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FaMESHed. All sizes are covered. (NEW Mina).

I’ve got this new Mina hair so early the event you get it from isn’t even open…….and now it’s open lol.

I couldn’t find a red bathing suit in my invent as I suspect this hair was named and styled after Pamela Anderson, oh! wait she’s just in the news for marrying again so really that should be Pamela Hayhurst now.

Then I remembered that I’d mentioned in my last post that I would tell you more about this hair so I’m recycling the photo as I think it just shows how much a hair can change the way you look.

This is the shade I most relate to and as always you get the super fat pack of shades, a shade slider, material/non-material option and sizes which includes the “Kupra” which turns out to be one of the more curvaceous shapes as this hair has definitely been designed to curve around your curves. So don’t worry if you’re not a “big lass” as there is a standard fit as well as a petite one.

As always, try the demo out at Mina’s main shop! No matter how good a hair/skin or make-up looks in any picture it’s only when you’re wearing it that you can tell if it works for you or not. I nearly always try the demo on before I get the full version but I am lucky as I have found Mina hairs to be just perfect for me.

Since this event, FaMESHed is opened just today as always link to Mina’s main shop and the Seraphim blog so you can see everything that’s on sale.

BTW, this is her newer design so the hair texturing is finer and the fatpack of shades is even fatter but there are similar styles to this so again as always have a look around her shop and try a few on before you make your mind up….it costs you nothing in the end lol.

Mina’s Main Shop. (Demo).

Seraphim Blog

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Happy Birthday SL & Neve 50% off sale & FREE gift!

So I’ve tried and tried to get into the shopping areas of Second Lifes 15th Birthday event – but failed epically . So I am forced to share the pics from Neve rather than wear them boohoo – anywayyy the big news is that to celebrate the birthday Neve are having a sale on their market place store – 50% discount!! Great news – grab it all !

Also when you can get into the shopping event, Neve have some gorgeous free jammies for you as a gift, yes that’s right – for FREE! Thank you Neve team ❤

Neve market place store

Neve @ SLB15

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I’m wired

Chez Moi - Wired patio set - Luxe Paris NEW!

The Chapter Four flings open its doors on the 4th, you will find this delicious patio set called “Wired” from Chez Moi there. As is usual with pieces from Chez Moi – youve got options Bebe! Eight colours for the table and the chairs (independently) and nine for the seat cushions. I went with classic white but was sorely tempted by the rusty iron! My new frock is from Luxe Paris and is called “Grapelicious” – beautifully cut around the waist with a sweet trim on the edges. Would be perfect for evenings with heels or the day time with flats no?

Deets for the wired set:

♥ 28 single poses (female and male)

♥ 20 animations for couples in love

♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animations is chose (wine, book, newspaper)

♥ Texture-change options – Tap to display colour menu (8 different colours for the wired chair/table and 9 textures for the chair cushion)

♥ Chair Simply Wired: 2 LI
♥ Table Simply Wired: 1 LI
♥ Apple Bowl: 1 LI

The Chapter Four (opens on the 4th Sept)

Luxe Paris

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I have a Boo

Boo - light- mesh toddler NEW!

I’ve done a lot of things in Second Life, but only once for a few hours have I experienced it as a child. I’ve been curious, what can you do? Where can you go? What is the world like when you’re so small ! When a notice came out in one of the blogger groups I’m in about trying a mesh toddler, I was in ! I went over to  ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes and took a look at the range of “cuties” and loved this one called Boo, I choose the light version, there is also tan. For the more adventurous there are coloured & drow types too! Sooo…I tried it all on, a really simple procedure for such a big change…alpha on and add full body mesh toddler, voila! In the pack is a diaper to get you started, eyes, and three heights of shape. I scoured this all over, and found it to be well made, I especially loved the chubby knees, the face is such a peach, how can you not fall in love with it ❤ I used a hair from D!VA and resized it very easily.  Btw, their hairs have such an innocent style to them, I loved how they looked.

Boo light toddler - wearing star coverall complete outfit

My next quest was to find some clothing. After epically failing to see three sections of clothing behind me whilst perusing the avatars at  ND/MD (doh) I headed back and snapped up this natty little set for just 79L…bargain deal ! Mesh clogs,hair & bows and of course the adorable overalls – the hair im wearing in the last photo is one that came with this outfit. I nabbed myself a free childs AO from the market place and I was ready to roll.

ND-MD  -   Skins & shapes - Boo light mesh toddler NEW!

I utilised the search bar and used terms such a “Kids,children,play park” and found oooodles of fun places to hang out. Boogers store had some totally lovely play items & furniture to fool about on…and the many parks I visited were well stocked with swings, slides for child av’s of all sizes. It felt different being a child, everything seemed MASSIVE ! I did find that most of my adult poses for blogging were fine for this size child, although some werent wholly appropriate, I snooped the market place and there are sooo many child & family pose stores now, well worth a gander. Thanks for letting me try this out Alea !

 ND/MD  –   Skins/shapes

Free childs AO


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Its official…I really love mesh..

yep I do…its taken a while..but I love it. Thats not to say that every piece of mesh Ive tried I love..but as a concept..and a tool..superb! Arisaris released this outfit called “Stella” this week…I adore it…its SO moi…longline sweater…with a beautiful crochet panel around the midriff section and a bigggg knitted cuff around your lower body…coupled up with some amazingly pretty jeans/leggins in dark slate silvery grey…deeelicious…I wanted to make my feet POP out from all the dark grey…and slipped the current group gift on from Pink Label..”red foil Valentine” shoes..fantastic shape on the sole..and thick satin ribbons around the ankle..all with the easy peasy to use HUD with a choice of pedi colours..and metal tones yay! (I sooooo would love these in suede!!) Small group join fee but also lotsa goodies once you’re a member to collect, oh anddd..check outside the store for some steals at 10L ! Thanks Talena & Ariadna xx

Valentine gift shoes: Pink Label

Stella outfit: Arisaris


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Cozy inside

ohmaigosh…its snowing here ! Great big fat flakes that are already forming a deep blanky…hope I can get out of my house tomorrow ! To make myself feel more cozy & snuggly..Im gonna show you the new TOSL item from Cleo Design..(TOSL= Taste of Secondlife).  For only 55L you will receive all the furniture in the photo plusss the dinky sweet ballerina shooz ! Adorable pouffe stuffed with some great poses…a rug, sideboard, wall decal and vase of flowers…I really love that you can use the pieces indvidually…if your prim limited (like me!) it’s so handy to be able to choose what you have out. Thought my group gift from CandyMetal went really nicely with the I slung it on too …superb little outfit of shorts, suspenders,socks and tee- thanks Emychan xx

For “Spruce up your space” Cleo Design have this incredible collection “sewing time”…you receive all that you see above for just 400L.

I can’t stress enough that you really should read the info note that comes in the box ! If you don’t, you will miss out on all the goodness that’s packed into this set..the wearable items, the colour change menus and more..when I first looked at this chair, my initial thought was that it might not fit into my colour scheme..BUT ! after reading the info note, I saw that its colour change hooray! Brilliant sewing animation in it with wearables …and a heap of other sits make this one versatile chair.


I totally fell in love with this sewing table and its dear vintage  machine, once again its got animations galore plus wearable items to make it just that much more realistic.

If you’re worrying that all this gear will break your prim limit, don’t ! I love that you can pick and choose what you use and have out, individual pieces aren’t that primmy either..and youre looking at some quality items with heaps of detail. I think I might even split this collection up around my home, use the study desk in my office..the comfy chairs etc in the den..and perhaps use the sewing table in my utility area. It’s such a flexible set of furniture !

Thanks Cleom xx

Heres the links:

Cleo Design for all furniture

CandyMetal for group gift outfit