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Enticing you with fantastic news !

EB awareness Event - Entice

Great news lovelies ! The EB awareness event has been extended yippeee! Its been such a great success this past week, really has been on a roll – however because of the issues in SecondLife effecting log ins, teleports etc, its been decided to have another whole week *squeeee*. The original location is already pre-booked for a wedding (aww LOVE weddings – I may gate crash!) So, the lovely Ray Burdeyna has given the event a new home for another week at Myth. Landmark below for you. Anyyyywayy, more news is a brand spanking new store has joined in called Entice, they have several items on offer – all of which give a staggering 75% of all sales to the charity. I’m wearing the butterfly maxi dress above, totally adore the bright turquoise tone, so summery with all the flutters spiralling over the fabric.  The back has a low cut which is very sensual.

EB awareness Event - Entice NEW!

I also wanted to show you this little frock from Entice, again the butterfly theme but this time on a much shorter sassy style. Beautiful rusty orange tones, it made me feel like “I” am a butterfly !

EB awareness event – NEW location from Tuesday 6th May

EB awareness event – Location till Monday 5th May.

Eb awareness blog

Debra of America – to donate directly

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EB Awareness Event – part deux !


EB awareness Phunk - butterfly dress new!

Hello lovelies happy Tuesday! Its day two of the EB awareness Event – ohmaiii have you been yet?! Well if you haven’t you’re missing out. I posted the schedule of events yesterday HERE– so catch up and don’t be a slow-poke *wink*. Today I’ve got some fahhhbulous finds from the event, above is a delightfully girly dress by Phunk – I’ve not heard of this designer before but I shall certainly be hopping over to their mainstore for a peek. Lovely blouson styling covered with butterflies !

EB DBS Devra's pearls set

Designs by Sebastian has a whole host of sparklies for you to buy. I was really taken by this set called “Devra’s Pearls”. So many options in the box. I’ve almost managed to wear the whole lot. Totally gorgeous, I feel like a little wood nymph drifting about in it. I don’t think I’ve ever worn anything so intricately made before, stunning.

EB awareness butterfly set

It’s not allllll about hair & frocks, and just to prove it here’s some décor & furniture that’s there for you to grab up. All the items above are by Kaerri – another new to me store – that’s the great thing about these events, you always get to see something fresh. Super poses in the chair, the tub of roses is just 2 prims !

EB Awareness Event NEW!

A few more pieces for you to dribble over – my absolute favourite item has to be the wardrobe – only 3 prims and the doors open. The bright red butterfly motif really makes these POP! I really was surprised when I checked the chair, just 2 prims , unbelievabubble.

EB awareness Blog

Debra of America – for all info about the condition and to donate directly.

EB awareness Event Location


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Spread The Love – By The SLGBT Alliance


SLGBTA - FOllowUs - Sax Shepherd -

If you love gacha type events and you also want to be doing your bit for a great charity (P Flag) Lots of topnotch designers are participating, which always makes for a fun filled event ! Followus have this fantastic set on offer, Laurent the maker said the poses are mostly designed with guys in mind, but I have to say they all fitted me perfectly. Stonkingly low primmed, so none of the set will eat up your prim budget, and ohhhmaigosh it’s SO incredibly detailed I wanted to faint *swoon*. I’m also wearing one of the gacha tee’s by songbird, brill collection of zesty coloured hearts on a plain black background (50L a play !) and shoooooz by Sax Shepherd, for slink flat feet and only 99L ! They have a HUD, and you can play with the black & red colours to get a few different looks.

free bird cats - interactive plushie toy - transferable ! Spread The Love event

I fell in lurve with these little kitty cats by Free Bird. Not just a pretty thing but interactive also ! Gawd I so adore these little kitties. The rainbow one is the rare gacha win, but the others are all so cute too, you can’t go wrong. There are 3 levels to unlock , all of which contain different phrases they will say to you in response to touching them awwww ! My two keep puffing clouds of sparkles…I think they like me ❤ Ohhh transferable – so ideal for a pressie. The chair is part of a set by Prime, SO deco, SO stylish , different tones available . 10 commons, 3 rares and at just 100L a pop you could totally transform your space. Gay, Lesbian and straight animations, depending on what you win – also transferable yay!

10L Skin - limited offer - salvations dress - bananan necklaces - Spread the love event

No Salvation is offering this dress , beautiful rainbow hues all over it, with capped and fluted sleeves, pretty little thing and 50% of each sale going to P-FLAG. great stuff. My necklace is one of the gacha prizes from bananan, this is a RARE item, there are 4 commons and two rares to be won !

Meadow Works - Spread The Love Gacha

If you love those low prim marquee lights that are all around at the moment and so trendy, you’re gonna love this next bundle of gacha wins! Meadow works have these vintage mesh lights up for grabs, they flicker, and switch on and off, so retro ! 7 common and 4 rares to win , the stag and 1 love are both a RARE win btw. Gawd I so love them all, some really lovely styles to get your paws on.

10L Skin - limited time offer !

If you’re wondering about my skin I’ve been wearing throughout, it’s a market place find from Bodylicious. Valentina peach, delicate lightly tanned tone with lush red lips, only 10L for a limited time. You can also buy the shape and teeth alpha – I’m broke currently so am wearing it with my own shape, which looks gorgy !

Spread The Love

Bodylicious skin offer