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It’s uberlicious. (New Mina Hair).

Here is the New Mina hair which as usual didn’t fail to impress me.

The more Mina brings out these finer stranded hairs with the stunning colour palettes the more I need to rethink my hoarding of her older hairs even though so many still look as good now just not with the same finest or colours. I think in the end I keep them so on the rare occasion Mina does have a special offer I have it to be able to show it to you.

I can’t remember which pack this came but since I’m usually in love with the Highlight pack I will assume it’s from there. Each colour pack is a fatpack of colours, 77-84 in total.

Also, I don’t mention it as much as I should is that you get as standard 2 head sizes and more importantly for boob draping hair different sizing for that.

As for the price, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been hair shopping and price checking. Although a lot of shops will have a special weekly offer out on the whole quality hair is something you do have to pay for and the prices across the board are roughly the same now.

This is for sale at the UBER event and as usual, since I do believe it’s just opened, I will give you the LM to Mina’s shop for the demo as well as the link to the Seraphim blog. In their blog, they not only have all the pictures of items for sale but the LM’s to both the Uber and the Uber Cam sims.



Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Just a bit mad. (Free hair).

This is my season, the end of summer and start of autumn is the best time of year for me. I’ve pulled out all my slightly warmer clothing as I love nothing better than working in my garden or going for walks in the cooler weather with the wind ruffling my hair which brings me to my inworld hair…smooth transition there lol.

I almost TP’d out of the ADE shop as I thought as there is an “under construction” sign and I couldn’t see any hair at all that I was too early or I was in the wrong place but it turns out both were wrong. Most of the full priced hair is just further into the shop and the gifts are upstairs.

This is one of the free hairs but it’s not the one I would have preferred to show you. I did have a bit of a struggle with the fit which since it comes with different head/boob fits was more my problem than the hair. Since the group is free to join it costs you nothing to grab all 5 of the fatpack hairs and I believe there are 2 pairs of glasses.

ADE. (Upstairs)