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Fun fits. (Freebie(s)).

The Apricot Paws shop provides clothes and accessories mainly for the alternative shapes in SL such as furries. Sometimes though these shops can have hidden treasures for us “standards” and this blouse is a prime example of it.

This is the copy I’ve had in my invent from the first time I blogged it as it’s just so good. You get a more cropped version as well as a hud just for the tie. Lots of normal fits as well.

I had to pull a basic pose as these shorts didn’t come in a Legacy fit and the Maitreya was ok just not as good as I’d have hoped.

A very “Beetlejuice” theme to this look. The interesting bit is I’m still wearing the “stand-alone” shorts but you can add the leg parts on as well. Excellent texturing with a leather feel to them.

Just for fun these wearable “Chompy Warmers”

To find these and other gifts then head to the back of the shop BUT veer right and check out a coat for sale. I’ve had a demo of that coat in my invent for as long as I’ve had that purple blouse. It’s just a fab coat, fits of all sizes, reasonably priced etc so make sure to check that and the whole shop out.

PS. On the floor near the wall of group, gifts are a couple of boxes which contain older gifts. So far what I’ve unpacked has been interesting but unwearable for me. Still fun to unpack and work your way through.

Apricot Paws.

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I have a list. (Freebie).

Last year Nadja made a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the shops that have Black Friday offers and I swear she must have the patience of a Saint because she included LM’s, what they sell plus the details of the sale basically everything which blows my mind.

The only thing is I’m a Cheap B* so I just want the free/cheap(er) stuff but this list has so many shops I’ve forgotten to visit in a long time and so I’m looking forward to visiting them over the next few weeks. The only thing I can suggest to you is just going to your favourite shop and see if they have a sale on first and then check your group notices for any info.

Blackstone is on her list as it does have some clothes at a discount it also has this freebie for us.

I spotted the lovely lacy sleeves straight away which has given this “classic” style dress an extra design notch. This is free because it’s an “MGSN” gift which stands for “Maitreya Gifts, Sales and News”. The Blackstone shop does have its own group and for the 50Ld price tag, some really nice outfits however limited in fits so if you’re tempted make sure to check the sizing out first.

Blackstone Shop.

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Give me credit! (Free Gift Card).

What a rotten morning of piddling little “meh’s” fortunately I’m in the position I can put things off to tomorrow when hopefully life will stop borking.

So naturally, I log inworld for a little break and find some credit at the LuluB shop and also a discounted sale.

It’s the box you see that you click to get the free gift card. From what I read it looks like the LuluB group is also free for a limited time.

The stock in this shop is mainly wearables and although the rain clouds really tempted me, and suit how my day has gone so far when I spotted the gift card is trans I just had to pass it on to someone else…LOVE doing that.


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Lazy Post. (Free 500Ld Gift Card).

Just as I was about to log out a notice came through from the “Next Door Design” group that they have a 500Ld shop credit for group members since I am a group member and I love free credit I rushed over.

It’s a bright red notice on the easel just outside the shop door. Not going to lie I forgot to take a picture, its easy to see, as I saw it was actually a gift card and not shop credit so I passed it on and then logged out. I’ve actually already gotten a couple of items from this shop so I decided I may as well treat someone else.

Next Door Designs.

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I save to spend. (Freebie & Mention of Spendy).

When I find something in SL I want it doesn’t matter the price tag so I will show you the freebie first and then tell you about my spendy.

The snowmen are the gifts from the latest round of the Cosmopolitan event. Just slap the easel just inside the door, once you’ve joined the group, and then they’re sent to you.

As for the “spendy”, those “Basalt cliffs of Whitlock” rocks behind the snowmen are just the delivery box and when I log back inworld to unpack I get the same sort of rocks in various shapes and sizes. I think I paid 599Lds and I can’t wait to add them to my island home. Konoha is the name of the seller’s shop and I do have some trees and maybe grasses I’ve previously purchased. I don’t think there are any freebies but you know I’m gonna check so there maybe an update.

Cosmopolitan Event.

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Coffee time. (Dollarbie).

SL was lagging so I logged out, topped up my coffee intake, logged into Amazon Prime to buy myself something I don’t need and then logged into the SL marketplace for something else I don’t need but for 1Ld worth it.

I tried to angle the photo so you could see clearly that the ankle strap is a snake.

I did call into the inworld shop where these are one of the group gifts, the group does cost 10Lds to join and there are other group gifts but apart from these shoes, I didn’t spot anything new. I will give you the link for both the MP and Inworld shop for you to check both options out.

PS. if in doubt even though its 1Ld you can still try the demo.

E.D.D.A. (Marketplace).

E.D.D.A. (Inworld).

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This has to be new as it popped up in my feed but I do recognise the other gifts in the “MeHoney” shop.

I’ve just realised that my hands are covering the nice frill/bow detailing. Never mind, free to try it out for yourself and a nice amount of colours in a hud….a nice easy start to a much-needed lazy day.