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OH! It’s Free! (Freebie/Timely reminder).

As I mentioned in a recent post the only hairs I buy are ones that have something special about them or are of a style that Mina hasn’t as yet created which is why I returned to the Hair Fair sale to buy this curler hair.

I’d seen this hair in the gallery, link at the bottom of the post, and I just assumed this came with a price tag so imagine how happy I was that this is in fact the gift from a shop called “One Creations/Hair Studio One”. That name doesn’t strike a bell to me so it’s on my “to do” list for today which also inc eating cinammon bagels, tons of coffee and netflixing(sic).

If you’ve been putting off going to the Hair Fair Event then go now as it lovely and quiet so easy to natigate your way around. You can join the demo group and grab the demo’s of the hair for sale to try on at home however since a lot of the stalls have gifts out for us you really can take your time wandering around and trying on the demos there.

I won’t give you, or I may not be able to give you, the direct LM to the One Creations/Hair Studio One stall as this is a charity fund raising event and as you’re looking for this particular gift you may be tempted by hairs and you will see that a lot if not all of the shops are donating part or even all of the money from a sale to the very deserving “Wigs for kids” charity. Since I was willing to buy this hair when I log in I will return and make a donation as a thank you.

The Hair Fair Gallery.

The Hair Fair.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Casey & Adanna. (New Mina Hair@The Hair Fair & Mention of Bumblebee New Lucky Board Prizes).

This is “Casey”. As soon as I saw the picture of this hat/hair and the patterns/texture you get I did a little RL squeak.

Mina has an AMAZING range of hat/hairs, so much so that yes as aways before you buy this one make sure to check out Tarja, Hazel, Rose Marie and if you’re into horse riding then Ankie is a horse riding helmet. There are other hat/hairs but these are the ones which have a similar “feel” to them but each of these hairs come with their own unique touches/colour palettes/style huds etc etc.

In this case Casey come with the “usual” massive hud of colours for the hair and a 9 colour pattern option for the hat and wow and it was the 2 retro patterns that made me squeak and they have not disapointed.

This one has such a realistic leather look/sheen to it. I’m also feeling pretty smug I managed to take a decent side shot as well lol.

The other hair for sale at the The Hair Fair is called Adanna and is a stunning afro with a head scarf. My pale/freckled skin just doesn’t do these hairs the justice they deserve. Adanna is not the only Afro hair as well. I can’t remember the name of the other one, and there is a full on braid hair which is based very much on the “Michonne” character out of The Walking Dead TV series. Again stunning just not on me lol.

As usual the demo’s are out in Mina’s shop and again remember to check out the other hat/hairs before you TP to the Hair Fair event.

PS. The blouse I’m wearing is/is not a freebie. Bumblebee is one of my fav shops and I suspect that since it’s now gotten very busy that the shoes, boots and the same top as I’m wearing a new to the Lucky Boards. I bought this one as I wanted the orange colour but if you have time to kill then there is a pink or black one as prizes plus of course some excellent jeans, tops, bodysuits etc in those lucky boards and all you need is a little time and patience.

Mina’s Mainshop.