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More than Landscaping. (Group Gifts).

It’s funny that in all the times I’ve visited the LOVE superstore I’ve never really paid much attention to the boards showing the clothing offers as it’s the landscaping and weekly offers I go for but this time I checked and to my surprise yeah, LOVE has 2 clothing shops on a shared platform!

The LOVE group costs 10Lds to join and next to the LM are a few group gifts, a top, a couple of dresses etc “classic” in design and a wearable heart thingi. Then you have this outfit!

Pretty stand-out outfit for sure and the added hud means you can play with all the colours. I will say that the dress and hardness are linked and the same for the mask and headdress

I TP’d to the landscaping shop to make sure the group tag works there as well and it does. Although the group gifts there haven’t changed for a long time if you haven’t got it then hop on the yoga rug as not only does it have some really smooth yoga poses in it it also makes a really good decor item.

PS. Faith just did a post on the Wanderlust weekly gift but I’ve just bought the “Winter branch/bush cluster” pack for only 50Lds. Every time I visit I walk away with something from that shop! There is also a “Primpal” system which looks pretty interesting and it too is on offer for 50Lds.

LOVE Superstore. (Fashion)

LOVE Superstore. (Landscaping).

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It’s weird out there. (Freebies).

I took this picture on the sandbox I use to unpack items I suspect are primmy and this backdrop is primmy.

I love when you pick up a random gift box not knowing what’s inside and inside is some really good gifts.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this grey pattern and laced up fronted skirt and boots. I suspect that they’re using a newer template as the shoulders are less bulky and a nice amount of folds/creases.

I had wanted to show you one of the other outfits but my computer decided it had had enough and went on a go-slow protest which is a shame as it’s not often an outfit with a graphic design on it piques my interest but this one did so I will leave that and the third gift as the surprise.

Pay Attention: As the LM takes you to the outside of the Pink Cherry shop and this is a gift from the Apple Heart shop so you need to turn around and the first shop on your left is the Apple Heart shop and you simply buy the hatbox for 0Lds.

UPDATE Because I hadn’t spotted that the pumpkin was also a gift for 0Lds and yeah it too is worth picking up.

Apple Heart.

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You don’t need a home to be a winner. (Apple Fall’s Monday Perk & Group Gift).

I think most people who chose to have a home inworld know about Apple Fall’s “Mondays Perk” but did you know that you have two prize options?

You can take the prize either in Apple Fall product or in cold hard Lindens. I think that’s so nice that they’ve taken into account either those who don’t live in SL or for those of us who already own so many pieces of Apple Fall products we’d struggle to find something to spend the shop credit on and so would prefer the Lindens.

All you need to do to be registered for this to join the free Apple Fall group and pop in, that’s it. You’re automatically registered. Before you, TP out you could grab this 1 prim stag head.

As it’s usually pretty crowded on a Monday I just grabbed the first stag head I saw and then TP’d out. I think this is the “aged and oiled” one.

Tomorrow I will return to check out the other shade options and then have a nice quiet saunter through the Apple Fall shop to see if there are any new secreted gifts dotted about.

As always a reminder that at the back of the shop is a sign on the wall for the outlet dept, click and you’re TP’d there and that’s where you will find many freebies inc full furniture sets and decent discounts.

PS. It might be good to stay in the Apple Fall group as winners are announced in the group

Apple Fall.

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Trust me, Lucky Me. (Lucky Boards).

I get my Mina hair for free which I have mentioned a few times and even after all these years I get a thrill when I know there is a new product for sale. Not everyone is as lucky so when I found this big board of lucky board hairs I just knew I’d have to show it to you.

I actually won 4 hairs straight away now for the “but”, I suspect these are older Nyne hairs as they don’t have that fine strand texture that newer hair has. Nothing wrong with that though as it’s also leaning towards a Kawaii/stylised look. So for some, it’s a look they love and for others, it’s free hair for just a little waiting time.

I’ve taken a picture of the shop from the outside to make it a bit easier for you to find it.

This shop is on a shopping platform called “Luminous Hallway.” and it is. Since you may miss the shop entrance as there are fake shop fronts as well as other shops I’ve taken this picture of the entrance to help you find it. There is a group gift in the main entrance, a BOM bodysuit I believe and the wall of lucky boards is on the back wall.

Once you’ve checked this shop out then check the rest as I did spot a few other random gifts and I got myself a dollarbie set of poses as well as some excellent jeans from the lucky board in the Moxxi shop.


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Faith is itching. (Freebies).

Faith is really itching to turn the sim into full winter/Christmas mode but she’s keeping herself under control and so far has only just done a very nice wintery area for us to take pictures in.

The freebies are just the pile of gifts and the plain Christmas tree, everything else is Faiths work.

I was only going to show you the tree as although the snow effect is blurring the details the bare branches are so realistic and only 2 prims!

Then just before I logged off I decided I should unpack at least one of the other gifts and this pile of gift boxes with the dust sheet are wowzers. I like how these boxes are big which is different from the usual small stack under the tree size. Only 2 prims! I kid you not, even Faith who had a sneaky prim check was surprised! So shove a set in your attic as well as under the tree.

These gifts and more are to be found at the Bad Unicorn LM so don’t use the TP board to check out the different departments before you’ve grabbed the gifts first.

Bad Unicorn.

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A mixed bag. (Freebie(ss)).

I have RL work to do so I was happy to find before I logged off a table full of gifts in the Jasmine Clothing shop.

Although there is a gift for the free Jasmine Clothing group from the quick clicks on the random boxes showed that they are gifts for different free groups. So if you’re willing to join and then unjoin you can pick up quite a few things. This dress was in the first box I opened, sorry I’ve forgotten the group it belongs to, and because it’s pretty nice and my fit I went for it.

Jasmine Clothing.

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Remember, remember the …OH I forgot! (Free, Cheap & Cheaper).

I totally forgot that it’s the 5th of November and in the UK we celebrate bonfire night with lots of fireworks, food, drink, family, friends or in our case because we forgot it’s just us two and a mug of coffee in front of the TV!

I also forgot to do my regular check at the Ricielli shop to see if it has updated its hunt prize board and to my surprise it has. Although the theme is Halloween there is nothing spooky about any of the clothes which can be worn all year round. Each gift is just 15Ld and there is an excellent mix of tops, skirts & skimpies.

The “free” is something you will probably recognise and own as these pants from Evie are a classic staple which have been well blogged by everyone inc ourselves. Plenty of fits and the addition of a great hud of colours means they just go with everything. I didn’t see any new gifts in the Evie shop but check out the backroom with these and all the other group gifts for yourself.

As for the FLF (Fifty Linden Friday), it’s those glass bottles. They’re from the Pitaya shop and they’re perfect for my home. I’ve not decided where they’re going to go as yet but then again it’s half the fun is rearranging the clutter around you.

Ricielli. (Hunt Prize).

Evie. (Group Gift).

Pitaya. (FLF offer).