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When you can’t see me. (10Ld Gift).

Sometimes an outfit is so good but because I can’t use one of my mesh bodies I just alpha myself out as I’d hate for you to miss a great outfit.

Purple is not my colour but as soon as I saw that beachy sand wave pattern I had to get it and since I was already in the TeleportHub Group, 10Lds, it cost me nothing extra.

It’s in the Masoon shop, bottom shelf. The Masoom group does cost to join and for 50Lds there are some very tasty clothes.


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Coffee Break. (5Ld Group Gift & Mention of free).

I’m working on that little platform area behind me but my editing skills today are clumsy at best and kack handed at worst so before I make a bigger mess of it, trust me close up it’s rubbish, I thought I’d show you the top I’m wearing.

For once I bought it because of the image on the front as even though I’m not into slogan or clothing with images on them this one I loved. You do get a small hud and that also inc a plain black and white option also this and 3 sloganed ones and yeah I actually liked them as well.

The Corvus group does cost only 5Lds to join and there are 3 other gifts which I do believe are BOM tattoos so not much good for me and 3 Lucky Boards.

On the wall to your left as you go inside you will find an oversized sweater for him and her, I recognise it from somewhere so maybe it was a freebie from an event? It’s set to 0Lds so a free for all. There is also a TeleportHub gift of a fine knit bodycon dress and I do remember showing it to you. A really good staple dress and I did prefer the one which is the plain charcoal black of this t-shirt.

Corvus Mainstore.