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Just one of three. (Freebies).

I didn’t know that Coco designs have 3 new group gifts out so that was a nice surprise.

The Coco Design gift is the shorts. You only get one colour, black, and it’s a sign of quality that you can see make out the texture of the fabric, folds, zip etc.

There are two other quality gifts which I will leave as a surprise for you.

Since the shorts to me are for a more autumnal look I am wearing a recently blogged sweater from the UKYAH shop. This has turned out to be my newest “go-to” sweater as it’s so good and out of the hud this orange colour is my fav. I’ve had a quick check and yes it’s still a group gift and for 10Lds you can have this as well as some others.

Just a reminder in that one of the things the UKYAH shop specialises is in clothing designed for both male and female AV’s, that includes the dresses, blouses, skirts, shoes which usually just come in a female fit but if you have a male AV that likes to wear female clothing then check this place out.

Coco Design.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Preloved. (5Ld/10Ld? Group Gifts/Dollarbie for His ‘n’ Her).

The knitted texturing on this cropped sweater is so good I swear you can see the bobbling

I have to say this is definitely a brilliant find and a keeper for me as it’s not only a quality texture you get a hud of 12 shades, very autumnal as well, and you can change the collar and hem but I wasn’t keen on that.

I also picked up the Dollarbie top and it’s pretty interesting so make sure to check that out as well as the other group gifts. Only 5Lds to join.

SPECIAL MENTION is that the UKYAH range stands out because their designs are all very feminine ie skirts, blouses, cropped tops BUT lots of them are also made to fit the male AV. So if you are male in SL and want to wear feminine clothes this is a great place to go.

I will admit I was so excited to try this sweater out I forgot to check the other shops there.

Sorry I’m having second thoughts and I think the group may now cost 10Lds.