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Pants! (Freebie(ss)).

The freebie is just the pants.

These pants come from a shop called Dreams you do get a big hud of colours however the colours are all very dark which is a shame as they do hide lot of the interesting details but at least you can see that sheer panel with the embroidery and they also appear slightly darker in this picture than they do inworld.

These are a “Suna” group gift and they’re on the wall with the other free or cheap groups.

The Dreams shop group does cost 50Lds to join and there is a wall of Lucky Boards as well as group gifts and a discount on each purchase for group members.

DON’T rush off without checking the wall of new items esp the “Business Pants”. So tempting! Only 50Lds or 40Lds for a 2 shade pack and then I spotted that you can buy the fatpack of 22 shades for only 125Lds or 100Lds, obviously the lower price is for group members. The only thing that stopped me from buying is of course the fit…my SLink P addiction saves me a lot of money lol but if I do cave into temptation you will see me wearing them in my next post. I’m going to try the demo on again just to see if I can get away with it.


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Worth it. (5+1Ld gift & Mention of Freebies).

A couple of days ago I did a post and mentioned that either I or SL were borking and one of the outfits I wanted to show you wouldn’t turn up so today since SL seems to be behaving itself I returned to the GeMyles shop paid another 5Lds to join the group and then 1Ld to buy this outfit and as you can see this time it was sent to me.

Although the editing has darkened the colour some what I’m super pleased with all of the shades you get in the fat pack hud, 32 with a texture and 32 plain I believe. The shoes are also included, SLink only, and when you use the hud to change the cat suit(?) the shoes change to the matching colour.

As I was pulling my pose there was a lot of notices from the MLM Frees and Offers group for other goodies so if you’re not already in that group you may want to remain in it.

Now I’m going to tease you with my hair.

It’s a Mina hair of course, NOT available at the moment. It’s so new there isn’t even a demo out but you know that as soon as it is I will be telling you more. The reason I decided to use this hair is just check out that colour, what an unusual colour combo and yet it works! Actually the best thing about the hair is not the colour palette but the add on that comes with it which of course I will tell you all about it when the hair is for sale.

I’m going to give you two links the first is to where the group gifts/lucky boards etc are in the GeMyles shop and the other link is to my previous post as it mentions the other freebies which are in a different area.

You by GeMyles & HM Couture.

GeMyles & HM Couture Post.

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Look again. (Bargains galore).

We all know that sometimes a group can change it’s joining fee so I’m pretty sure the Tachinni group cost more to join than the 15Lds it costs at the moment to join. As yet there isn’t a new gift out but this bikini and the “skort” & cheeky blouse are worth it for the fee alone. There is also 3 lucky boards with good prizes.

As it happens the LM is set to take you to between the Tachinni and Vision shop.

Tachinni is behind you and Vision is in front of you and that too has a super cheap group fee of just 18Lds. Again I’m pretty sure that I’ve shown you all of the gifts so you may already have them but for some of you they’re new. I can’t remember how many gifts there are in total but I will guess at about 12 in total.

Tachinni & Vision.

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2 Extremes. (Freebie(sss)).

I was meandering around a shopping sim and spotted outside of a lot of the shops signposts for the “SLF Anniversary Event” and we all know that next to a Birthday Event an Anniversary one is just as good for goodies.

I’m only showing you two of the gifts from the gift wall next to the LM the rest I will leave as suprises and there is a nice mix of items as well.

I was actually in the Acrid shop, on the shopping sim, admiring a bed before I spoted the notice boards and this is their gift of a 1 prim neon tap. Very interesting and another reminder I need to start cleaning up the clutter on my land.

These shoes do look very familiar to me. I suspect they were a gift from a previous event/offer and of course I could be totally wrong as I did check and I don’t have these and I know I would have kept them.

No shade intended thinking that they might be old gifts dusted off as I always think when a gift is top quality they can put it out/keep it out for as long as they want as that gives everyone a chance to get them. I believe these are from a shop called “Look at me” and the style is familar but not the shop name.

I’m going to give you the 2 LM’s one for the event and the other for the shopping sim so once you’ve saved money on the freebies you can spend money in the shops.

PS. This event is over on the 31st so still a few days left and I will be returning to check it out fully myself when I get back inworld.

SLF Gifts. (Birthday Event).

Veles Shops & Events.(Shopping Sim).

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Addams VIP, HURRY.

I’m in the Addams group which only costs 19Lds but I’ve been ignoring all the posts and comments till now which is why this is a RUSH job.

Turns out the second Addams group which is their VIP group is now only 5Lds to join and the comments also said there is a 500Ld gift card for all new members and I’m in such a rush to get this post out to you so hopefully you can join and get the gift card I’ve not actually located where it is in the shop, just follow the crowd as you can imagine it’s super busy….good luck and I will race you there.

I’ve managed to find where you click for the credit and hopefully given you a LM which takes you to where you can see me standing.

UPDATE: The offer is still up and running and Addams seems to have quietened down so again, go now.


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Home Sweet Home. (Freebie(ss) & Reminder).

Not only do I love the colour of this t-shirt I actually really like the “meowtallicat” picture on the front and I normally don’t care for slogans or images on my clothing. I must be getting soft about them though as it wasn’t too long ago when I blogged some other t-shirts with imagery on the front.

This is super shop quality, ie plenty of wrinkles/folds and although you get it from the Amataria shop it is a Mesh Body Friends” gift. It comes with matching panties and I can’t show you them as they didn’t come in either SLink fits.

There is another gift this time for the SL F&O group of a strapless bodycon dress.

I almost missed them as they’re on the wall to your right as you go into the shop. When I saw this I grabbed and ran so when I return I will be checking the shop out fully.

As for the reminder, it’s that the 50% sale at HISA is over today so if you had you’re eye out on a new home and there are now a small amount of landscaping then you need to go now and not put it off till tomorrow.

PS. The notice also said that there is a new building under construction and every HISA lover knows that they like to put out their latest and unfinished builds to let people see them being created until they’re ready for sale and I can’t wait to log back in, grab the LM for the Amataria shop, check it out and then finish off my SLing time with a trip to HISA.

UPDATE. Not only is the Amataria group free there are some excellent group gift, some I know I’ve shown you and some I know I can’t show you as not my fit. These gifts are to be found on the wall with the door leading to the right side of the shop. PLUS check out their Marketplace shop. Agai

Amataria. & Evolve.

Amataria Marketplace.


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No promises. (Freebie(ss))?

As I was sim hopping I spotted in the distance a massive Eiffel tower and a Ferris wheel which tweaked my curiosity so I quickly flew over and I’m glad I did.

They’re at a shopping mall called “Japan Super Mall” it’s a basic “mall” of cubes stacked on top of each other and each cube is packed with total random silly/basic/fun/cheap & unusual stuff. Yes a lot of stuff which has an old school sculptie look to which appeals to some and not to others.

I personally love this sort of shopping sim as it’s just so random you cannot help but walk from stall to stall checking everything out and so far because of RL limitation I’ve only scratched the surface of this event. So tomorrow I will log back inworld in the morning with a big mug of coffee and have a relaxing time checking the rest of the shops out and I’ve also got a couple of LM’s in a folder to check out.

As for this little garden/forest scene. I got this from the “Jad Gardens” stall. Sadly non mod but at only 5 prims a very handy little filler for someone with a small garden or a patch in an exsisting garden.

Japan Super Mall.