunt is called “The Enchanted Hunt” and each item is only 5Lds.

The LM should take you to where you can see the poster of the prizes, get a hunt hint and I do believe a demo to try…..yes you can get the demo’s to try as I checked when I was LM grabbing. I didn’t bother getting the demo’s as I suspected the dress would come in a SLink HG fit.

As you’re wandering around the Entice shop looking for the hidden fairies you will ineviably find yourself in the area where the entice group gifts, lucky boards, mini mania, discount etc stuff are.

Then join the Entice, free, group and grab the latest notice as well because there is a lot going on with the Entice brand and some tasty gifts….I may even reblog one of them.

Entice. (Why is this happening lol.)

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Buy this get this for free, but be QUICK.(The Saturday Sale offer (75Ld) and Free Group Gift(s)).

I caved in and went to the Crate shop to pick up their new group gift which is this stool. Really good attention to detail and it’s always nice esp with the Crate shop to see that most of the older group gifts are still out. Free to join and you do get 2 other colours in the pack.

The reason I wasn’t going to go for it was I ineviatble buy something that I don’t really need but couldn’t resist and this is it.

Actually I’m chuffed to bits as I didn’t notice when I checked that Crate has a “The Saturday Sale” offer and that meant that this only cost me 75Lds. I did buy the PG version which was only 150Ld but what happens is you’re given a refund of 75Lds. I can only assume it’s the same for the adult one.

Anyhow, only 13 prims, a decor and drivable option, the paddle at the back turns and some very nice poses make this a really good buy. There is a fully rezzed example set out in the shop but I’d go NOW if you want it.


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Guess what? (Freebie(sss)).

I should have dropped Faith a note so she could have modelled this dress on her Maitreya body but since I wanted to be the one to show you this really good gift I just Alpha’d my SLink bod and TaDa!

All that detail to attention with the fold, creased and texturing not to mention the way the skirt is almost tutu in style what a shame it doesn’t fit me.

This and another dress which I would also have loved to show you came from the Saki Event. Not a massive event and on each stall is a little pile of cardboard boxes which contain the gifts and this dress is from the “DM” stall.

Saki Event.

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The look of love. (Freebie).

This freebie cardie/top combo looks pretty familiar esp the cardie so this is probably a reblog but just in case it’s not here it is.

Each can be worn as seperates and each come with it’s own hud of colours and can be worn as seperates.

If you’re wondering about my little friend. I have a fat pack of bunnies which I bought from HPMD, so sorry not free, and in this pack you have a whole selection of both static and animesh bunnies and a couple of wearables. These bunnies are beyond adorable! The way they twitch their little noes, move their ears and hop are just so realistic they’re facinating to watch.

Mow. (It’s the gift on the desk).

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Advent gifts round-up – so far!

Snowy! ba

Had a notice come out from the Virtual Vagabonds group today, a place where you could pop in and collect a list of stores who will be having advent gifts for you! Some have a cost or you might need to join a group, most dont or a very nominal one. Theres something for everyone by the looks of it ! The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with the advent list – its just a photo of my home looking all Chrismassy! Anyhoo, list below – so far, Id imagine more advents and seasonal gifts will be advertised as we get into December. Have fun ! Fai ❤ (HUGE thank you to Victoria Bazylinski who took the time to compile this list !)

Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia – Advent 2013

Viviane Fashion Mainstore – Advent 2013

The Vamp Realm  – Advent 2013

USC Textures – Advent 2013

Twisted Trinkets – Advent 2013

Timeless Textures – Advent 2013

Sway’s – Advent 2013

*Nerdy Girl* – 2013 Daily Gift (12/14 – 12/25)

++MRSTYLE++ – Advent 2013

Moonstar – Advent 2013

Miss Darcy – 12 Days of Xmas 2013

Mieville Christkindlmarkt! – Advent 2013

Leri Miles Designs – Advent 2013 (0L – 100L daily)

LeCock – Advent 2013

Larnia Kids Mainstore – Advent 2013

~Lantian Flox~ Advent 2013

::: Krystal ::: & Kouse’s Sanctum – Advent 2013 (10L-40L daily)

❤ JFC bikes – Advent 2013

Isis Boutique – Advent 2013

Hunt & Hunter Resource Center – Advent 2013 (1L daily)

GINZA jewelry Kohime – Advent 2013

Gatsby’s – Advent 2013

freebiecosmos – Advent 2013 (Group Only, 0L Join Fee)

Eternal Dream Poses – Advent 2013 (Group Only, *150L* Join Fee)

:: envi ::   Advent 2013 (12/1 – 12/9)

Dressed by Lexi – 12 Days of Xmas Hunt 2013

Drama Libre – Advent 2013

DMC DarkMoon Creations – Advent 2013

DeVicious Mainstore – Advent 2013 (0-99L daily)

[CIRCA] Living – Advent 2013 (Group Only, $1L Join Fee)

CHOP ZUEY COUTURE – 12 Days of Xmas 2013

Charisma’s Designs – Advent 2013 (Group Only, OL join Fee)

Beyond the Mists – Advent 2013

[][] beach street [][] home and garden – Advent 2013

Baby Monkey – 12 Days of Xmas (Group Only, 250L Join Fee)

Artistry by ~ E ~ Advent 2013

Akaesha – Advent 2013 (Group Only, 0L Join Fee)

Aileen’s Shabby Chic – Advent 2013

22769 – Casual Couture – Advent 2013

22769 ~ [bauwerk] – Advent 2013