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I got a new BFF! (The Saturday Sale & Freebie).

I just had to get the “The Saturday Sale” offer from the Clover shop. I’ve had my eye on a couple of things in this shop to buy for such a long time but I doubt I will ever really buy them as I just know I would never use them. So I was happy to get this “soilfiend” wormy thing.

As you can see it’s wearable as well as rezzable. I think it was 50Lds.

Then I and my new BFF went hunting and found an equally as creepy item except this one is free.

The hat is the freebie. Just a silly slimy fanged monster hat. Not my usual style but quality is always worth blogging.

This is a fab shop, the designs are not to everyone’s taste but you have to admire the work and thought that has gone into each piece of clothing, decor, wearable, weapon etc.

The LM takes you to a platform and you can either use the TP to get to the shop or it’s just a small fly away. This gift is on the wall in the entrance and to get to the second floor take the lift in the middle of the room.

PS. If you want to see an example of the “soilfiend” worm just head-on into the main part of the Clover shop and if I remember correctly it’s in the bottom left-hand cube…easy to see when you get there.



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Cheap, Free & Dollarbie. (FLF, Freebie & Hunt Info).

Mina has one of her newest hairs as a FLF offer!

This hair is called “Pepper”. I find for me personally that hair that drapes over your front just doesn’t look that good on me but Mina has in my opinion cracked it. Pepper is one of her newer/finer stranded hair and to get this with its style hud and massive colour palette for only 50Lds is just too good not to. And that’s probably why the shop was packed when I was taking this picture…and it was still packed when I logged back in to LM grab!

PS. The top is the “free” which has been blogged I think by me however it is acting as a reminder to haul AV ass over to the Uber event now that it has calmed down as the gifts under the tree may not be there much longer…UPDATE: Uber shuts its doors on the 22nd so don’t delay.

Now for the “Dollarbie” and something completely different.

I spotted that the Harmony Hunt is up and running so I scrolled through the pictures and spotted a stunning wearable owl. That is one of the hunt prizes from the Goddess shop. I haven’t found any of the mushrooms which is what you’re looking for and I’ve run out of time so I will return later.

What I did find was this gift which is on a poster in the entrance area. Look high on the left-hand wall and you will see the purple lettering next to the poster for this. I think you do need to join a free group as well as pay 1Ld but I can’t log back in to check if the 1Ld is refunded.

I just thought this was cute, with the small birdhouses and little birds all along the branches and the lovely way the lights highlight it. I think it was 10 or 12 prims, you do get options ie with or without grass, lights but I don’t think that makes much difference to the prims.

Mina’s Main Shop.

FLF Seraphim. (Pictures & LM’s).

UBER. (End Date is 22 Jan)

Harmony Hunt. (Inworld Office to get the Hud).

Goddess Creations.

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Sweet & Vintage. (10Ld Marketplace Gift & Reblogged Freebie).

Yes, this is the S@bbia gift I did a post on only a few weeks ago, it just happens that this outfit lends itself to the actual new gift which is the books I am holding.

Actually, I lie as I have blogged these books before but we’re talking about years & years ago so when I rediscovered them on the SL marketplace I was super thrilled as they make a great wearable.

You get two versions the top one is the vintage and this close up is the sweet one.

As a book lover, these just sing to me.

Do NOT rezz, pretty primmy at I think about 180prims which is a big shame as I’d love to use them as decor.

PS. The S@bbia gift also includes perfectly matching high boots and since the S@bbia group gifts change pretty regularly each month if you want this outfit you’d better go now.

Ninety. (Marketplace).


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Shopping online. (Cheap ‘n’ Dollarbie).

I’ve picked quite a few things up from the Marketplace when I was killing some RL time and here is just an example as I’m not sure if I will show you the other items.

So it’s just the sweater, boots and a fun accessory, which I have taken a better close up for you to see.

The boots cost me 10Lds and although from the colours/patterns I’ve used they’re very seasonal however if you check the marketplace pictures just one click changes the main part of the boot to a brown or black plus there are plenty of cuff options as well.

I just liked this sweater, it’s cute and it’s a dollarbie. Now look closely and you can see the very delicate string lights wrapped around my wrists and hands.

Fragile. (Boots).

Dark Betty(DB). (Sweater).

Dreamlight. (Wearable Christmas Lights).