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Jackpot Gacha ! (gacha & freebies)

Jackpot Gacha - Belle Epoque - $30L per try !

Oh my sweet days, a gacha event here you could win more stuff on each try – well whats a girl to do? Go over there and give it a whirllllllllll. First port of call was naturally Belle Époque, I love this designers clothing and was dead chuffed to see not one but two possible outcomes – good or bad, white or black. My good girl vibes must have paid off as I won the rare white dress (squeeee), the pink bag and white shoes – at $30L a pop, that’s the princely sum of just $90L *faints*

Jackpot Gacha - Belle Epoque shoes $30L !

Heres the shooz, I’m wearing them with my SLink high feet – I lovessss them !

Jackpot Gacha - FREE wearable Christmas Donkey with wearable bells !

If you go for no other reason than the free gifts, which are plentiful, plus “cheapies” for the occasion, do nab this adorable free Christmas Donkey from United InshCon. Ohhh gosh how excited was I to find its a wearable set up – no prims used and plenty of fun, also comes with wearable sleigh bells. So anyway, I had a go on Ui’s gacha for the sweet little piggies, and not only won the ultra rare, but was given two more piggies! Three pigs for the price of one, I was ecstatic , seriously,(play one time, you may get one, TWO or even THREE prizes for the price of one.) So many well-loved designers in this event, it would be a real shame to miss out. One more thing –  Final Jackpot of 50 FREE PULLS to spend at any machine at the Fair for one lucky winner! oot oot .

Jackpot Gacha

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Higgeldy Piggeldy

CIRCA - table & chairs set -  Eclectica Flora summer hat NEW! Eclectica Hollywood shoes  coldLogic louise dress - [ba] mesh prefab bungalow

Ohmaigosh, only a couple more days for The Home & Garden Expo ! I still have SO much to share with you , sooo in a brave all out attempt not to miss (too much anyway) I’m going to post a LOT …feel free to ignore my rambling and eyeball only ! Here I am sat on the patio of yet another home by the talented Mister Anubis, that I just couldn’t refuse to own. It’s a mesh bungalow style build, a really spacious layout with lots of rooms and features built right in. Its even got a fireplace on the patio ! Check it out, you can’t fail to notice the quality of the build. I’m having a coffee (as per usual) lounging on the [CIRCA] – “French Persuation”  table and chairs set, absolutely love the animations in the chairs and the wearable props are top notch! (thank you Cherelle xx) Ohhh just a teaser, I’m wearing the new “Flora” sun hat by Elcectica, isn’t it just gorgy?! As with Tiffy’s jewelry pieces, this has SO many options on colour for lots of parts, hair included, or without if you prefer . (Thanks Tiffy xx)


Another item from [CIRCA] is this Ocean Traveller Ladder set, beautifully textured pillows, set before a shelving unit crammed with nic naks and a pretty potted fern.

Home & Garden Expo BA

Inside, the Barnesworth Anubis bungalow is just as well-built as the outside, I’ve placed these stunning pieces by  Dekute Dekore, a new-to-me designer, but one I shall definitely go visit when the Expo is over to see more ! Incredible realism on both the couch and chair…and SO low prim, plus great poses, whats not to love.

Home & Garden Expo Cobblestone RFL items

Couldnt resist sharing these items from Cobblestone with bright & breezy. The ladder inspired shelf is so right now and the framed prints would jolly up any home ! Both these pieces are RFL items I believe…so dig deep !

The Home & Garden Expo web site (all landmarks and hunt info here)

Eclectica (for the Flora sunhat)


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Unhinged Festival – part trois

Oh my French is trois three? Hmm uhm I think so ! Anywayyy…heres another handful of the oooodles of items you can snatch up at the unhinged event…let me say this…and I will try not to babbble on …




Okkk….got that outta the way…now listen up…get yourself over to the Unhinged Festival….drool over these amazing mesh avatars by Skulpritt…dribble down your front when you see the biplane, the hover car & hot air balloon…and then BUY THEM. They are gonna be the most fun thing you’ve had for a longggggg time ! SERIOUSLY !

I can’t tell you how much I laughed scooting around in my little plane and pilot avatar…deadly cute…sooper deelighful…highly addictive. There is a choice of avatars (YES *airpunch* even a pink one) and also wearable vehicles to go with them…if you don’t laugh when you wear these…you are made.of.stone !  The detail is truly amazing…and so easy to wear, I’m told you can also use the avatar wearing your own hair if you don’t wear the cap…but I so so SO loved the complete thing.  The vehicles are in gatcha machines with all sortsa colour combo to win, the mesh avatars you can choose which one you want, perfect! I’m off to buzz around in mine – thanks Eku ❤

Unhinged Festival

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Unhinged Festival part deux

If I didn’t see you at the opening partay yesterday….booooooooo! You missed a whole heapa fun…good news is there is more LIVE entertainment today hooohaaaah! (check the schedule on my first unhinged post below or look at their blog page for more info) Got a couple more items to show you from the shopping fandango…and ooooodles more to come in the next few days – this event lasts for a month , so PLENTY of time to feed those gatcha machines, ohhhhh also…dont forget you can trade your gatcha items with friends (or if you’re really lovely give them as gifts) Anyyyyhooooo above I’m wearing one of those divine SAKIDE skull dress in blue, which happened to match up so well with my fabbo  Candybytes Boleyn Boots ! Theres squooodles of colours of these boots in the gatcha machine and SO reasonably priced you will be sure to want a few…day & night colours…I was Zans best mate for five seconds when I gave her a pair I had duplicated !

Geometry have these tops out for the event also “Eku tank”, millions of colours to choose from, you can also wear it as a cropped style…two tops in one, love that !

They also have this sooper sweet little mesh apron style frock up for grabs, it has a real fresh and country design…absolutely loads of colours to gawp at ! (feeling a little like Scarlet O’Hara in this shot lol)

Last up for this morning is this terrific mesh dress from {MV} The Jolly Roger dress and matching boots…nifty plaid pattern and a large range of tones…tiny teeny skull motif’s on both, torn fishnets complete the look…

zoooom in on my delish necklace, it’s very detailed and I just want to wear it alllla-the-time! By H0R…they have a few other items out for sale too…but this one…its totally fabulous…and I adore it. I will trickle feed more from unhinged over the coming days…stay tuned and get shopping!

Unhinged Festival event

Unhinged Blog (all info plus a brill video of the event location to see)

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Hope for Emilia

“Hope for Emilia” – has opened ! Not sure what that is? Wellll…here you go (from the official notecard)

HOPE FOR EMILIA is an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fundraise for the victims of earthquake in Emilia, Italy. As most of the world is aware, the northern region of Italy has been hit by devastating earthquakes during the last several months. The first earthquake, registering a magnitude of 6.1, struck in the Emilia-Romagna region, on May 20th of 2012. Two aftershocks with a magnitude of 5.2 occurred a few hours after the main event, and seven people were killed. Nine days later, on May 29th, an additional earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 struck the same area causing an additional eighteen deaths and widespread damage, particularly to buildings already weakened by the May 20th earthquake. And again on June 3rd, 4th and 6th,  aftershocks struck the region, causing panic among terrified people, who still don’t know if this incubus is going to continue.More info here:

….The outfit I’m wearing is from Legal insanity, they are participating in this event…and their item is 100% donation to this important cause. Beautiful ruffled skirt and a halter top…come sin a variety of colours ! There are heapsss of designers at this event…go see !

Hope for Emilia

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Arisaris at Fashion For Life

yay! One of my fav stores is at Fashion For Life…and they bought along a mesh dress that I just adore..Ive blogged it upon its release but it’s SO worth seeing again…and of course ArisAris also has items in their store that donate to the American Cancer Society, plusss a gacha item (also a lovely gift inside their store, wont spoil the surprise but its adorbs !

A new release to make your heart go pitty these gorgeousss suede fab! Easy to use HUD for skin tones and pedi colours (lotsss of pretty colours for tootsies!) I ❤ these verrrrry much…still stomping around in them …thanks Ariadne xx

Im actually out and about at FFL right now..ohmai MOCK have a gacha *squeeee* 20L a pop…Iam unmolested by the lag monster..the builds are AMAZING…come and wander with me !

Fashion For Life Arisaris


Got Water?

The Little Big Shop Event

I’m always keen to get involved with events that support a real life charity, and today Tala Swan (of ello poppet fame !) contacted me about her latest project. Some of you might recall we covered an event by Tala & Yasmino Gossipgirl  the “Little big shop” fair a few months back. This time its similar but it will support “The water project”. (see here for info about this organisation )

Whenever I see those adverts on television, where children have to walk miles to get a bowl of water, or even worse are forced to drink dirty water and try to cope with the effects & diseases that has, my hand digs deep. I think a lot of us may be a wee bit guilty of taking our fresh water supply SO much for granted!

Little big shop is an awesome concept, briefly…its about Larger stores & creators helping the smaller / newer people. Advice is given & support. Each little store is teamed up with a big one for the event..its kinda sweet but actually VERY smart.

Sooo the best of both worlds, raising awareness & cash for The water project and sharing  knowledge with other huh ? Apart from that..its also damm fine shopping yay!

If you’re a creator and are interested in applying for a spot in the event, please contact Tala Swan (notecard is prolly bestest) If you’re an artist and would like to apply to make an installation at the event, you need to contact Faint Paulse. The brief I read sounds devine…I cant WAIT to come see it all !

The event runs for a whole month (hurrrah!)  April 15th to May 15th – this is a heads up for designers & artists (as deadlines are tight to get everything organised-you’ll need to make contact soooon!) and a whistle wetter for us shoppers ..I will remind you nearer the time also !

Here is the rather illustrious list of sponsors for the event :

Four Yip -Artist
Am Radio – Artist
Tala Swan – TLBS Co- owner – Ello Poppet
Maddox Dupont -MAD Designs
Lavinia Laviolette
Faint Pulse – ladies with lunch
Yasmino Gossipgirl – TLBS Co -owner – Honey and Vingar 
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna – Outrageous Glamour INC.
Pennelope Thiessam – Owner od Rumor