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Have you seen this? (Freebie(ss)).

As I was working through my folders I came across this top, skirt and panties set and for the life of me I just can’t remember if I’ve shown them to you…so here they are.

Normally I’m not into slogan tops but this one is cute and the clothing is quality.

The skirt has a very cheeky cinched up hem at the back and the top can be worn separately.

This gift comes from the Amataria & Evolue shop. There is an obvious wall of group gifts and I do remember blogging a couple of them I’m also sure there are a couple I don’t remember however to get this outfit you join the Mesh Body Friends group and it’s a poster on the front of the reception desk next to another freebie.

Amataria & Evolue.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Don’t worry. (25Ld Gift(sssssssss)).

If I remember correctly one of our readers gave me the heads up about the fatpacks of gacha’s gifts out at UNA’s which have been put out for it’s group members. I did do a post then and now since some time has passed I think it’s time for another post as I’m pretty sure there are some new items(?).

Yeah, those are bone arms and legs, Ewww. The thick wings also have a bit of an unsettling folding AO to them as well.

This whole look is a “Rare” gacha prize that Una Daxter has put out for us to enjoy. A total of 9 fatpack boxes stuffed with everything from full outfits to wearables such as shoes, fans etc. Keep an eye on the fits though as I do believe it’s mainly for Maiteye but please check as I’d hate for you to miss anything if I am wrong. As it happens this dress fits my Slink so I’m happy.

BTW the dress comes with a big hud of lovely colours.

Next to the stack of 9 gacha boxes is a wall of group gifts and yeah a lot have been around for a long time which isn’t a bad thing but I’m pretty sure I can see a couple of new items. I also spotted a lovely outfit in the Lucky Board which I would love to win but I want to check out the rest of the shops on this sim as it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a good rummage.