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Not free, not new(?)but a place you can go.(Super Bargain & Dollarbie).

I am pretty sure that this 20Ld bikini set is a reblog as the style of it is so familiar and yet I can’t remember if the one I had, from oodles ago, came with a sheer or non-sheer version and add to that you get a MASSIVE hud option for the colours.  It’s one where you can select preset colours or use the slider to shade it to the exact shade you want.

As it happens we have placed this pool in sim so if you want to dip your AV toes into some cool water or just sit and chill you know you’re all welcome.

Our sim is open to all and anyone is free to roam and wander.  Don’t judge me as I’m still in full rebuild mode because of my swimming pool so “don’t mind the mess”.

Also, don’t worry that you will be bothered or you have to say anything to us because 90% of the time we’re hunting the goodies down or on our platforms rezzing away.  We don’t even talk to each other as well as Faith can be on her platform and I will be on my own and we’re in our own little SL world LOL.

These are shades I picked using the slider.  I also picked up this dollarbie ice cream bag because I thought it was cute and would make a great decor item as I don’t wear bags.  It does come with a post but I can’t use it as a decor item as at 17 prims it’s too primmy…damn those prims!

Bikini (Marketplace)

Handbag (Marketplace)

Home Sweet Home

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I didn’t need it, I shouldn’t have bought it, I don’t have anywhere to put it and yet….I couldn’t resist it!

CorneredOver the years I have lived in many homes but all have been along the lines of retro, old, shabby chic etc and over the years I have amassed a lot of old Victoriana style items including ovens but when I saw this full sized great detailed old Victorian Range from Storax Tree and I just had to have it.  It’s 24 prims, comes without the accessories.  200Lds and worth both the prims and the price.  This is a great room filler.  For those of you into RPing this is amazing and for those who aren’t but love the old style a great look can be created.

Cornered1Quickly digs out my sexy lola tango maids outfit so I can pose next to it just so you can see the size of the range which is the exact size an old range would be.  Even if your not into the look still check out StoraxTree which I know well because it usually has a hunt or in this case 2 hunts going on and best of all check out the range because sitting on it is the Menu Mania Heaven Hud (MMHH letters) for 5Lds you get a cool AFK prop pose but splash out a bit more and the 49Lds for the Birds and the Bee’s hunt (a big bird) and you get an amazing over sized shoe for you to  pose on.

And then I spotted the “clippie mats” which made me squeal.  I come from the North East of the UK and we call them clippie mats but most people call them rag rugs.  The texturing is so realistic of fabric strips woven into bright garden patternsand only 50Lds.

The Sexy Maid outfit comes from Gathering which is a shop for the bustiest of the busty.  It has a range of clothing not just for Lolas but all the boobs out there.  Yes it has the tarty and trashy but also the elegant and unusual.  Costumes such as the maids one or full lenth ball gowns.

Storax Tree


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ColdLogic…The Great Colour Seduction

Sooo there I was…innocently rezzing boxes and opening…filing…sorting things into my inventory, when..I emptied this one box…and BOOM !! as jewels…juicy as crisp green apples…my eye’s were assualted by zessssstiness….my mouth actually watered as I looked at each piece…ever had that? I havent ! ColdLogic are fully to blame for me eating several strawberries followed by lemon sorbet (bang goes the diet-again) The new pieces are just gonna blowww you away…ok ok stop gabbing Faith…give up the info…above Im wearing the “may” capris and “may” combo jacket with tube top, both in an eyeball melting watermelon shade. The capris are a really welcome addition to the collection…I was hoping and hoping theyd come yay! Fabbo rumply lower leg…with a sweet buckle & tab fixing on the calf…subtle pin stripe runs through the fabric. Theres enough colours in these that youll wonder what you EVER did before you gottem! Nowww onto my favourite thing…the combo top arrangement. Its dead smart…because not only does it look scrummy as a whole piece worn can also choose to wear them as seperates…handy ! Go see the array of shades these two items are in..its shockingly good.

Now onto a new bunch of wardrobe staples..the keen top…its spotty and sweet..with a keyhole inspired neckline and short capped sleeves…perfect for these capris, jeans or the skirts from the last release, bundles of colours in this…

A different capri also for your “lepore”, no pinstripes just pure delicious cotton (with a very very slight sheen), they too come in a squillion colour options – but I was really drawn to this khaki green…classy shade , especially with its namesake combo top…yuppp a jacket & tube top you can wear individualy *squeee*. The stripes on the top are SO summery…and of course…whatever will you do without one of these shorty jackets?..Ive worn the “cole” version to death (I expect you noticed lol)

One more for today..and its a bright combo of the colours I just adored in this release. Ive been guilty of  staying safe with my colours sometimes..”Miss Beige”…but coldLogic lured me to the “Juicy side”…you can go mad with all the shades…mix them up for a wonderful tutti frutti effect! May capris in clementine and the newly released “early” top in a blistering aquamarine…love this little sweater tshirt , the front lifts up to expose your tum…and drapes tightly across your chest for added tease impact ! Find it all inworld or the market place,demos for everything available.  Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic: on the market place

coldLogic: mainstore inworld

All decor items by Lisp Bazaar, everything 10L a piece