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Luxury gift !

I had some beautiful birthday gifts from Player and I really want to share this one with you – it made me smile SO much I had face ache ! This is the Caddie Golf Cart by The Black Forest. I am an avid driver in Second Life but a really BAD one. If you give me any vehicle it always ends up on the sim edge or lodged into someone’s home. Love to drive but cant get the hang of it. Sooo I was a bit cautious when I unwrapped this little beauty.

Of course I naturally hopped in with Player in the passenger seat – did my usual whoooooosh to the end of the sim and ended upside down. I then settled down this morning and actually READ THE MANUAL – wowser that makes a big difference. Looked up a Linden rez zone in search and off I went. The HUGE difference with this caddie is you can drive it easily. No whoooshing about, it goes at a steady pace and you can set the speed and just steer, brilliant for sight seeing. Its got all the bells and whistles on it too – loads of colour combos from the dashboard – changing the colour is FUN – it sort of resprays itself in front of you. Of course it can also seat four, plus you get several versions in the box for different sized av’s.

I found a carwash on my travels – wasnt my best idea but made me laugh! All automated, just purchase your ticket for $1L, drive in.

TBF Caddie Golf Cart

Carwash Fun

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Taxi for Ms Babii (free)

Oh I knew Id love this the moment my peepers set sight on it ! A wearable tuk tuk taxi and its Animesh! There is a male and a female version in the box – although I’m not entirely sure why , they both seem the same? As soon as you wear it, you hear the distinctive dugdugdug of the engine and a toot toot every now and again – its just SUPER cute! The driver moves his head from side to side , and its a really smooth ride, I drove the entire edge of our sim with no worries. Just $1L – have fun ❤

Tuk Tuk Taxi

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Keep on truckin

wingsong bug truck (with teddybear passenger optional) 15L!

Ok, so ive been feverishly buying up a lot of vehicles from wingsong over the last few days. They are just so cute and so inexpensive ! This is the “Wingsong Bug Truck”, its wearable which is fab as it takes up no prims and you can use it anywhere – yes – even in no rez areas. In the back is a bale of hay and theres also a Teddybear passenger to keep you from feeling lonely awww. Plenty of other extras in the box, such as goggles, hitops and a tee shirt too. The lights work, the engine purrrs, wheels turn, read the info note to find out where to click to get more fantasticness ! SO much fun for only 15L. I really should get that cracked windshield fixed huh?

Wingsong marketplace store

Wingsong Store