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I got a new BFF! (The Saturday Sale & Freebie).

I just had to get the “The Saturday Sale” offer from the Clover shop. I’ve had my eye on a couple of things in this shop to buy for such a long time but I doubt I will ever really buy them as I just know I would never use them. So I was happy to get this “soilfiend” wormy thing.

As you can see it’s wearable as well as rezzable. I think it was 50Lds.

Then I and my new BFF went hunting and found an equally as creepy item except this one is free.

The hat is the freebie. Just a silly slimy fanged monster hat. Not my usual style but quality is always worth blogging.

This is a fab shop, the designs are not to everyone’s taste but you have to admire the work and thought that has gone into each piece of clothing, decor, wearable, weapon etc.

The LM takes you to a platform and you can either use the TP to get to the shop or it’s just a small fly away. This gift is on the wall in the entrance and to get to the second floor take the lift in the middle of the room.

PS. If you want to see an example of the “soilfiend” worm just head-on into the main part of the Clover shop and if I remember correctly it’s in the bottom left-hand cube…easy to see when you get there.



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Late but worth the wait. (Weekend Sales).

I always look forward to Faith’s weekend sales update so before she buggered off she asked me to do it.

The Saturday Sales.

30Ld Saturday.


Wanderlust Weekend.

7 Day Sales.

Miix Weekend.

Energy Weekend Price.

Happy Weekend Sale.

Secret Sale. (LM for Hud).

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How annoying! (Mina’s Saturday Offer).

SL has been a borking pain in my Legacy ass since I did my last post! It’s been more annoying because I spotted that Mina has put one of her newest hairs out, Nona, as a Saturday Offer.

Sorry, I only managed to get one photo before I decided I’d had it with SL and although it’s a good photo I’m not showing you the really nice ponytail…so I’m cheating and here is Mina’s picture.

As you can see it can be worn with or without the fringe and if you scroll back to my most recent “OK now for the freebie” post you will see the same hair on me without the fringe.

This 75Ls offer is for just 2 of the packs and the other 2 are at a discounted rate of 350Lds. I was so right, there are NEW colours blends.

For me, if I was limited to 1 purchase I think I would always go for the “Highlight” packs as the strands of colours just seem to “highlight” the fineness. As always try out the demos for yourself and tbh at that price plus the fact each colour pack has about 32(I forgot to count) colours on average plus you get a slider option to tweak those colours even more if you wish but always make a copy before you start messin with the shadin(sic).


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It’s a pile up. (Mina’s Saturday Sale Offer & Freebie).

Mina has a Saturday offer on for this messy big bun. Each colour palette cost 50Lds and for that, you get 30 shades in each pack and a style hud. As always I have the fringe/tendrils showing as I think it’s just more face-flattering.

I actually only have this one shade. If I remember this single shade was a one-off special and since I have a few of Mina’s messy buns I’ve not really bothered to get the fatpack of shades.

Again as always try the demo for Carmen, then try the demo’s of the others and then make your choice however for 50Ld and the big 30 colours hud/style hud you cannot go wrong with Carmen.

As for the outfit. It’s a freebie from the Dolly Daydream shop. Again I’m loving anything that has a knitted texture to it. Just as good is that the frilled top can be worn separately and at any time. You get a small hud of green, red and black versions.

The Dolly Daydream shop isn’t a big one so in the next room, you will find some lucky boards. As for the fits it has the standard ones such as legacy, Maitreya but for you slim/thick girls this range is more for the slim/tween body shapes.

Mina’s Shop.

Dolly Daydream.

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Warm Your Noggin! (75Ld Sat Sale Offer).

I must admit I love sitting with a mug of coffee and checking the weekend sales links in Faiths post and I love it, even more, when Mina has a special offer on and this is it. A perfectly timed seasonal hat/hair offer.

Each colour palette is only 75Lds and I think it’s about 16 hair shades in each palette and 15 shades/patterns for the hat.

As usual, I’m taking the picture on Mina’s sim as she has a lovely home on the hill and great windlight and as I’m standing here I can see on the mini-map a lot of people are coming to check out this offer, and why not as for the small price of 75Lds you’re getting quality hair and excellent fine texturing in the beanie.

Also “as usual” check out the other hat hairs, it’s been a while since I last wore one of her beanie style hats but I do know she has some so I think when I log in I will dust them off and see how I feel about them as I’m trying to put any older or rarely used hairs into a neat folder.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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Shopping can wait. (Belle Epoque Discount and Mention of FREEBIESSSSS).

I went to Belle Epoque to pick up the special priced “The Saturday Sale” offer and I’m wearing it.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to wear this both in SL and RL? I would although with that clinging skirt I’d need to wear a strong pair of Spanx. It is a one-piece and you only have a choice of 2 colours this blush pink or a purple shade. Right next to this offer is their regular 30Ld offer and it’s a gorgeous dress with a nipped-in waist and a big skirt which I already own.

Now for the FREEEE…OH, Lordy Lordy Lordy, Belle Epoque is celebrating its 6th Birthday and that means CAKE and GIFTS!!!

As you can imagine the place is heaving. I am going to leave my hunting for another day but before I TP’d out I checked the poster and it’s not just Belle Epoque items a lot of the BIG names in SL have a gift out for us and all we need to do is hunt down the little cakes and buy them for “0Ld’s”. I do believe I saw that there are 20 cakes in total.

Belle Epoque.

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Buy this get this for free, but be QUICK.(The Saturday Sale offer (75Ld) and Free Group Gift(s)).

I caved in and went to the Crate shop to pick up their new group gift which is this stool. Really good attention to detail and it’s always nice esp with the Crate shop to see that most of the older group gifts are still out. Free to join and you do get 2 other colours in the pack.

The reason I wasn’t going to go for it was I ineviatble buy something that I don’t really need but couldn’t resist and this is it.

Actually I’m chuffed to bits as I didn’t notice when I checked that Crate has a “The Saturday Sale” offer and that meant that this only cost me 75Lds. I did buy the PG version which was only 150Ld but what happens is you’re given a refund of 75Lds. I can only assume it’s the same for the adult one.

Anyhow, only 13 prims, a decor and drivable option, the paddle at the back turns and some very nice poses make this a really good buy. There is a fully rezzed example set out in the shop but I’d go NOW if you want it.