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Just like eBay, buy or bid.(From Her to Me, Event).

This isn’t a freebie post as it’s all about spending Lindens.

Basically, I was at a shop checking out their Black Fridays Sale and spotted a sign, one-click later I ended up at a fundraising event.

This is to raise money for Dash Lionheart who has or is transitioning and I won’t say any more as it’s his story to tell so I’ve put the link in at the end and I too will watch it later when I have more time to pay the attention it deserves.

What I will tell you is that many of the big SL shops are here and have been so generous not just with the Auction items but also there are a lot of stalls where 100% of the sale is added to the fundraiser.

It’s going to be easy for me to find something to buy as there is a great mix of clothing, male & female, decor and since I stopped halfway through to do this post I did spot in the distance a Belle Epoque stall as well as some backdrops and poses so getting “spendy” will be no problem for me and in fact later I may tack on to the end of this post what I did buy.

If you don’t want to buy anything and only have a few Lindens to spare then you can just use one of the donating points. It may just be a few Lindens to you but the fact you cared enough is a great morale boost. Even if you can’t donate then follow the link to hear his story in his own words because in the end life is too damned short to be unhappy.

PS. This event goes on for quite a while (and yeah that means I forgot the date lol) so be prepared for a “reblog” nearer to the end date.

As promised an UPDATE which actually also includes a Dollarbie.

This is one of the backdrops from the Synnergy stall. Only 138Lds and as you can see this is a Big A**’d build. 170 prims in total. Thinking outside of the box, if you rent or want to rent a winter home for Christmas you can do no wrong in rezzing this cube in the sky and even though it’s 170 prims you don’t need that many to rezz a campfire, tent, low prim house etc. OH I’ve just remembered this build also comes with a snow hud and fireworks but I didn’t check those out.

The second purchase is this vase of Calla Lilies or known by their other name of Peace Lily.

This cost me 99Lds. You get this vase version, 2 prim, and a lovely choice of colours for the pot. You also get the same flowers minus the pot. I must say in RL I own one of these lovely shade-loving plants which is why I had to get this.

Last is not a purchase as there are 4 Dollarbies, 2 cute stuffed animals and 2 items of clothing.

YASSS lol. The funny thing is as I was writing this post I was waiting on an eBay bid to finish and literally as I clicked to update I WON my eBay bid lol.

“From her to me event”.

Dash Lionheart. (His story, Flickr Video).

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Being tempted. (FLF Birthday Bash, Lots of FLF offers & FREEBIES).

I’ve wasted too much time in SL trying out new skins and the more updated Evo Lelutka Mesh head and guess what….I’m sticking with what works for me.

Now for the FLF Offers & FREEBIES. This is the “FLF Backyard Birthday Bash” event which is stuffed with 50Ld offers and freebies. The top I’m wearing is one of the freebies, from Blueberry. Drat I forgot to put back on the bra layer which hides the underboob. A nice big hud of colours etc.

I literally grabbed only 3 gifts, they’re the coolers on the stands, before I TP’d back out. Since a lot of the biggest names in SL are involved in the weekly FLF offer they’re all here at this event and that also means the gifts are going to be really good quality. The other 2 I unpacked were really good but 1 was unwearable and the other is a sandwich…most unusual.

Make sure to check out the link to the Seraphim blog as you can see everything for sale, just not the freebies, I definately want the D-Lab stove, the Hextraordinary wall lamp and or the Caboodle strawberry lamp it depends on if they emit a light and if I don’t already own it then the , Jians Bearded dragon terrainum is definately on my list as well.

Seraphim, FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

FLF Backyard Birthday Bash.

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Gardening in SL. (Freebie).

There are some shops you should keep a list of to keep checking on a regular basis and Hilly Haalan is one of them.

This is their newest gift which as you can see is a lovely summery dress. It is a one piece and not two seperates which is why I call it a dress. The hud you get does allow you to change the colour/pattern of them seperately.

If you check out the boards at the LM there are some very tempting offers, Belle is a skirt which is ticking all my boxes but I have a RL Visa and A SL Tier fee to pay so I will resist lol. Have a look at all of the boards as again there are some quality clothing for bargain prices and of course behind you is the room with all of the older Hilly Haalan gifts in it.

Hilly Haalan.

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Prize #48 (19Ld Hunt & Lots of Freebies).

The YM Shop has a massive Easter Egg hunt going on with a total of 50 items each are priced at only 19Lds. As always since the prizes come with a price tag there is a big poster with a picture of them all and out of them I chose prize #48.

This dress comes as separates, a plunging top and this very high cut skirt with a more modest full/uncut skirt.

You also get earrings which are ok and a clutch bag which is better but if I’d had tried the necklace on before I’d taken these pictures I would have kept it on as it does really go well with this dress.

There are also a lot of freebies both for the YM Shop group and also other free groups. I picked a few up of them and they do come with a lot of body fits as well as accessories such as shoes, jewelery and even some hair, not the one I’m wearing. Just to add to it all on one wall is some discounts and special offers starting at 10Lds.

YM Shop.