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I didn’t “Blush”. (30Ld Items).

“Make me blush” is a newly opened event and it was nice and quiet so I thought I’d brave the sexiness and see what’s on offer.

Although the items on offer at this event are mainly clothes there was enough decor/landscaping items to keep me happy.

This isn’t a freebie event where each stall has a gift, free or cheap, set out for us but what it does have is on each stand is items for only 30Lds and believe it or not this fantasy coach was only 30Lds!

You get 2 versions one with and one without the lights, the lit one is much prettier.  Only 34Lds as well, less for the unlit one.  They come in a handy rezzer but it’s only that ladder and the drivers cushions which are linked so it’s easy to clear up once you’ve had your fun because yup it has an “adult” menu and I didn’t adult with it lol.  Mainly because I was on my own and secondly I just don’t “adult” in SL.

You will find this on the M.Law Design stand, and anyone who has an SL home will know that shop.  The rezzed example is smaller than the one you get which is proper full AV sized.  There was also on another stall a very rustic burlap lined bath which I almost bought but a quick check showed me that I already owned it, just in a different shade and without the adult menu, so I didn’t get it but again that one was also a 30Ld offer.

It’s a perfect sized event, big enough to have everything you could want to look at but small enough that you’re not a bit overwhelmed.  I did spot one gift on one of the stalls but I didn’t unpack it as I suspect it’s clothes and not in my fit.

Make me Blush

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I’m such a LOSER! & I got spendy!

Nope, still no free top to go with the skirt and even worse I SPENT LINDENS!  AND I spent those Lindens on a HAIR which is not a Mina! (Mina will not mind at all lol).

But I think you too will be just as tempted as I was.

I always keep an eye out for hairs which have something unique to them and this hat/hair combo from Vagrant has it. Add to that a big colour hud for both hair and hat and with a more than reasonable price tag of just 150Lds it was a no brainer.

Obviously, I  tried the demo on which was a good idea as at first, it was a poor fit on my Lelutka noggin fortunately even with my cack-handed editing it was no problem to use the menu to get a PERFECT fit so deffo make sure to try the demo for yourself.

The Vagrant shop is mainly clothes and you will find this at the back of the shop, don’t worry it’s not a big shop.

I’m giving up for my free top hunt at least for the moment.  RL needs me and I have to log off and “adult” for a while but when I return I shall redeem my Cheap B* label with that damned elusive quality free top.

PS.  Damn I’ve just looked at myself in a RL mirror and my hair isn’t even a “hot mess” it’s just a mess and if I could get away with it I’d jam a hat on my RL noggin as well.


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Naughty & Nice. (Freebies).

The “nice” is this sweet panties and lacy vest top set from a shop called “Queenz”.

Out of the 9 Group Gifts, only this 1 comes in my mesh bod fit but “I ain’t mad” about it lol.  Actually, in the fits, you get so many sizes and that includes the curvey fits which seems to fit in with the whole theme of this shops clothing range.  Even the AV Models in the pictures are big, bold and beautiful.  I will say that I’ve grown to love my standard “Barbie Girl” shape but if when I first started off SLing the bigger shapes had been anywhere near as nice as they are now I would have chosen one of those shapes.

Now we have the “Naughty”.

Let me make it clear, they’re NOT hotdogs lol.  I was looking in my invent for wings and found these blasts from the past, flapping penis wings.

PS.  This outfit also comes in other colours, red and I think black.


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Wiggle it (free stuff)


As I was mooching around my new house (I haven’t actually bought it yet but when I get back inworld I’ll be popping back to grab it) not that I’m actually going to live in it but for me personally it will make an excellent prop house and it also feeds my addiction for Tiny Home’s.  So more about that in the next post.

This outfit especially the skirt is a WOW and especially since it’s FREE! I was rummaging in my invent and came across some old outfits I’ve blogged and because they was so decent I decided to pop back and see if there was anything new and loooookie.  A seriously sweet outfit but as much as I like the top it’s the skirt with its sheer underskirt, pleats and little bows it’s adorable.  But hold on because this comes with a HUD and you get a choice of colours!  All for nothing, nowt, nada, brilliant.

I’m also wearing one of Diva’s Free Group Gift hairs.  OK I have to confess I think this one may have been a Lucky Board win because I grabbed so many of Diva GG hairs I forgot which was a GG and which was a LB.  As it happens this one also comes with a long side pony tail but I liked it just like this.  Some of the hairs are limited in colours but some are complete fat packs so plenty of choices.  Special mention to the hidden hair.  You will notice in the area, upstairs, where the GG’s are there is one of those little TP doors if you go through it it takes you to a small room with another GG board and a full fat pack of hair.

And just for fun…


The sink in my,soon to be new home, has some fun AOs in it like this hair washing one with oodles of bubbles.


Snigger the toilet pose even has a drip dry wiggle to it.  I promise more on this home in my next post as it’s pretty unique.

PS when I went back to grab the LM I found a very well stocked Arcade Yardsale on the top floor so I had a good mooch around and then fell through the floor, lol, so decided to pop down to the ground floor to grab the LM for that as well.  Mens mesh GG’s are there to be grabbed but be quick as there are big signs up warning us that Muneria will be moving although the chances are these GG will move as well.

Muneria Group Gifts (Ground Floor)

Muneria Yardsale(top floor)