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What I bought. (25Ld Tue).

A quick post to show you just the 2 things I bought from the 25Ld Tue list.

The bauble/swag is from Simply Shelby. So happy it is mod as I had to shrink it to fit my fireplace. Now I know it can I’m going to put it in a few other places as I do believe it’s only about 3 prims.

This planter is from Muniick..and I can’t resist planters especially when they’re this quality. Again only about 2-3 prims.

I don’t have the inworld link as I’m just about to head out…pay attention because you can get the links to the different shops if you look on the right-hand side of the seraphim the white area which lists the shops this is what you can click to get the inworld link.

Seraphim Blog, pictures of 25Lds.

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Last Night. (Freebies).

I took this photo last night and this morning I’d forgotten I’d taken it so it was a nice surprise when I spotted it.

This is my OOTD (outfit of the day) but this post is just for the boots and the cactus.

These classic work boots are something I think many have in RL myself included. They’re a ….gift and I will say they are very old gifts and yet just like the RL boots they have retained their quality. I think Faith did blog them but enough time has passed to reblog again. As for the cactus, it is also as old as the boots and also still retains its quality.

There are other gifts, if you remember my original post from years ago I did another pair of boots but these are the ones I’ve kept for all this time.

BTW Boots and cactus both come with colour huds.

PS. If you’re into snorkeling even though this shop is aimed toward a cowgirl/boy style they do have some swimming accessories.

Steel Head Outfitters.

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Unedited. (Freebies/Dollarbies for men and women).

I went to Gabriel’s to see if there was anything new and there is…it’s this jacket and robot arm.

This is one of the quite few gifts on the wall/stands to your right at the entrance stairs before you go into the shop. there are some nice gifts there, shoes, tops etc all previously blogged and totally rebloggable but since they had this new gift I went for that.

Anyone who has been to Gabriels knows that when you go into the shop and turn left at the far end you will see pointers to the Dollarbie & 50% off departments. Most of the Dollarbies are for men so drag your other half or a random noob there for some quality bargains.

(Ignore the pants, I will check to see where I got them from and of course if they’re freebies.)

BTW That is not a backdrop it’s an actual nightclub. Someone has used their skill to create quite a visual effect for those who enjoy clubbing in SL. A whole room of blue and light effects so I’m going to give you the LM for there as well.


L-7(?) Night club.