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Just like a bad smell, I’m still lingering lol.

As you can see from Faiths post she’s heading off to Hozzie and it’s not for a nice little “nip & tuck” but it is something that when it’s over she can start healing her way back to a healthy life so as much as we’re both dreading it, it will be lovely to see my BFF back to her old self.

Not starting the week off with a freebie but with a wet sexy wet look.

I hate repeating myself esp as I know we have such reg readers that you will have heard it all before so if that’s you then skip all of this bit and just check out the LM’s.

This hair is “Rachel” and she like all of the Mina “wet/dry” hairs is interactive. So this hair gets wet when you enter into SL water, you can then use the hud to set the drying time, the water droplets and because the wet look has proven to be so popular then all of Mina’s hairs now come with the permanently wet look.

Now here is where I should be showing you this hair in its dry form and I’ve lost the picture! I’ve looked in all my folders, media library, google photos and even my recycle bin and nope. So what I will do is wear Rachel in my next post, hopefully, teamed up with a freebie, so you can see the dry version which because it’s a new Mina comes with that finer hair strand and hair colour palettes.

If you do like a wet hair look then there are now I believe including this new one 5 “interactive wet hairs”. The demo for Rachel is in the reception area, where there is also a shower so you can do a full test of the hair. To find the other interactive hairs just look for the other shower as they’re next to that PLUS one of the hairs which is the first one Mina brought out has a lovely little extra in that you can if you want to use the hand held hair dryer to dry your hair.

This is only available at Uber, which has literally just started so I will assume it’s busy. I’m going to put the link, as usual, to Mina’s main shop, Uber and also the link to the Seraphim blog as they have a picture of everything for sale.

Mina’s mainshop.


Seraphim Blog. (Pictures).

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Pick carefully. (FLF Mina “Wet” Hair).

When Mina brought out her first “wet” hair it was such a new thing that I bet the sale of it went through the roof. The “wet” version was so popular she actually updated the pack to include a permament wet hair.

Since then she’s come out with more wet look hairs as for those who not only like to take pictures but do like to add more realism to their “OFTD” (outfit of the day) then when you’re in a beachy look then wet hair is just a great finishing touch. What you can’t see in this pictures is the small droplets of water running down the strands of hair.

This hair is called Marsha and is her FLF offer.

This hair is also an interactive hair and with a very simple easy to use hud. You can keep the hair permamently wet or dry or set a timer to change from wet to dry and turn the water droplets off and on.

As ALWAY check out the demo as you will get the fully interactive demo to try. If you want to check out the other wet/dry hair then you will spot a random shower in her main shop and it’s there because the other wet/dry hairs are close by and you can try them out using this shower before you decide which you like best.

OH I’ve just had a thought of course wet hair is for when you shower or over excercise both vertically and horizontally…wink wink lol.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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The sums do add up. (Egg Hunt).

As you can see from the poster outside of the Tachinni shop it too has an Easter Egg Hunt going on. I thought you had to collect all 12 eggs to earn the shop credit happily I was wrong as each egg has a different value, 20Ld-55Ld and each adds to your credit. So far I’ve collected 10 which gives me more than enough to treat myself to something and I do really like the Tachinni range.

I thought the Tachinni group cost 99Ld to join which is totally worth it but it turns out it’s only 15Lds so I don’t know if it’s been reduced for a short time as a treat or it has been at that price for a while. I also don’t know if you have to be in the Tachinni group to join the hunt but I do suspect is a free hunt.

TAKE NOTE, the credit has to be used up by the 16th.

If you do join the Tachinni group then there are 2 gifts out and I already had this bikini in my invent so its a reblog but it’s also an excuse to show off my wet hair.

This hair is called Sandra and of naturally it’s a Mina hair.

Sandra was the first ever interactive wet/dry hair that Mina created. The hair is dry then you wet it by popping in a shower/pool etc and either set the timer to return it to a dry state or wear the hairdryer and yup dry your hair that way. Super fun but the wet hair provided to be so popular she updated the hair pack to include this permamently wet look.

You cannot really see it too well but drops of water run down your hair and if you squint at my hip and inner thigh you can actually see a couple of the droplets.

Sandra was the first wet hair and for me still the best for my face, there are 2 other wet/dry hairs and just look for the shower in Mina’s mainshop as even the demos are interactive.

OK enough blab for now.

Tachinni. (It’s behind you if you’re facing “Vision” lol).

Mina’s Mainshop.