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I cast no shade! (Mina Hat/Hair FLF Offer).

This is a pretty newish hat/hair from Mina Nakamura so to see it as a FLF offer suprised/shocked me.

Carion comes with a style hud for the hair and a 7 shades for the hat add to that you can chose either the “dip dye” or “essentials” pack of colours and each pack contains 30 shades.

As you can imagine it is humming at Mina’s but as always try the demo out…nah just buy it you will not be disapointed.

I’m going to put the picture here that Mina has used and the reason is quite simple.

My graphics are set pretty high as I have a gaming laptop and wow does SL look amazing but for some odd reasons the shadows my AV casts are at best weak and at worse pixelated so I rarely use shadows. As you can see from Mina’s picture you really do get that fine shading over your face if you use shadows and if you don’t as you can see from my picture it doesn’t matter as it’s a stunning summer hat.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The wrong hat. (Freebie).

Just a random find from the LUXE Paris Fashion House. The shop group does cost to join and although the gifts are worth that fee I’m still too cheap to get them.

Since it’s been a while I had a nice saunter around the shop which is how I spotted the random box just stood on the floor and it’s marked as a gift.

You get a bikini, sheer coverup skirt, shoes and, NOT this hat, a hat. The hat that comes with this freebie is that frilled bucket-shaped one and with the same colours as the rest of the outfit but I just wanted an excuse to wear my Mina hat as I don’t get to wear it often enough.

For me, it’s a shame that when walking the skirt mesh breaks rather than stretches but I’m loving the colour and pattern and I’ve also tried it without the bikini bottom and it can be worn without and you’re not flashing too much.

At the LM turn to your left and it’s the blue box with the pink bow on the ground. I also spotted close by another gift for another free group, I think it was SL, frees & offers which I didn’t grab as I only spotted it when I went to LM grab so that will be today’s suprise.

LUXE Paris Fashion House.