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Hippy Chic. (Dollarbie(s)).

This is a reblog as I’ve had this little short and top set in my invent for a long time and it’s time to dust it off for a reblog as it’s most certainly a summer look.

This is just one of the dollarbie from the KIB Design shop. There are only about 5 dollarbies, inc a very slinky black gown which I was tempted to reblog. The rest of the items in the group gift section are for the paid for group which at only 50Lds is pretty good.

As it happens there is a group gift called “Sunny Summer Jumpsuit” which I have tried on many times and I would love to join the group just to get this jumpsuit as not only is the style lovely the colour/pattern hud it comes with it just my cup of tea. Sadly, Maitreya only. Try it for yourself and I think you will see why I really like it.

The group gifts are to be found upstairs or you can be lazy and use the TP. The dollarbies are on the shelf under the big picture of the “Sunny Summer Jumpsuit” the rest of the paid for gifts are on the walls in the same room.

I also spent time wandering around the KIB Design as their use of patterns and textures make their brand really stand out. From price checking the items I like I spotted that everything is priced the same, 229Ld and everything comes in a fatpack of colours/patterns.

KIB. Design.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The wrong hat. (Freebie).

Just a random find from the LUXE Paris Fashion House. The shop group does cost to join and although the gifts are worth that fee I’m still too cheap to get them.

Since it’s been a while I had a nice saunter around the shop which is how I spotted the random box just stood on the floor and it’s marked as a gift.

You get a bikini, sheer coverup skirt, shoes and, NOT this hat, a hat. The hat that comes with this freebie is that frilled bucket-shaped one and with the same colours as the rest of the outfit but I just wanted an excuse to wear my Mina hat as I don’t get to wear it often enough.

For me, it’s a shame that when walking the skirt mesh breaks rather than stretches but I’m loving the colour and pattern and I’ve also tried it without the bikini bottom and it can be worn without and you’re not flashing too much.

At the LM turn to your left and it’s the blue box with the pink bow on the ground. I also spotted close by another gift for another free group, I think it was SL, frees & offers which I didn’t grab as I only spotted it when I went to LM grab so that will be today’s suprise.

LUXE Paris Fashion House.